Liaison (Season 1), Episode 4: Gabriel Delage & Alison Rowdy were introduced as two strangers. Both were trying to fulfill their missions as per their allegiances. Their eventual encounter became a source for them to confront their old wounds. While trying to figure out their feelings for one another, they join hands to ensure Samir and Myriam’s safety. Yet, different motives and elusive identities keep them second-guessing their intentions. 

The last episode of ‘Liaison’ ended with Mark Bolton’s tragic death, which traumatized Alison. While she had to witness this shocking death, Gabriel used his charm to get in bed with Sabine. The new episode presents him and Alison teaming up. Let’s find out whether they let their feelings get the best of them or not. However, before delving into its plot, be aware of spoilers.

Liaison (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap:

Episode 4: Carnage

After sleeping with Sabine (Laëtitia Eido), Gabriel (Vincent Cassel) decides to leave her place. She gets a call saying that Mark Bolton (Patrick Kennedy) has been brutally murdered in their headquarters. She feels awful since she was in charge of his life. While she goes to get changed, Gabriel puts a surveillance camera on her laptop, which gives Dumas (Gérard Lanvin) access to her activity.

Back in the EU office, officers question Alison (Eva Green) about Mark’s death. She says that she came in and was hunched over when it happened. That is when two identified men came, who she believes, murdered Bolton. Sabine overhears this conversation and informs Didier Taraud (Stanislas Merhar) about it. He sees it as bad news for the Brits but good news for Antropa. Then, he tries to use her to get Bolton reported to the Anti-Fraud office, which he wants to conclude as the reason for his death.

However, Sabine is tired of being used by Didier. Considering the threat to Alison’s life, she goes to meet her in person since she believes her calls are being tapped. She tells Alison how Bolton’s death is connected to some people who wanted to get him caught in an investigation by the anti-fraud office. It would lead the UK never to get its deal finalized with the EU. While Alison asks for proof of a document, Sabine refuses to provide any. However, she warns Alison to leave the place urgently.

In Dunkirk, Samir (Aziz Dyab) gets a credit card and a phone from his Syrian friend. He calls Myriam and learns that Gabriel has offered her French citizenship. She also shares her knowledge about him and Walid stealing important information. He panics and realizes a possible threat to her life. So, he informs her about his present location and hopes to meet her soon. Meanwhile, Gabriel tells Alison to return to England. But instead, she decides to join him and Myriam for their meeting with Samir.

Didier gets concerned about Alison’s involvement in these current scenarios, thinking it could ruin his plans. So, Dumas tries to ease his stress by sharing her stolen phone and a file about her. He asks Didier for information on Antropa. But Didier refuses to provide any, saying it’s classified. Dumas threatens to call off the mission. So eventually, Didier decides to come clean. Their president believes that Antropa could become the first global exporter in the military-industrial sector. Didier’s mission is to ensure that Antropa signs a deal with Great Britain. But it is illegal, as per European regulations, to promote private companies.

Meanwhile, in London, a Jetline airplane suddenly starts flying way below, almost at the height of the buildings. A hack in their systems causes them to malfunction. Luckily, it starts working just in time and does not cause any harm. However, it puts additional pressure on Richard Banks (Peter Mullan). Alison gets an update on this incident, followed by Albert’s (Daniel Francis) sudden visit to Brussels. He notes that DCI Hobbs (Olivia Popica) has also come with him and that she wants to speak with Alison.

Gabriel knocks on her door and goes away upon seeing Albert in the room. Alison tells him to wait for a few minutes outside. She then goes to meet Hobbs with Albert, who asks her about the video footage from the hospital. Alison denies Hobbs’ claims regarding her contact with Gabriel. Then she storms out, saying that she has urgent matters at hand. By then, Gabriel gets out of the hotel with Myriam, gets in a car, and drives away to meet Samir.

Richard calls Alison, informing her about the pressure Toby Gleason (Leonardo Taiwo) put on to get a deal signed with a private firm called Antropa. She notes that Antropa might be behind the attacks but does not reveal that Sabine told her about it. Meanwhile, Sabine goes back home, expecting her son to be with his babysitter. That’s when she gets a surprise visit from Didier that startles her. He tries to bribe her with an offer for a better security clearance in exchange for doing his work. However, she does not want to be his pawn and refuses to do any dirty work henceforth.

Dumas listens to their conversation and then calls Gabriel. He tells him to fake Samir’s death since people will keep tracking the actual Samir. By then, Alison reaches his car. But he does not disclose it to Dumas despite his warning that he should not be in contact with her. Since Didier is worried about Alison’s involvement in these matters, he runs it by Bob Foret (Eriq Ebouaney). During their conversation, he shares that she is the daughter of General Jack Rowdy, who was head of NATO for ten years in Paris. He was Banks’ mentor, and now he has settled in Paris and writes books. So, by providing a threat to Alison’s life, he wants to blackmail Jack. Before leaving, he leaves a tape with Bob to do so.

Gabriel reaches a location where they are supposed to meet Samir. Alison calls Richard to inform him about it. She also says that she and Samir are likely targets of Antropa. He advises her to go to her father’s place, where he will send his team. Samir soon enters Gabriel’s car with his friend, Krimo. Then Gabriel drives the car straight to Jack’s place. There’s clearly a bad history between them, which makes Jack unpleased seeing him. After them, Krimo gets out of the car. Gabriel introduces him as Samir, as per Dumas’ suggestion to find a credible solution to fake Samir’s death.

Meanwhile, Antropa continues to keep surveillance on Jack’s place. Jack takes Samir back to his secret room, where he can find surveillance footage all around his home. Jack is concerned about Gabriel’s intentions behind the mission. Alison convinces him otherwise and tells him to call Richard and inform him that Samir’s at his residence.

While Gabriel walks around the lavish bungalow to learn its geography, Alison finds her old photos with Gabriel and gets lost in her memories about their mutual past. She thinks that she is betraying Albert by doing this. So she calls him to say that she is safe. Albert tells her about Hobbs’s conviction of her being a suspect. He asks her where she is, but she does not share those details.

Meanwhile, Jack gets a tape sent as a parcel (the same one that Didier hands over to Bob), which shows Gabriel and Alison involved in a rally from their youthful days. It shows the couple working together and someone’s body getting set on fire. It seems like the case where Gabriel took a fall for Alison.

Liaison (Season 1), Episode 4 Ending Explained:

Jack gets enraged seeing the video and questions Alison again about Gabriel’s intention to help her. She then reveals that the person in their home is a decoy for Samir. Actual Samir left with Myriam through Gabriel’s contact from the Dunkirk harbor. Jack still continues to have his doubts about Gabriel. So he directly asks Gabriel whether he is trying to take revenge for Alison’s actions. Jack defends standing up for his daughter’s well-being In that state of anger, he eventually reveals to Gabriel that Alison was pregnant the last time he left her.

That’s when someone arrives at the gate. Jack goes out with his gun, threatening them by stating his position of power (being a leader of NATO for several years). Gabriel tells Alison to check on Krimo and see if he’s safe. Over there, she sees through the surveillance that Jack is inviting death upon himself. Gabriel tries to stop him from that confrontation. But due to Jack’s continuing insistence, Gabriel goes there by himself and shoots him. Then he returns to Alison, who is still reeling from her father’s murder at the hands of her former lover. He tells her these people are not sent by Richard (implying that they are from Antropa) and takes her back to the safe bunker where Krimo was hiding. 

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