It is disheartening to see the latest episode feeling like a hurried attempt to finish the series as the finale airs next week. Episode 6 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart reveals June’s unfortunate experience in the past that led to the end of her first love and Twig experiencing a cathartic moment with strangers. At the same time, we see Alice transitioning into her ‘supposedly steady relationship’ with Dylan as she relives her traumatic past that involved domestic abuse and violence. Will she follow in her mother’s footsteps of being the submissive partner or finally break the chain and stand up for herself?

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 6 Recap:

Part 6: Wheel of Fire, Meaning – The Color of my fate

Episode 6 begins with Alice and Dylan discussing their plans to travel to the Indian Ocean and start a family. Later, Alice shares a memory of Agnes covering her bruises during a visit from the police (as seen in episode 1). Dylan, playing with the locket with Alice’s mother’s photo (a gift from June), suggests that Alice should have spoken up about the abuse in front of the police, possibly preventing Agnes’ death. Subsequently, we witness Alice, after a shower, setting aside the locket, symbolizing her acceptance of her new life and her desire to move forward from her past.

Why does Dylan behave differently with Alice?

Tasked with everyday duties at work, Lulu invites Alice to a party. Alice expresses interest, but Dylan dismisses the idea, claiming such parties are dull and uninteresting. Aware of Dylan’s controlling behavior, Lulu reminds Alice that she can make her own decisions. Later that night, when Alice gets ready for the party, Dylan becomes upset and belittles her for wearing trashy clothes similar to Lulu’s, revealing his insecurity and egotism. Later, while watching a game on TV, Alice receives a video message from Lulu asking about her whereabouts, to which Alice lies about having a migraine. This instance highlights that Alice recognizes the warning signs in Dylan’s behavior but chooses to overlook them like many others in love.

The next day, Alice approaches Lulu, requesting to see all the photos from the party night. However, Dylan quickly interrupts and pulls Alice aside, presenting her with a handmade necklace as a gesture to compensate for his last night’s erratic behavior. Before Alice can respond, Dylan promptly places the necklace around her neck. The scene shows us how dominant individuals try to establish control over someone they believe belongs to them. Dylan apologizes for his behavior, explaining that he freaked out because of his jealousy, as we see Alice immediately reassuring him that she would never hurt him.

Back at Thornfield, June remains stubborn about refusing any treatment for her cancer, even though Candy explains that it would benefit her. When Candy mentions her intention to talk to Twig about the situation, June immediately dismisses the idea, stating that she shouldn’t be burdened with this and must focus on finding Alice. June believes that if Twig were to return, it should not be out of pity, a sentiment she wants to avoid.

Why were the children taken away from Twig?

Meanwhile, Twig drives to Agnes Bluff. Coincidentally, while putting up lost posters of Alice, she meets a woman named Mary. Later, while having coffee, Twig opens up about her past issues with her second partner, leading to her separation from her children. It turns out that Twig’s husband had reported her to the police, making false claims of alcoholism and infidelity, resulting in social services visits. Later, Twig decides to visit the National Park to continue putting up posters of Alice. At this moment, coinciding with Alice’s conversation with Dylan, Alice notices Twig’s car and realizes that Twig is actively searching for her.

Who is Roberta?

Meanwhile, Candy finally convinces June to take some medication to ease her pain when she shows June’s letters that she has been writing and are not making sense. The following day, Candy finds June in a trance at the lakeside, bringing her back into the house. It is when June shares her earliest memories with Roberta (her first romantic relationship), asking Candy to write a letter for her.

What happens with Twig in the dessert?

Returning to Twig’s journey to find Alice, she meets up with Mary again in the desert and offers to give them a lift. Later in the night, when Twig decides to drive back, Mary tells her to stay the night with them under the open sky. It leads Twig to have a cathartic experience where she grieves about losing her children. Mary and other women from her community embrace Twig, making her realize that she survived the storm and may find the peace she has always sought. 

A still from The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 6.
A still from The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 6.

Why does Alice forgive Dylan despite knowing that he is toxic for her?

After finishing their day’s work, Lulu once again asks Alice to stay back for a beer, and we see Alice contemplating joining her friends. Later that night, Alice returns to Dylan’s place and doesn’t find him anywhere. She then goes back to her house, thinking he would be there, but he is not, so she leaves him worried voice messages asking his whereabouts.

The next day, she is surprised to see Dylan in a delighted state at work, apologizing for not getting back to her, stating that he had a backache and took medicine that made him doze off instantly. He then tells her they will both go on a picnic, leaving Alice confused about everything. After getting back home, while Alice is getting ready to go out with Dylan, he calls her up, saying that he has to stay back at work and he will join her for dinner. Alice then decides to go for a walk with her dog, Pip, and upon her return, finds Dylan at home earlier than he promised.

Expectedly, we see Dylan getting mad at Alice, accusing her of meeting people in his absence, and before Alice can understand, we see him pushing her really hard against the door, making her fall down. Later that evening, Alice finds Dylan crying to himself as if remorseful about his violent behavior, confused about why he did it in the first place. We understand that Dylan is insecure and immature about handling his emotions and, in some way, blames Alice for being a nice person who has the power to connect with people instantly. Yet again, Alice chooses to ignore the toxic behavior and normalize it.

What happened to June when she was young?

Consequently, we see Alice sending a voice note to Twig stating that she has found a new job, house, and a man she loves. She doesn’t want any contact with anyone from Thornfield and would wish Twig to respect her decision. She says that she will reach out when she is ready. On the other hand, Candy tells June that she has gone to the postal address where Roberta used to live and learns that she has died. This news brings painful memories from the past for June. She tells Candy that there was once a time when she and Roberta were having silly moments with each other at the lakeside when three men came after them, making June ask Roberta to leave. However, those men then caught June, and they raped her. After that incident, despite Roberta trying to reach out to her many times, June never saw her again. This is also where we learn that Clem’s birth resulted from the rape. June expresses how Twig’s involvement in her life changed everything for her. Candy, who had no idea how much June has suffered, hugs her, and apologizes for everything.

Why does Candy ask Twig to return?

Candy finds June at her workstation the following day and sees her assembling different wildflowers that signify “my love will not leave you.” Candy breaks down as she realizes that June is dying and making arrangements for her departure. We see Candy calling Twig, asking her to return as June intends to take her own life. Twig, who has just received a message from Alice not wanting to meet her, assures Candy that she is on her way.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 6 Ending Explained:

Does Alice save herself from Dylan’s violent behavior?

Alice and other members are tasked with burning the unwanted wildflowers at the Park. Alice and Dylan were supposed to be a team, but when the group leader asks Dylan to work on something else because of an emergency, Alice gets paired with Aiden (Lulu’s boyfriend). While burning the bushes, Alice is clearly traumatized by the fire due to the devastating experience of losing her parents to it. Aiden comes to her rescue, helping her catch her breath. Back at the station, Dylan catches a glimpse of Aiden comforting Alice, and before she can explain anything, he drives off hurriedly. Later in the evening, when Alice comes back home trying to make small talk about her day, Dylan begins to gaslight her about her charming beauty and ability to attract people around her. Alice is visibly scared as she tries not to say anything that would provoke him, but he continues to speculate things that must have taken place, which is how toxic people behave to project their insecurities.

He then goes ahead and starts kicking and beating Alice, blaming her for his irrational behavior. Alice, who is on the floor, shocked and bleeding from her head, cries as Dylan is choking her neck. This brings back memories of her abuse by Clem, who also choked her in the same way. When Dylan finally moves, Alice pulls herself together and somehow manages to stand up, balancing herself with the support of a nightlight stand. She takes the nightlight stand and hits Dylan in the face with it, making him fall. Alice then runs (with Pip following her) to the car as she drives to her place. Upon reaching her, she secures all the doors and windows and draws the curtains. However, she sees her dead mother, who is a projection of her fears, asking her to open the doors for Dylan to come inside, who we see banging on the doors, apologizing for his behavior again. This sequence shows us how, in such a situation like this, women tend to let the men into their space, fearing that not allowing them in will only mean more pain for them. However, Alice, who wants to break the chain, is at a crossroads where she can neither open the door out of fear nor take the necessary actions.

The ending of Episode 6 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart shows Alice screaming in anguish. A blank screen with Twig’s voice note playing in the background shows that she understands how Alice would have felt before leaving Thornfield and respects her decisions. However, Alice should know some things that cannot be discussed over the phone – indicating the news about June dying and Charlie’s existence (her brother.)

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