Hello Tomorrow! (Season 1), Episode 8: Jack Billings’ delusions become increasingly more apparent to us with every other episode. Earlier, he was shown as a good & inviting presence, even akin to a character like Ted Lasso. Now, he seems more and more like Don Draper from Mad Men. He is scheming, and to get his wishes fulfilled & his product sold, he is ready to go to any length.

Previously, we saw him struggling to hide the failure of his business venture, which is based on a bunch of lies. As Herb often says, ‘It’s not a lie if you believe it.’ Jack embraces this motto to a new level that now shows his madness under the guise of his persuasiveness. The latest episode shows him confessing to some harsh truths about Brightside corporation.

Let’s find out how Jack tries to save his sinking ship of a business. Spoilers ahead.

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Hello Tomorrow! (Season 1), Episode 8 Recap:

Episode 8: The Gargon Mothership

The previous episode ended on a cliffhanger when Jack (Billy Crudup) and Shirley (Haneefah Wood) sight Buck Manzell (Frankie Faison) shouting in front of them. Walt (Michael Paul Chan) also sends a rocket outside the Earth right then.

On the other hand, angry customers at the corporation get amazed by getting a glimpse of the rocket. Herb (Dewshane Williams) also sees it and considers it ‘his’ rocket. Betty (Susan Heyward) wholeheartedly supports Herb’s naïve belief.

Jack wants to get hold of Buck, stating he is approaching that rocket. But Shirley stops him from doing so. She questions him about the truth about Brightside corporation and Jenkins. He continues to thank her and evades spelling out the fact.

Eventually, he confesses that there is no Jenkins and that he is behind everything related to their corporation. Shirley slaps him in anger, but he continues saying he has got land and transportation. She keeps hitting him repeatedly since he lied to her all that time.

Shirley tries to bring him back to the understanding of the fraud he is because of his delusions. Jack is still hellbent on continuing to sell the ‘belief’ that people can live on the moon. Meanwhile, in the corporation, Herb uses the rocket as a distraction for angry customers to sustain their belief in the dream they always had.

Myrtle (Alison Pill) and Lester Costopulos (Matthew Maher) also see that rocket and decide to see it up close at the landing site. Lester feels terrible that the rocket has pacified the crowd from speaking against injustice.

Eddie (Hank Azaria) runs down from his room, looking for his money. Earlier, Herb stole it with Betty to pay back the customers. So now, he says there is a perfectly good explanation for why Eddie’s money is gone. While they drive away in his car, Herb explains that he gave it back to the customers as a matter of courtesy to the company.

Eddie makes him wonder what good it is for him to make that sacrifice in the first place. He calls Herb a bootlicking patsy, calling out his bureaucratic mindset. Seeing him repeatedly hit Herb, Betty stands up for him and says she stole the money.

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté

When Eddie bad-mouths her, Herb does not come in her support. It upsets her. He is still optimistic about their business and does not think it to be fake, as Eddie does. So, he tells Betty to stop the car and escorts Eddie out. Meanwhile, since Shirley gets down from the car and starts walking away, Jack gets in the passenger seat and starts driving. He drives up to Walt’s site and starts shouting to let him in.

Since Walt does not, he climbs on the gate and tries entering. On the other hand, he sends a video message to Joey (Nicholas Podany), trying to sway his mind. He offers his old job back whenever he wants it. He also tells Joey not to burden himself with thinking of his mother’s hospital bills since he has taken care of them.

Buck reaches the site and walks up to the rocket that is about to land. He starts walking up the stairs, thinking it is ‘The Gargon Mothership.’ Jack also walks up and tries to stop him and get him down. By then, Betty and Herb reach outside the gate with all their customers and try to control the crowd.

Even there, they sell these customers extensions to their existing plans without any shame. Meanwhile, since Buck does not listen to him, Jack goes back, wears a suit, returns, and tells Buck how he saved others as a sheriff. It messed up his memory. Now, he needs to get down for his own safety.

While Jack and Buck walk down, the customers look at the rocket in awe. ‘That is the closest we will get to see it,’ one of them says. Myrtle sees it with Lester and regrets spending so much time trying to see how this is a lie.

She believes that she and Lester were lonely people and thus found purpose in this pursuit of justice. Now, she is heartbroken seeing it of no worth. On the other hand, Walt gets angry at Jack for his actions. Jack still tries to take him to his side. But Walt does not budge by his cheap salesmanship techniques.

Meanwhile, in the office, Joey approaches Shirley asking where Jack is. He wants to hear out Jack’s side before leaving. Shirley feels terrible for the kid and reveals that Jack is actually his father. She tells him not to waste his life based on Jack’s promises. Meanwhile, seeing the rocket, the customers start paying Herb back his share.

Jack brings Herb as a memento to provide an assurance that their dreams will soon come true. Eddie tries to sway Shirley’s mind and tells her that he has given away his money since she believed that he was consumed with greed because of it. His apology works for her, and she asks him to drive her back home.

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté

Hello Tomorrow! (Season 1), Episode 8 Ending Explained:

Jack meets Elle (Dagmara Dominczyk) and assures her that what happened with the sheriff (Buck) will not happen again. She is not as angry as he believed her to be. Instead, she pays him back the amount that he requested before. So it looks like Jack is back in the trade of taking his ‘dream-selling’ business to another height.

Right after, he drives to meet Joey to share his excitement. Joey does reciprocate Jack’s enthusiasm about the news of the rocket launch. He instead asks Jack why he is specifically choosing him over anyone else. Joey then reveals his knowledge about their relationship. Jack gets devastated hearing about it and walks back to his car.

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