The Morning Show (Season 3) Episode 6: The previous episode of The Morning Show took us back to the past, during the pandemic. Bradley was still an anchor of TMS and was in a relationship with Laura. However, her mother’s loss took a toll on her and became the reason for their break-up. Besides, her brother’s reckless behaviour in the Capitol riots put her in a dilemma – Should she be truthful as a journalist or should she make a selfish decision for her brother? She chose the latter, and thanks to Cory’s help, saved herself from any further complications. 

Now, the sixth episode shows Alex preparing for a pivotal interview with Paul Marks before the Hyperion-UBA deal. Stella shares a shocking truth about her history with Paul.  

*Spoilers ahead*

The Morning Show (Season 3) Episode 6 Recap:

Episode 6: The Stanford Student

The fourth episode ended with Alex (Jennifer Aniston) bringing Paul (Jon Hamm) to the UBA Upfront party at the Hamptons. Everyone was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see Paul there, including Cory (Billy Crudup), in the wake of a major issue in their other deal. Now, the sixth episode fast forwards to the conclusion that Alex did manage to win over Paul. So, Paul agrees to the deal between Hyperion and UBA. Now, we see him speaking with the UBA staff about their queries and concerns. He tries to assure them that they won’t lose their jobs. Instead, more job opportunities will become available in his presence. 

Alex’s Qualms

Alex asks Paul whether his connections with influential people can affect the integrity of their news. Paul answers in the most diplomatic way possible – so as not to leave a sour impression on the employees. Cory gets upset at Alex’s forthright questioning of Paul in spite of knowing the company’s financial troubles. He fears she might jeopardise their deal with her behaviour. However, Alex still wants to be certain of a few things before taking any step forward in their deal. That’s why, she wants to interview Paul on Alex Unfiltered. Cory, predictably, does not agree with this decision. 

Soon after, Alex pitches the interview idea directly to Paul. To her surprise, he instantly agrees to do it. He even offers his house in the Hamptons to shoot the interview. Alex was not prepared for Paul’s straightforward ‘Yes’. So, she gets a bit anxious since this interview may even ruin the Hyperion-UBA deal. Anyhow, she gets Chip (Mark Duplass) and Isabella (Hannah Leder) on a short notice. While trying to work on their personal relationship, the couple also try to put together the pieces in this preparation. 

Bradley’s Dilemma

During the Capitol riot, Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) shot footage of her brother Hal (Joe Tippett) beating a police officer. To save Hal from any trouble – especially in the wake of his prospective fatherhood, she deleted the specific video. But it came back to torment her when the FBI officials subpoenaed her and Cory. Nevertheless, Cory took charge of the matter and told her to never utter even a word about this issue. Now, in the present, Hal comes to Bradley’s place with his wife Cheryl and their baby daughter Taylor. 

Bradley gets genuinely happy seeing Hal doing well. She also notices a healthy relationship between him and Cheryl. But the joy wears off soon after when he mentions his shocking decision. Hal plans to turn himself in for the Capitol attacks incident to clear the blot on his conscience. He considers it an important part of his sobriety. But Bradley gets angry – because Hal has not considered the ramifications of his daring step. Even if it may make him feel better about himself, it can ruin Bradley’s career – on the account of lying or hiding crucial evidence. Besides, it would be terrible for Cheryl and Taylor, who will have to face the outside world in his absence. 

Hal’s Decision

Bradley tries to change Hal’s mind about making his horrific actions public. She mentions their bitter family history with their father. But he justifies his decision by saying that he does not want his daughter to grow up and not be proud of her father. In short, he sees his absolving as a charitable act that will make him stand apart from their irresponsible father. As a result of Hal’s stubbornness, Bradley takes a different approach. She invites Hal and Cheryl to join us for a live shoot of the UBA Evening News. 

During her show, Bradley interviews a man, who was arrested for the crime that Hal committed. But no one besides her, Hal, and Cory know about it. She interviews the man in front of Hal to make him realise the horrifying effects his actions lead to. Bradley believes at least that guilt can make him question his plan. Cory sees this and smells a problem. He tells her to fix any present issue, or he will. Later that night, Bradley invites Laura (Juliana Margulies) for a dinner date. Laura senses that Bradley is worried about something. But Bradley finds it difficult to tell her the truth. 

It pains Laura to witness a wall between them – where Bradley feels scared to open up to her. But she cannot do anything to break it just then. Later, Bradley returns home to learn that Hal still hasn’t changed her mind. So, she shows up early at the UBA office in the morning and bumps into Alex. Even then, she finds it hard to be truthful, also with Alex. It almost feels like she came early to meet Alex since sought courage from her – to face the insurmountable odds led for her in the future.  

Stella’s Truth

A still from The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 6.

As a part of pre-merger meetings, Stella (Greta Lee) meets up with Paul. They briefly talk about their mutual history in tech. But neither shares about anything in specific. Nevertheless, Stella makes a case for what she cannot compromise in the UBA. But Paul leaves with his associate, Amanda (Tig Notaro) without speaking in detail. Soon after, Chip approaches Stella in relation to Alex’s interview with Paul. He asks her for some dirt, considering their history in Silicon Valley. But Stella does not share anything. Nevertheless, the pain lingers in her mind and refuses to let her stay calm. Eventually, she decides to reveal her history with Paul.  

The Morning Show (Season 3) Episode 6 Ending Explained:

What happens during Alex’s interview with Paul?

Alex arrives at Paul’s Hamptons house with the UBA crew for their interview. Before they start speaking on the record, Paul asks her how their dynamic would work. Do they know each other or do they pretend to have met for the first time? She clarifies his doubts. Chip becomes conscious of her closeness with Paul. He realises that they know each other beyond the formal introductions. Isabella, who is in a relationship with Chip, senses his slight discomfort about it, even though he tries to mask it. Eventually, the interview begins with Alex confronting Paul about his intentions behind buying a media company like UBA.  

What was Stella’s history with Paul?

During a quick break, Chip tells Alex about Stella’s painful past, associated with Paul and Hyperion. Eventually, she confronts Paul for using the idea of a former Stanford student (Stella) to grow his multi-billion dollar business, without any regrets. Paul says he feels no guilt about buying the idea for much cheaper. According to him, he acted as per the industry standards. But there’s more to it. This former student worked on a progressive idea to help activists. But Hyperion turned it into a predictive policing tool to make profits. 

Eventually, Alex points out the debilitating phase of depression this former student went through – because of the terms of her NDA. Paul reflects on it and seems genuinely hurt. Then, he also shares a painful story about his failed marriage and how it impacted the way he treated other people. Alex seems taken by his response. After the interview, she stays back after the crew leaves. Chip gets a tad upset, and Isabella senses that. While on the drive back home, Chip starts talking about his future with Isabella. But it does not cheer her up as he expects. Eventually, Isabella reveals the reason. She does not want Chip to choose her just because he lost his hopes of being with Alex. 

What happens after Alex’s interview with Paul?

After the interview, Alex stays back at Paul’s house. One thing leads to another, and they end up having sex with each other. The next morning, while they lie in his bed, Cory calls him. He wants to check if the interview created any issues for their future deal. To Cory’s surprise, Paul shares high praise for Alex. He even changes his thoughts behind a logo placement, which thrills Cory. Eventually, in the UBA office, Paul comes face to face with Stella. Even if Alex did not explicitly mention a name, Paul knows that she referred to Stella. So now, he apologises for all the hurt he knowingly or unknowingly caused her. Eventually, Paul makes a shocking revelation. After the Hyperion-UBA deal, he plans to take Cory out of his CEO position and replace him with Stella.  

Does Hal turn himself in for the Capitol riot incident?

During their dinner date, Laura senses the root of Bradley’s anxiety. Eventually, she decides to meet Hal in person – to speak about it. After their discussion, Hal suddenly decides to leave Bradley’s apartment and return to his town. Turns out, Laura’s words made him change his mind and look beyond his selfish need for repentance. He leaves a letter to tell Bradley about his change of heart. She gets relieved reading it. Afterwards, she meets Laura and apologises for her behaviour. It seems like this incident may change their relationship for the better.  

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