During and Improv Act

Review by Rohitavra Majumdar

A character intentionally misses a very important audition which can supposedly open the door of an extremely flourishing career in the field of her likeness. The same character, during the tail of the movie, imagines her being inside a well while doing an improv act. Her boyfriend (also part of the improv, who went to that audition she missed and became successful) gives her his hand and asks her to come up go which she replies that maybe she belongs to the well.

I watched Don’t Think Twice almost two weeks ago and this is the first time I am actually writing something constructive on this movie. When a movie hit me on extreme personal level, I sometimes refrain from saying anything about it and prefer to keep things inside. That happened with this little movie; which is about a bunch of talented people with aspirations trying to break into the big scene (or not, refer to the character I talked about, the one I could relate to the most).

Mike Birbiglia (who also acts in it) has made a movie which is witty, smart, happy and sad; all at the same time. It’s beautifully written and very well acted (Gillian Jacobs is the pick of the lot, rest are great too) and easily one of the most interesting (and impactful) movies of 2016 for sure.


High On Films in collaboration with Avanté

Review by Kalpit Tandon

It happened when I was half way in, I stopped laughing at any comic reliefs, completely stopped smirking at the acidic insights and felt a cold wave of sorrow sweeping over me. It was then did I realize how brutally the makers crept close to me with relatable characters and then, sucker punched me with their failures and broken hopes.

Don’t Think Twice is a tear damped love letter from life. It’s painful to watch, hurts like hell and if you ever had a dream which you failed to achieve, this will be a monstrously low spirited blow to your hearts. Wonderfully written, thematically layered and sharply witty, this could be that under appreciated gem of the year which may silently fly from under your radar.


Review by Shikhar Verma

Don’t Think Twice rips your heart out and presents it up for auctioning on a stage that could turn into a condo any given day. A film about improv artists and their comic sketches couldn’t possibly get any sadder than this. If you have had a dream and felt that your dream will gel up into something grand, Don’t Think Twice will make your eyes bleed.

It brings melancholia, love, success and failure all into a comic set piece that throws you into a well of thoughts and never wishes to pick you right up. But then again, it reminds you that being in that well isn’t all that bad after all!


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