Calling all Benedict Cumberbatch fans! The talented actor is diving headfirst into a new mystery miniseries titled “Eric.” Set in the electrifying yet gritty backdrop of 1980s New York, the show promises a thrilling ride as a determined father searches for his missing son. In the following article, we will take a deep dive into whatever we know about “Eric,” including the cast details, release date, and other details.

What is the miniseries about?: Plot Details Revealed

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Vincent, a successful puppeteer and creator of the beloved children’s show “Good Day Sunshine.” However, his world crumbles when his young son, Edgar, vanishes on his way to school.

The series, “Eric,” dives into the dark underbelly of 1980s New York. Struggling with guilt and despair, Vincent fixates on Edgar’s drawings of a blue monster puppet named Eric. He becomes convinced that bringing Eric to life on television will somehow lead to Edgar’s return.

Vincent’s erratic behavior isolates him from his family, colleagues, and even the detectives assigned to the case. With few allies left, Eric, a figment of Vincent’s desperation, becomes his only companion in the desperate search for his son.

Creator Abi Morgan explains the show’s unique premise: “I pitched a puppeteer searching for his missing son, with a giant blue monster puppet by his side. Thankfully, Netflix embraced the idea.”

“Eric” promises a complex exploration of 1980s New York, a city grappling with rising crime, corruption, and social issues. The series will delve into the desperation of parents searching for a child, the frustration of a system failing its citizens, and the lingering question of who the true monsters are. And yes, there will be puppets…lots of puppets.

Eric Cast & Characters Explained:

The entire cast of Netflix’s Eric is as follows:

Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Vincent, a leading New York puppeteer and the creator of the wildly popular children’s television show, Good Day Sunshine. Intelligent and charismatic, Vincent also possesses a narcissistic streak. He can be volatile at work and neglectful at home, straining his relationship with his wife and son. As the series opens, Vincent is on the verge of a major life change, with his world thrown into chaos when his son goes missing.

McKinley Belcher III as Detective Michael Ledroit

McKinley Belcher III portrays Detective Michael Ledroit. A veteran of the police force with extensive experience in Vice, Ledroit brings his expertise to the Missing Persons division. He’s driven by a desire to make a positive impact and challenge the status quo, both within the NYPD and society at large. Ledroit also grapples with his sexuality in a time period marked by the AIDS and HIV crisis.


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Gaby Hoffmann as Cassie

Gaby Hoffmann takes on the role of Cassie, Vincent’s wife. Raised in privilege, Cassie fell for Vincent during their art school days. Their initial passion has waned over time, leaving Cassie feeling trapped in a loveless marriage. A loving mother to Edgar, she longs for a life that better aligns with her needs.

Dan Fogler as Lennie

Dan Fogler portrays Lennie Wilson, Vincent’s best friend and colleague. A talented puppeteer and maker in his own right, Lennie shares a close bond with Edgar, who frequently visits the Good Day Sunshine workshop. Lennie provides a source of stability and support for Vincent, though their friendship faces challenges throughout the series.

Other Cast Members

The other cast members of Netflix’s Eric are as follows:

  • Ivan Howe as Edgar: Vincent and Cassie’s artistic and withdrawn son. Inspired by the puppets on his father’s show, Edgar dreams of creating his own puppet.
  • Bamar Kane as Yusuf: A friendly and compassionate man who lives in the city’s underground tunnels. He forms a connection with Edgar, particularly drawn to the boy’s graffiti tag.
  • Clarke Peters as George Lovett: The friendly superintendent of Edgar’s apartment building. A man with few possessions but a deep appreciation for the ones he has, George offers Edgar a safe haven during his parents’ arguments.

Release Date:

The release date for Eric has been set for May 30th, 2024.

Where to Watch ‘Eric’ online?

Since this is a Netflix original, the only way to watch it will be with a Netflix subscription.

Is ‘Eric’ based on a true story?

No, “Eric” is not based on a true story. The show’s creator, Abi Morgan, debunked this myth stating the idea for the show stemmed from her experience as a nanny in 1980s New York but the story itself is fictional.

Who is behind the Netflix miniseries ‘Eric’?: Creators, Directors and Writers

Eric boasts a powerhouse team both behind and in front of the camera. Lucy Forbes, director of acclaimed shows like “This Is Going To Hurt” and “The End of the F***ing World,” brings her vision to life.

The brainchild of screenwriter Abi Morgan (“The Split”), “Eric” is also executive produced by Morgan herself alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Forbes. Adding their expertise are Jane Featherstone (“Chernobyl”) and Lucy Dyke (“Black Mirror”), while Holly Pullinger (“This Is Going To Hurt”) serves as producer. Production duties are split between Sister, known for “Chernobyl” and “Landscapers,” and Little Chick, the production company behind “The Split.”

Is there a trailer for ‘Eric’?

Yes, you can watch the trailer for Netflix’s miniseries ‘Eric’ below. A haunting melody twists the familiar tune of ABBA’s “S.O.S.” as Benedict Cumberbatch and Gaby Hoffmann portray parents consumed by the chilling absence of their child. Cumberbatch’s Vincent, a children’s TV puppeteer, clings to a desperate hope. He crafts a puppet based on his son’s drawings, a beacon in the darkness, a belief that if it appears on the show, it will somehow lead their missing son, Edgar, back home.


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