“Last Night In Soho (2021),” directed by the talented Edgar Wright, is undeniably a cinematic masterpiece that challenges our perception of the world. With brilliant performances from Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzie, this film delves deep into the dark underbelly of society while offering an impressive narrative and stunning cinematography that transports viewers into a world akin to “La La Land” on a Halloween night. The movie immerses the audience in the life of Eloise Turner, a young and ambitious woman with dreams of making it big in the fashion industry, who finds herself in London. Unbeknownst to her, the room she rents near Soho harbors chilling secrets that will test her in unimaginable ways.

“Last Night In Soho” boasts exceptional performances from a stellar cast, including Matt Smith, Diana Rigg, Michael Ajao, Synnove Karlsen, and many more. As with his previous works, Edgar Wright once again defies the norms of traditional filmmaking, delivering 116 minutes of pure entertainment and spine-tingling horror. This film is a must-watch, a journey that will leave you questioning the boundaries of reality and the haunting depths of the human psyche. It’s a cinematic experience that will linger in your mind long after the credits roll, challenging your perceptions and leaving you in awe of its storytelling prowess.

Last Night in Soho (2021) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

Eloise Turner (Thomasin McKenzie) is a vivacious teenager brimming with boundless dreams and an unquenchable thirst for success. She harbors a single dream above all. Eloise wants to carve out a luminous career as a fashion designer. Her office is her bedroom, a place where creativity flourishes as she breathes life into her visions by fashioning dresses from the fabric of her old clothes and even the pages of newspapers. Days blend into nights, all spent in fervent anticipation of that one chance that’ll catapult her into the limelight.

Thus, her happiness knows no bounds when she receives a letter informing her that she has been accepted into the prestigious London College of Fashion. Eloise cradles the long-awaited acceptance letter from the prestigious London College of Fashion in her trembling hands. With a promise to treat her beloved Granny an opulent meal at an esteemed, high-end restaurant once she returns, Eloise leaves for London.

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Eloise’s arrival in London doesn’t quite live up to her expectations. It begins with a rather unfortunate encounter with a persistent cab driver who seems to be shadowing her every move. To make matters worse, her roommate, Jocasta (Synnove Karlsen), often pokes fun at Eloise’s small-town origins. The relentless barrage of taunts and the constant disruption caused by Jocasta’s wild parties disturb Eloise’s academic aspirations.

Furthermore, Frustration and a desperate need for a peaceful sanctuary forces Eloise to switch rooms. As fate would have it, she stumbles upon a small piece of paper. The paper contains the name and phone number of Mrs. Collins, a kind-hearted soul who is seeking a tenant for her recently acquired property. Eloise’s first conversation with Mrs. Collins is nothing short of delightful. Mrs. Collins’s kind and charming attitude makes Eloise feel immediately at ease.

Desperate to break free from the endless cycle of Jocasta’s raucous gatherings, Eloise willingly hands over the requested two-month deposit and immediately moves in. Little did she know that her first night in this mysterious place would mark the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Eloise feels a strange sensation washing over her as she lays in bed. She begins hallucinating herself as a young and beautiful ‘Sandie’ who, too, had come to London to accomplish her dream of becoming a singer.

Who is Sandie, and what Happened to Her?

Sandie’s encounter with Jack had initially filled her with hope and excitement. She believed she had stumbled upon a golden opportunity to make her dreams of headlining at the revered “Cafe De Pairs” a reality. The waiter’s words about Jack managing other girls raise some concerns, but Jack’s charismatic demeanor and his promises to help her achieve stardom sweep away any doubts she has. In her newfound friendship with Jack, Sandie finds solace and believes she has finally found a genuinely kind and supportive person in the world. Little did she know that Jack was far from what he appeared to be.

Behind his charming facade, he is a vile pimp whose sole allegiance is to money. As for Eloise, her life takes an unexpected turn since her transformation into Sandie. The newfound confidence that came with Sandie’s persona is addicting. Every day, Eloise eagerly anticipates the arrival of nightfall when she can step into the shoes of the glamorous Sandie once again. She also adopts a chic 1960s hairstyle and begins wearing designer dresses that exude the glamour of a bygone era. However, Sandie’s perception of Jack takes a sharp nosedive when she finally sees through his true intentions.

Last Night In Soho (2021) Movie Ending Explained
Thomasin McKenzie in Last Night in Soho (2021)

In reality, Jack had been using Sandie’s talent to lure in his wealthy clients, exploiting her dreams for his financial gain. He pressured Sandie into sleeping with one of these affluent clients, arguing that it was the only way to climb to the entertainment world’s top and keep the powerful people happy. Despite her initial resistance, Sandie found herself trapped in a web of manipulation and coercion, forced to give in to Jack’s demands against her will. After finally having enough, Sandie decides to leave but is stabbed to death by Jack in the same room Eloise lives in.

Who is The White-Haired Stranger?

Eloise’s hallucinations turn dark, growing more intense and haunting as time passes. She couldn’t escape the torment of seeing Sandie, Jack, and all the other men who had violated Sandie replaying their horrifying acts over and over in her mind. The confidence she once flaunted had eroded, replaced by a constant state of trembling and despair. These relentless visions had made it nearly impossible for Eloise to focus on her work or maintain any semblance of a normal life.

She finds herself aimlessly wandering the streets of London, desperately seeking refuge from the ever-present hallucinations that torment her. In her desperation, she even tries to report Sandie’s murder to the police, divulging that Jack, now an old man, is relentlessly stalking her. However, the authorities, without a last name or concrete evidence, are unable to launch a meaningful investigation. Faced with the limitations of law enforcement, Eloise takes matters into her own hands. She begins gathering any shred of information she can find about Sandie’s past and the people who had caused her harm.

One fateful evening, Eloise encounters the same white-haired man (Terence Stamp) in a bar, whom she believes is Jack in the flesh. In an effort to extract a confession, Eloise engages Jack in a tense conversation. However, the old man gets bored and abruptly leaves the bar, prompting Eloise to chase after him for answers. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes as the old man is struck by an oncoming taxi. The shocking revelation that follows sends shockwaves through Eloise’s world. It turns out that the old man was not Jack at all but Lindsey, an ex-cop who had once been stationed in the red-light district. It was Lindsey who had, at one point, warned Sandie and advised her to escape from Jack’s sinister grasp. The revelation leaves Eloise questioning her own sanity and the haunting hallucinations that had consumed her life.

Last Night In Soho (2021) Movie Ending Explained:

Did Eloise Manage To Break Free From The Hallucinations?

Eloise decides to leave London, return to her place with John (Michael Ajao), and beg Mrs. Collins to return her deposit. Little did she know that the truth waiting for her would be more harrowing than her most haunting hallucinations. Eloise pleads with Mrs. Collins to return her deposit but is instead met with a chilling revelation. Mrs. Collins, it turns out, is not who she appears to be. Eloise finds that Sandie had never died in that room; instead, Mrs. Collins herself is Sandie. Years ago, Sandie had taken matters into her own hands, exacting revenge on Jack and all the others who had exploited her body in that very place. Now that her dark secret is exposed, Sandie can’t allow Eloise to leave her apartment alive. She drugs Eloise and rushes downstairs to the lower floors, where she viciously attacks John, stabbing him in the stomach.

Terrified and cornered, Eloise somehow locks herself in a room, but she is once again besieged by the haunting spirits that have tormented her. Then, Eloise realizes that the spirits are not malevolent but are seeking her help. They yearn for release from their torment, and their only hope lies in Eloise ending Sandie’s reign of terror. As Sandie enters the room, the weight of her actions finally dawns upon her, and remorse washes over her.

In a desperate attempt to atone for her sins, she tries to slit her own throat. Eloise, however, intervenes, preventing Sandie from taking her own life. Acknowledging the gravity of her deeds, Sandie implores Eloise to save John and herself. With the building rapidly engulfing in flames, Eloise carries John to safety, leaving behind the burning remains of Sandie’s dwelling. The firefighters arrive just in time to rescue Eloise and John, but Sandie meets her tragic end amidst the inferno.

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In the movie’s concluding moments, Eloise presents her designed dress in the fashion show and receives rousing cheers from her peers and her grandmother. Eloise also notices her mother’s reflection in the mirror, which subsequently changes to Sandie’s, implying that Sandie is now Eloise’s friend and she’s here to stay.

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