Liaison (Season 1), Episode 5: In ‘Liaison,’ this week was full of shocking revelations. Gabriel and Alison were already walking on a tightrope since the moment they reunited. Their passion was fighting against their professional ambitions. They both were trying to be loyal to the countries they worked for. Gabriel was trying to get hold of Syrian hacker Samir for Dumas. Alison, however, was trying to negotiate a deal on behalf of her country. Now they learn some new details that are bound to reshape their paths moving forward.

The previous episode ended with a few men entering Alison’s father’s place. Despite Gabriel’s attempts to stop him, he does not budge. The repercussions of this incident, among others, are discussed further. Spoilers ahead.

Liaison (Season 1), Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained:

Episode 5: Family Matters

Gabriel (Vincent Cassel) realizes that the men outside Jack Rowdy’s (Patrick Malahide) gate are not sent by Richard (Peter Mullan) but by Antropa. So, he tries to stop Jack from moving further. But due to Jack’s insistence, Gabriel shoots him. Right after, he puts Alison (Eva Green) in the same bunker where Samir’s friend was to keep her safe. However, she notices the movement outside from the surveillance cameras and decides to make a run for her life.

Alison sneaks out of that bunker and tries to reach her car while evading any attack by them. She gets hold of her gun, picks up her jacket, reaches her car, and decides to leave. One of Antropa’s cars explodes once she leaves. Despite their firing, she keeps driving away. Soon after, she notices Gabriel standing on the side of the road with wounded Jack. They get Jack inside her car, and then Gabriel explains why he shot Jack. He also believes that Jack must have called Antropa since he was blackmailed with the footage of the protest incident.

Meanwhile, Dumas (Gerard Lanvin) notices a conversation between Didier Taraud (Stanislas Merhar) and Sabine (Laëtitia Eido) at her place. She wants Didier to leave and does not want to help him any further. She also calls him for calling their son disgusting. Seeing her back out all of a sudden, Didier lashes out at her. He threatens to get her exposed if she does not cooperate with him for Antropa’s deal. She warns him that she will take him to the ground with her if the word gets out. Dumas, who gets a recording of this dialogue, decides to destroy Didier’s reputation.

Dumas meets with Sophie Saint-Roch (Irène Jacob) and shares this information. But she understands that the president would not trust her with it since she is a woman. She will eventually end up losing her job. Instead, she wants to end not just Didier’s career but his life. Dumas notes that Didier betrayed him by saying that he was working for the French Government but actually working for Antropa to get the deal signed. Sophie realizes the possibility of them attacking their country the way they attacked the UK.

They eventually get Jack to the hospital. Dumas has a word with Gabriel, who worries for Samir’s (Azia Dyab) safety. Gabriel notes that he is worried about Jack’s safety or otherwise he will be liable for murder. A nurse calls Alison, Ms. Rowdy, to take her to her father. Dumas overhears it and scolds Gabriel for letting Alison accompany him. After knowing that Jack is doing well, Alison and Gabriel leave the hospital. On their drive, they discuss how they want to proceed.

Alison risked her professional life coming to this country. So, she does not want to betray her mission. Gabriel, meanwhile, does not want to betray the French either. He wants Samir to stay in France, whereas Alison wants to take him back to England. They eventually reach the shore, where they meet their old friends, who were working with them in a radical movement. She sees a photo of Nathalie, the woman that she killed in the fire incident (from the video footage that Jack received before).

They are angry at Alison for never meeting Gabriel after he was imprisoned. Gabriel defends Alison and stops their argument from going any further. One of the friends tells her that they are helping to rescue the Syrian hacker to help Gabriel and not her. Meanwhile, Sophie reaches Telkin HQ to meet Dumas. Her associate shows Dumas the footage he gave them, where Didier threatens Sabine to share her passwords with Antropa.

The associate then informs that Antropa wants a secret list from the European Cybersecurity Center. It has a list of flaws in the security systems of the 27 EU countries. So, with that knowledge, they can get the power to destroy any property in the region. They realize that there is a mole in the British government working for Antropa like Didier is.

Back in London, Richard is against their government signing a deal with Antropa. Toby (Leonardo Taiwo) thinks otherwise, even if Antropa is a private firm. Meanwhile, Didier goes to meet Bob (Eriq Ebouaney). He is angry that Bob let Samir go away. Bob is, however, happy that they are now getting the deal signed by the Brits. He is traveling to London for this matter. Didier is angry that he is not being asked to accompany. Since he was promised a seat as an Antropa board member, he threatens Bob saying that he has found a way to attack all the EU countries.

Gabriel and Alison get into a boat with Samir, Myriam (Lyna Dubarry), and their baby. Samir then unlocks his USB to show the information he has on planned future attacks. He and Hamza Walid had found them by hacking them. He informs that he went to the Brits first, but their representative – Bolton, did not meet him. Alison says that he was murdered. Samir gets panicked hearing that and makes a rushed decision to go with Gabriel instead of her. Alison assures safety for him, Myriam, and their baby, but he cannot trust her. Gabriel speaks in Arabic and says that he will take care of the matter from his end (Samir will get help from the French). Alison is left in the dark.

The next day, Alison & Gabriel meet Sophie & Dumas. Sophie notes that they want to destroy Antropa. Alison proposes to let Samir come to England with Gabriel. In return, she shares a copy of Samir’s USB key. Sophie asks for more in exchange. She wants information on one of the secret meetings with Didier, Antropa, and someone from the British government. After a bit of back-and-forth, Sophie allows the couple to go to London with Samir. In exchange, they must share that meeting’s details.

On the boat, Alison calls Richard and asks for the security of four individuals. He requests she brings Samir to the country. Meanwhile, Albert (Daniel Francis) receives an envelope at his home addressed to Alison. He opens it to find Richard’s confession about working for Antropa. It notes that she will receive this letter only if Richard is dead. Albert gets suspicious and shows it to Richard. He thanks Albert and says that he will deal with it.

Liaison (Season 1), Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained:

What devastating secret is revealed in the end?

At night, on the boat, Alison falls asleep. Gabriel notices that and goes to the TV to watch the tape Jack received. While he watches the footage, the sound wakes up Alison, and she starts walking toward his cabin. By then, their friends enter the room to notice a freeze frame with Nathalie’s face.

Despite Gabriel’s reluctance, they make him play the video again. They see Alison mistakenly throwing a bottle of gasoline at Nathalie out of a minor dispute. Unfortunately, Nathalie was right next to a blaze, which burned her entire body. The next moment, Gabriel was snatched away by the authorities.

By then, Alison also walks into the room and sees it. Their old friends follow her while she starts running for her life. They decide to take revenge on her for incriminating innocent Gabriel. So, they throw gasoline on her body and threaten to light a flame. Gabriel stops them from killing her and then makes a shocking revelation.

He was never in jail but was working for Military Intelligence against radicals like them. He did not work against Alison since she was a high-ranked NATO officer’s daughter. While they eventually reach a shore with Myriam & Samir, it is still a mystery what they will do next and how this new knowledge shapes their decisions.

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