Kranti (2023) Review: With the implementation of the New National Education Policy in 2019, Karnataka claims to be the first government not to waste time and prove that they will turn every stone to assure a better future for students. When education becomes more of a business than an endeavor to enlighten ignorant minds, Kranti suggests a required revolution.

A subject that might look outdated but relevant given that the situation is growing worse, especially in Karnataka. In comparison to the number of government schools under consideration for privatization, according to the film, the Karnataka government has permanently closed 13,800 government schools due to low attendance, according to a report published in July 2022.

If reality matches the fiction, the movie is here to create a definite revolution. V. Harikrishna effectively addresses this delicate issue with his stellar star cast. In every frame, Kranti Rayanna (Darshan Thoogudeepa) enthuses fear, admiration, and passion for education. Usha (Rachita Ram), the topper, reminds us of the studious girl who needs to be empowered in our society.

Yet again, we have the male as a savior. But let’s forgive that for the time being, as he isn’t saving a damsel in distress this time. Kranti has achieved much as an NRI businessman, and according to what is presented to us, he is on the way to education world domination.

His master Srikantaiah (B. Suresha), has invited him back home for the centennial celebration of the government school where he studied. When he returns, he witnesses the injustice done to students and teachers by Salatri (Tarun Arora). Salatri sketches a plan to privatize 12,000 government schools along with corrupt education minister Vaman Rao (Sampath Raj) and Narasappa (P. Ravi Shankar), the thug. Kranti, with his swag, however, foils their plans.

Kranti fought the bad blood and took control of the private schools, closing them and causing even more trouble. However, while devious, his methods are intended to awaken the government to its responsibilities. Kranti just doesn’t revolutionize education but the government of the time. Kranti is a likable and desirable character. At the same time, the repentance of Vaman Rao towards the end looked a bit too quick.

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Narasappa learns a lesson only when his bones are broken. Kranti showcases his august personality in all of the action sequences in which he is unmoved by the tension. He delivers every shot with finesse and confidence. You are just left to notice bodies flipping, bodies springing onto the floor, bodies shuddering at a step he takes toward them. He is an unmoved mover, a savior that the country’s education system truly deserves. Will NEP 2019 come to the rescue? NEP 2019 is fighting its demons, and neither the country’s infrastructure nor its capital resources can save the situation.

One thought that Kranti makes crystal clear is that a ‘teacher is the creator, preserver, destroyer of ignorance, ultimate truth and that we must all bow to all the teachers across the world.’ The movie leaves us with this thought to ponder. It also leaves us with the promise that the government will renovate the public schools.

Hoping that the fiction turns into reality, at least in this case. V Harikrishna treads a difficult path dabbling with a sensitive issue in the state and the country. He trips with his songs which show a lazy choreography displaying the macho body of Kranti, except for Pushpavati, which isn’t just an attractive number but showcases great talent like Nimita Ratnakar.

Kranti Rayanna is in charge of moving this film forward, and his supporting actors, ranging from his grandparents to his father to his aide, help him out. They add comedy and seriousness to the plot. Although the action bits proved the magnanimity of Kranti, the villains were short of power. They couldn’t match up to overpowering Kranti, not even once. That was a bit put off. Because right after the first fight scene, you are certain that Kranti will surely win in the scenes to come. How long shall I suspend my disbelief?

The cameraman captures every blow and flips that Kranti offers his opponents. From the falling of the marvels to the falling of the sweat, the camera catches it all to give us a visual and sensory feel. The director could offer more challenging conflicts to twist and turn the plot. Salatri could polish his foreign language instead of an adopted version.

Kranti, nevertheless, drives home the point that education is a necessity, and it is the duty of the government to offer it free for everyone in the country and not allow it to turn into a business.

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