“Deliver Me” (Original title: I dina händer) is a new Swedish crime drama series streaming on Netflix. Based on the eponymous novel by Malin Persson Giolito, the series follows a 14-year-old kid from a fairly privileged background who gets arrested under the charge of killing his best friend. The series follows the police investigation into this crime and the things that made this kid take such a drastic step. It explores themes of crime and lost innocence in its dark and gritty narration. Its cast includes Yasir Hassan, Olle Strand, Yusra Warsama, Ane Dahl Torp, Henrik Norlén, Ardalan Esmaili, Mahmut Suvakci, Solomon Njie, and Abdirahman Mohamed.

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Deliver Me (Netflix Limited Series) Recap:

What is ‘Deliver Me’ on Netflix about?

The Swedish series “Deliver Me” on Netflix is about a boy caught deep in the world of crime. After he gets arrested for killing his best friend, the police investigate the case to find those who initiated this horrifying crime. The show consists of 5 episodes that are about 45 minutes long. It is directed by Anna Zackrisson and is based on a script written by Alex Haridi and Amanda Högberg.

Episode 1: “What Have You Done?” (Vad har du gjort?)

Police detective Farid Ayad (Ardalan Esmaili) arrives at a crime scene to find Bilal Ali, aka Billy (Yasir Hassan), dead. He shares a personal history with this young kid. In the past, he had helped Billy get out of a criminal gang, led by Mehdi Bah (Solomon Njie). Mehdi is known to recruit minors to sell drugs and commit crimes for him. Farid figures out a possible connection of Douglas Arnfeldt, aka Dogge (Olle Strand), to the murder. Dodge was Farid’s close friend since they were kids. So, Farid arrives at Dogge’s house to investigate. He finds Dogge’s bloodied clothes in the washer.

The police arrest Dogge for Billy’s murder. During his interrogation, Dogge admits that he acted under pressure from Mehdi (Solomon Njie), who wanted him to kill Billy because Billy supposedly crossed them. So, the police start looking for Mehdi. By the time they break into his house, Mehdi flees the scene. Dogge is sent to a facility for young criminals. Billy’s mother, Leila (Yusra Warsama), is surprised to learn Dogge murdered her son. She only knew them as good friends. So, it comes as a shock to her. Billy’s estranged father blames her for what happened to the kid. She gets angry at him for leaving her with all the responsibility.

Episode 2: “Why Is My Son Dead?” (Varför är min son död?)

In the past, Dogge and Billy got in touch with Mehdi. They both saw Mehdi kill one of his gang members because he decided to work for someone else. By doing so, Mehdi gave a clear message: Dogge and Billy shouldn’t betray his trust either. They should work for none of his competitors. In the present, Dogge is brought into a youth detention center for the time being for his safety. The police start looking for the gun used for the murder and the burner phone Dogge used right before. While the authorities look for him, Mehdi lays low at his father’s place.

Farid works on the case with a genuine concern for the Ali family. But the white cops hardly care about their plight and feel no shame in their racial prejudice. Farid goes to meet the Alis and asks if they know anything that can help them with the investigation. Mehdi’s gang members realize that the police are staying in touch with Billy’s family. Billy’s sister uses a different number to send a secret video of Mehdi assaulting Billy and Dogge. Farid decides to use it as a piece of evidence against Mehdi.

Mehdi’s Arrest

Deliver Me (Netflix Limited Series) Recap & Ending Explained
Deliver me. (L to R) Yassir Hassan as Billy, Olle Strand as Ogge, and Tyrone Michele as Dawit in “Deliver Me.” Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

In the detention center, Dogge comes across one of Mehdi’s men, who threatens him because he implicated Mehdi in Billy’s murder. So, he suddenly reverts his statement and says that Mehdi has nothing to do with the crime. It puts the police at a tough spot who arrested Mehdi just before this incident. Farid tries to know if someone pressured Dogge into making this statement. Dogge doesn’t respond. Later at night, Mehdi’s men get him from the detention center and take him with them.

Episode 3: “You Haven’t Helped Anyone Here” (Du har inte hjälpt någon här)

For years, Dogge struggled with identity issues. He wanted to be perceived as strong and manly. In that state of mind, he abused a shopkeeper’s daughter. Then, Billy arrived there and stopped him before the shopkeeper could call the police. Around this time, Dogge had learned about his father’s terminal cancer diagnosis. In the present, Mehdi’s men take Dogge with them and turn him to drugs. Dogge uses them to ease his guilt of killing his best friend. Farid gets angry that his colleagues didn’t care enough for Dogge’s safety or the urgency of Mehdi’s arrest.

Meanwhile, Mehdi gets out of jail because of Dogge’s changed statement. The defense attorney also argues that Dogge’s previous statement was taken when he was under some sort of influence. Mehdi’s men arrive at Billy’s brother Tusse’s (Mohamed Abdirahaman Koje) school to scare him off. They tell him not to disclose any information about their operations to the police. Tusse fears the implications. Still, he tells Farid that they taught Billy and Dogge how to shoot a gun.

How does Billy get hurt? 

Billy enters a local shop with one of Mehdi’s men. The shopkeeper had earlier seen Billy attack his teenage daughter. So, he calls the police to help him against these potential burglars. The police claim that they can’t help him. So, he sees no option but to take matters into his own hands. He attacks Billy with a baseball hat, leaving him injured.

Episode 4: “In This Life You’re a Grown-Up” (I det här livet är du vuxen)

In the past, Mehdi’s men had assigned a dangerous task to Billy and Dogge. As per their demands, the two kids burned down a car and got arrested. In the present, the innocent shopkeeper gets arrested for attacking Billy. By then, his gangster friend runs away to warn Mehdi about it. Farid heads to the hospital to check up on Billy’s condition. Then, he meets Leila to seek her cooperation in arresting Mehdi. Earlier, Tusse confessed that Mehdi taught Dogge and Billy to shoot. He wants to speak with Tusse to further their claim that Mehdi owned the gun that killed Billy.

Deliver Me (Netflix Limited Series) Recap & Ending Explained
Deliver Me. Ardalan Esmaili as Farid in “Deliver Me.” Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Although hesitant at first, Leila agrees to cooperate with Farid. In the past, after their arrest, she had warned Billy not to go back to this crooked criminal world. He and Dogge still got caught up and lost a batch of drugs Mehdi gave them to sell. That is why he assaulted them. Billy got scared and confessed to Leila, who made him speak with Farid. The adults advised Billy to cut contact with everyone from the gang, including Dogge. Dogge took it personally. Later, he joined Mehdi and his men in their attempt to threaten Billy and Tusse.

Why does Tusse decide to speak against Mehdi?

Mehdi forced Billy and Tusse to join them at a remote location. He left Tusse at a distance and assaulted Billy and Dogge again. Tusse recalls this violent episode and decides to speak against Mehdi. When Mehdi’s not home, a kid shoots bullets on his door and runs away. Meanwhile, Dogge dies in the hospital. So, Farid walks into Mehdi’s house and threatens him to come clean.

Episode 5: “You Can’t Protect Me” (Du kan inte skydda mig)

Why did Mehdi want Dogge killed?

Mehdi’s bosses warned him to take care of Billy because of the money he owes to them. So, Mehdi started putting pressure on Billy and his family to pay back the money. Considering their meager income, they couldn’t fulfill Mehdi’s demands. Mehdi had also assigned Billy and Dogge with a task that involved using fire grenades. Billy realized their potential danger and discarded them in Dogge’s absence. That’s why Dogge got upset. Besides, in the wake of his father’s loss, Dogge was looking for a sense of identity. That is why he shot Billy multiple times.

Deliver Me (Netflix Limited Series) Ending Explained:

Does Mehdi get imprisoned for Billy’s murder?

After Dogge’s death, Leila decides to get Tusse to sign a testimony that can imprison Mehdi. Soon after, Mehdi gets arrested. About six months later, during Mehdi’s prosecution trial, Tusse confesses that Mehdi handed his gun to Dogge to kill Billy. In reality, Tusse had stolen the gun from Mehdi. It reached Billy’s hands and then Dogge’s. Then, on the night of a supposed meeting of their gang, Billy ditched it. That’s why Dogge got angry and shot him in the park. Farid hears it and realizes that Tusse changed it. He worries that this change of statement will badly impact their case against Mehdi.

During his trial, Mehdi gets riled up. So, the trial gets postponed. The next day, he remains silent and refuses to answer any of the prosecutor’s questions. Eventually, he remains in jail for his association with Billy’s murder. Leila plans to leave the city and start a new life with her children. Farid gets sad that the verdict is based on a possible lie.

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