CODA is like a dark horse in this year’s Oscars. No one anticipated that this little indie film would rise up in the ranks to be nominated for so many categories. Much like how no one expected it to be the biggest buy-out of the Sundance Film Festival. However, now we have it. Nominated for three Oscars at the 94th Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted screenplay, the script of CODA is now up for download.

An English-language remake of the 2014 French film La Famille Bélier, CODA is directed and written by Sian Heder and stars Emilia Jones as Ruby Rossi, the eponymous CODA (child of deaf adults), the only hearing member of a family of deaf people. The film follows how she struggles to keep her family’s sort of successful fishing business afloat, while also trying to give a swing at her aspirations of being a singer.

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Also starring Eugenio Derbez as her teacher, this is a straight-out coming-of-age film with a big heart. The crowd-pleasing sensibilities do bring it down every now and then, but mostly, it is a pretty good look at family dynamics and how certain things bring you up in life.

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CODA, as an independent film had its world premiere at the 20221 Sundance Film Festival and become the first film from Apple starring predominantly deaf/non-hearing cast members (Kotsur, Matlin, and Durant). The adapted screenplay by Heder makes a few prominent changes from the French film. Basically, slashing out a chunk of melodrama for more intimate and subtle family dynamics.

She does a good job of keeping her cards closer to her chest, by swapping the cast in the original for people from the deaf community. Asking the audiences in exchange to look beyond their restrictive gazes.


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