Echo 3 (Season 1) Episode 7: While showcasing a narrative with multiple layers of global politics, what ‘Echo 3’ emerges as is a solid action thriller. We get an insight into the political relationship between Colombia and Venezuela while following a real-life-based narrative. Starring Michiel Huisman, Luke Evans, Jessica Ann Collins, and James Udom in pivotal roles, every single episode is a riveting journey, if not an entirely satisfying cerebral experience. While Bambi, Prince, and Mitch try to negotiate a deal with Tariq, things do not go as smoothly as they expect with emotional blackmail. The new episode, streaming on Apple TV+, highlights the same.

Echo 3 (Season 1) Episode 7 Recap

Red Is Positive, Black Is Negative

The 7th episode is directed by Pablo Trapero and is written by Christopher Stetson Boal. The last episode ended with Mitch (James Udom) trying to cut a deal with the Venezuelan minister Tariq (Vicente Peña) to give Amber (Jessica Ann Collins) back in exchange for his brother, Momo (Juan Pablo Urrego). Now they have kept him in one of the rooms at their place, where he keeps begging to be rescued in exchange for money. While Bambi (Luke Evans) is trying to get him on a call with Tariq for persuasion, Violeta (Martina Gusman) is emotionally broken due to what happens to her in the jungle.

Echo 3 (Season 1) Episode 7

When she sees the news about Momo being captured by the two Americans that visited their home with the promise of peace, she gets furious and, despite her husband’s opposition, decides to go back to work. After returning to her regular routine, she goes to meet the Colombian president to discuss it. He feels sorry that she had to go through the effects of such unfortunate violence. He understands that she has different political opinions than him, which is why she notes that she will be objective about her work.

While working on her story in The Times, she asks for his opinion on Bambi and Prince (Michiel Huisman), who are from the US special forces, and wonders why any action isn’t taken against them. He maintains a diplomatic response, and she gets no clear answer. Despite his being evasive, she is certain that the CIA is influencing this incident. She speaks with her colleague and notes how the Americans feel that they can do as they please without any repercussions.

Soon, she gets a visit from Natalie Foster (Elizabeth Anweis), who is the CIA’s Chief of Station at the American embassy in Colombia. While knowing that Violeta is working on a story about Bambi and Prince, Natalie mentions that she will help her. Meanwhile, Bambi and Amber’s mother- Maggie (Valerie Mahaffey), suddenly decides to go to Colombia without any prior notice. She goes to his place and, while seeing her room, glances upon the arsenal next to her bed. Bambi then mentions that Amber is taken hostage near the Venezuelan border, which is impossible to enter, which is why they have kidnapped Tariq’s brother to blackmail.

Maggie smartly calls it a hostage swap to make it seem that she is comfortable with the way things are happening with their family. Later, while Bambi and Prince go out, she watches a football match with Roy (Temuera Morrison), who is accompanying them on the mission. Afterward, she goes back to her room and, while playing her music to the maximum sound, goes inside the bathroom. Soon after, three people walk in with guns, which Roy does not initially realize due to how loud the TV sound is. He soon smartens up to it and shoots two of them dead. The third one, meanwhile, manages to kill him and then go upstairs toward Momo’s room. He opens the room to find him with tape on his mouth and tells him to stay quiet. He then goes toward Maggie’s room, from where he was hearing the loud music. He walks toward the bathing tub and shoots through the curtain, thinking that someone is behind it. That’s when Maggie appears from behind and shoots him dead in no time.

After some time, Bambi and Prince return to see the house already open and enter to see if there is anyone still left. On the first floor, Prince ensures that Momo is still in their custody. Meanwhile, Bambi sees Maggie, clearly terrified of the incident, and still drinking local beer, pretending as if nothing happened. He plans to escort her back to the US. Meanwhile, both he and Prince realize that their current place is not safe anymore to keep Momo captive and decide to drive outstation.

During their drive, Prince mentions his relationship with his father, constantly trying to seek his approval, and how his marriage with Amber made him finally see him as a man. Violeta, meanwhile, gets a call from her colleague, saying that, even when her article is exceptional, it won’t be published. While he does not explicitly mention any reason, she understands that the CIA is involved in suppressing it and gets heartbroken that she cannot even share her factual views anymore.

By the following day, Bambi and Prince take Momo to the countryside and still keep him tied up inside the place. They spend a day or two waiting for Mitch’s arrival. While Momo manages to remove the black mask on his face and starts shouting for help, there is no one in the hearing range to come and help him. After this unsuccessful attempt, he accepts the defeat and realizes that his fate is in the hands of these two American men besides his brother, who can save him in exchange for Amber.

Does Prince & Bambi’s plan of hostage swap work out with Tariq?

Soon after, Mitch comes to this place and warns them not to believe anything from the agency since they might be trying to save themselves from any potential harm. He then video calls Tariq to get him to speak with Momo and for Bambi & Prince to have a conversation with them. Tariq seems pretty confident that these two would not go to the length of actually harming Momo and does not pay heed to their repeated requests to influence the facility that is holding Amber hostage.

Tariq rather wants Amber to stay in prison for much longer since she is a CIA agent who arrived in South America with the identity of being just a scientist. Prince gets triggered by Tariq’s refusal to accept that he goes to the length to shoot Momo. Just at the right moment, Bambi stops Prince from doing so. They both realize that their plan of hostage swap would not be successful and that they need to get into the facility to rescue Amber themselves.

Echo 3 (Season 1) Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained

How do Bambi and Prince decide to save Amber?

After his text conversations with Natalie (which reveals their personal relationship in the past), Bambi goes out to meet with her in person. He then asks her to jam the facility for a while, which is when they will rescue Amber. She mentions how complicated the process is to make it happen. With a CIA agent like Mitch being involved in it, their authorities will try to use it for their advantage and politicize it for personal agendas against the Venezuelan government.

However, Bambi does not care about the difficulty and shows his willingness to go to war if required. It is clear that Tariq’s refusal to accept him has hurt his ego, and he is ready to go to any length to save Amber. While he wants two hours of radio silence between the Venezuelan army and the facility to rescue Amber from there, Natalie offers him only 48 minutes, after which the Venezuelan authorities will realize that something is wrong. In the end, Prince is seen talking to a crew of locals about a black op mission to rescue Amber.

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