Hello Tomorrow (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Set in a retro-futuristic world, ‘Hello Tomorrow!’ tells the story of people who sell the dream of lunar residence to others. Through its three-episode premiere, we meet Jack trying to figure out his relationship with his son, Joey, whom he left years ago.

Jack feels compelled to make amends to this young man as a result of his guilt and remorse. But he was not ready to reveal the truth about their relationship. The latest episode primarily deals with how he keeps evading the same confession while role-playing a father for Joey. And while Shirley is determinedly trying to evade Lester’s charges, Hank is dealing with his gambling issues.

Let’s find out what happens in this new episode. Please note that there are spoilers ahead.

Hello Tomorrow (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4: Forms, Appropriately Filled and Filed!

Directed by Jonathan Entwistle, the fourth episode is interested in exploring the father-son relationship between its central characters. Because of getting a sales job from Jack (Billy Crudup), Joey Shorter (Nicholas Podany) is over the moon. Even if he is still a young rookie salesman, he tries to show his date – Phyllis Montez (Dani Montalvo), that he is worth much more. He finally gets the courage to ask her out. When he drops her outside her house, her father happens to notice him. He approaches Joey and brings him inside.

Like any other cautious father, Phil Montez (Teddy Cañez) goes overboard examining this partner of his daughter. During his inquiry, Joey mentions that he went to Richmond State College and graduated with a major in English and Business. Once he mentions he is a salesman, Phil asks to meet his parents.

Meanwhile, Lester Costopoulos (Matthew Maher) arrives at the Brightside Lunar Residences sales office and puts a regulatory halt notice on their door. Shirley Stedman (Haneefah Wood) arrives in Jack Billings’ (Billy Crudup) office to see him make another hefty purchase. She brings down the meter of his excitement by telling him about the notice. He tells Shirley that she needs to find a way to get rid of this halt since their business has just started to pick up momentum.

That’s when Eddie (Hank Azaria) and Herb (Dewshane Williams) show up at the office. While Shirley continues to inform her of the news, Jack interrupts her and offers them a paid day off for rest and relaxation. Then, Jack asks Shirley to fast-forward the process of removing the suspension. It isn’t possible for her until some important papers arrive from their HQ. Since, for Jack, only the ‘doing’ part is important, he does not care about these practicalities required for running a business.

Right after that, Joey arrives in the office. Jack keeps giving him high praise for a fairly inconsequential matter. It makes Shirley grow even more suspicious of why he is being so genial toward this new kid.

Back in their room, Herb tries to make peace with his wife, Betty (Dewshane Williams), over their recent argument. He keeps giving a lengthy explanation, which makes Eddie roll his eyes. Once Herb ends the call, Eddie advises being more dynamic, to take more chances, which is what women like as per his view. Instead of being open, he advises Herb to use clever distractions to make her aspire in the same way he does. Meanwhile, he tries his luck with activities that can fulfill his dream of lunar residence much more quicker.

Myrtle Mayburn (Alison Pill) arrives in Lester’s office to ask about her complaint against the sales team for not fulfilling her dream of a Lunar residence. Seeing her annoyed, he tells her that he has caught their entity in another matter. This action is taken against them because they neglected to file certain forms. She gets elated and starts thanking him. He sees it just as his duty. Since they can get arrested if they plan to make another sale, Myrtle gets an idea of how to catch them red-handed.

Meanwhile, Joey tells the story of how he took Phyllis out on a date and impressed her. But the reason he can’t take her out again is because of her father, who want to meet his parents before. Jack offers to role-play his father since he can have a son about his age. On the other hand, Hank meets Big Fred (W. Earl Brown) and talks about his dream of a condo on the moon. He doesn’t think it is possible with his job since it isn’t the most stable one. Hank gives Big Fred more money to gamble so that he can achieve his dream.

Hello Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 4

Shirley goes to Lester’s office to apologize for their earlier interaction. She shares the only documents she can procure from the HQ by then. With that, she tries to make him let her department run the sales. Lester understands what is going on in Myrtle’s head and knows resuming sales would be detrimental to the sales team because of her. So, he warns Shirley to care more about the customers, i.e., those like Myrtle.

Phil is about to come with Phyllis to meet Joey and his parent. By that time, Jack and Joey cook up the details they will share with this man. Joey told Phil that he was the regional manager. So, he tells Jack that it would be better if he says that he holds the same designation. Myrtle interrupts their conversation to get them to sell her a condo (since she wants to incriminate them). While Joey approaches her enthusiastically, Jack stops her and tells her that their offices are closed for the day. During their meeting, he also tells Joey not to try to sell to Phil.

Herb joins Eddie in the bar, where Myrtle approaches them to get them to sell her a condo. Eddie smartly pushes her away by saying that it is their day off. He attentively watches a baseball man on a small TV screen, hoping his team wins. Despite his rise or fall in that game of chance, he sees it as a better alternative than working tirelessly at a job that will provide satisfaction only after a long, long time.

Phil speaks to Jack about his sales job, which would have required him to go door-to-door, which would have meant his absence from Joey’s life. Jack tries to distract him from that subject by telling him about Joey’s honorable character and his education. But Phil looks at all their talk cynically and does not buy into even a single detail. He also knows that Joey lied about his education. In between their following argument, Shirley interrupts them. She makes Jack feel the heat of the moment by saying that she is leaving the job.

Jack rushes out to speak with her. Shirley confronts him about his recent expenses, including the shiny car he gifted to Joey. She asks why he holds Joey in such high regard, and he refuses to answer. He goes back to speak with Phil. Meanwhile, Phyllis approaches Shirley and apologizes for how her father handled the matter. Through their dialogue, Shirley learns that Joey is Jack’s son. While it’s a fictional scenario in their context, she looks at it as the truth, which goes hand in hand with her hunch.

Meanwhile, Jack loses his temper with Phil for disrespecting his son and their profession. While he is about to take a dramatic exit, Joey concocts a story of his mother’s terrible accident, which distanced him and his father for years. The pair reunited after years to make amends (eerily close fiction to Jack’s actual life). Phil buys into that story since he has gone through a similar experience of loss. Upon learning about his emotional connection, Jack gives Phil an experience of what it would be if his late wife were alive.

Shirley approaches Herb to speak about Jack’s matter. But he shushes her away because of his involvement in the game. Unfortunately, he keeps losing the bets and his money. Ultimately, he suffers a tragic loss, bringing Big Fred to his chair. That’s when Betty suddenly shows up in the bar with her bags and luggage. She sees Myrtle and goes up to attack her with a bottle. Herb tries to stop her since Myrtle is their customer. In his efforts to do so, he ends up getting hurt in his groin with the same bottle and starts throwing up. Miraculously, that turns luck for Herb, who sees his team with the game. Herb and Betty also end their argument on a sweet note.

Hello Tomorrow (Season 1), Episode 4 Ending Explained

Does Myrtel catch any employee making a sale?

Enamored by all that Jack and Joey show him, Phil gets fairly impressed. He even buys into the idea of having a place on the moon. Like always, Joey is eager to take it on as his sales assignment. But Jack stops him knowing they can’t do business that day. On his way back to his room, he meets Shirley. She asks him about his relationship with Joey and why he didn’t tell her about it. At first, he tries to keep up with the façade he put up for Joey. But he comes clear after realizing that there’s no escape from telling it to her.

Shirley asks whether Jack’s family on the moon knows about it. So, he comes clean. Jack kept this truth a secret until then out of embarrassment. He didn’t tell her so that she doesn’t have to lie as he does. He is open to telling it to Joey once he has accomplished something when he can stand on his own feet. However, Shirley pushes him to share it with him sooner than later.

Joey escorts Phil and Phyllis back into the lobby out of their building. On their way out, he gives out a pamphlet for sale. Myrtle happens to notice it from a distance and is ecstatic that he made this mistake. She rushes up to inform Lester about it. Meanwhile, back in his hotel room, Eddie shows Shirley a document of a lunar residence. While she is a bit apprehensive about it, she shares this moment of joy with him.

Joey approaches Jack to speak about his success in persuading Phil. Jack says that no matter where Joey’s father is, he will be proud of him. They share this bittersweet moment, where Jack gets emotional seeing his son soaring high. His son is happy about his own success. Yet, Jack can’t bear the thought of losing Joey again. So, he continues to keep their relationship a secret from him.

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