Fall (2022) Movie Sequel in Making: It is not often that an indie starring two women gets as much attention as Fall did. Directed by Scott Mann, the survival thriller scaled unimaginable euphoria among viewers when it was released digitally on Prime Video. Following its success, producers Tea Shop Production and Scott Man have officially begun talks of making a sequel to the story.

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Fall’s vertigo-inducing narrative saw Hunter (Virginia Gardner) and Becky (Grace Caroline) stuck almost 2000 feet above the ground on a decrypt decommissioned TV tower in a small town. Most of the film was plotted near the tower’s peak and around the friendship of Hunter and Becky. As the story unraveled and survival became bleak, Hunter and Becky found it increasingly difficult to remain sane, especially after the former’s explosive revelations about the latter’s dead husband.

Fall performed wonderfully at the box office, raking in almost five times its overall production budget. The film’s availability on streaming platforms and its substance attracted a lot of viewers, giving them easy access and insignificant hours to burn. Fall became a surprise hit not because of anything else other than how tricky it is for indie movies to stake a claim among mass-produced commercially inclined formulaic potboilers.

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Fall (2022) Movie Sequel

Mark Lane and James Harris, co-founders of Tea Shop, were incredibly generous in their assessment of Fall and why it worked. In particular, Fall’s marketing and distribution strategies proved pivotal to its success. But it is not their first salsa with such a high-stakes story. Their previous success in the survival genre came with 47 Metres Down, which had similar urgency and heightened tension but was set in a completely different location at the bottom of the ocean. Speaking about the film at an event, Harris said, “We were pleasantly surprised by how everybody has such a visceral reaction to it. Fall is one of those movies where word of mouth really helps.”

Lane said the artwork posters and trailers helped get the message across well. Their strategy was lean and very direct aimed toward the consumer. “You can make a good movie, but unless you present companies with a way to market it, a lot of the time, they mess it up. It was quite important for us to say, ‘Shove it,’ to people and control how to do the marketing.”

Commenting on a Fall sequel, Harris said: “We’ve got a couple of ideas we’re kicking around … We don’t want to make something that feels like a copycat or less than the first one.” The duo did not confirm if the sequel will be a direct continuation of the first film or not. If that is the case, Grace could reprise her role as she made it out alive. They also failed to confirm any other creative decisions for the Fall sequel. And perhaps that is something they will internally discuss with Mann first.

The good news for us is that the sequel has become more realistic. It is not often that such sleeper hits get green-lit for more parts. Two films, ‘Missing’ and ‘Scream VI’, both released this month, are rare instances of this happening. We will update this article with more details as the project develops further. 

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