This year, Halloween couldn’t get any better. Warner Bros. and New Line have released a new look at supernatural horror Evil Dead Rise, the fifth installment in the world of The Evil Dead. Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead is considered one of the scariest and most successful horror films, having a 95% approval rating and an average rating of 8/10 based on 64 reviews recorded on Rotten Tomatoes. Stephen King’s rave review at the 1982 festival out of competition not only saved the film from dismissal among the critics then but only kickstarted the franchise that is in its fifth installment right now.  Lee Cronin has written and directed the film.

As per the Instagram post shared on the official handle of New Line, Evil Dead Rise is scheduled to be released theatrically on April 21, 2023. As reported earlier, it won’t be released on HBO Max on the same day.

What is Evil Dead Rise’s Plot? 

The film follows two sisters trying to survive and save their family from demonic creatures known as Deadites, this time in the city, rather than in the country as with almost every previous iteration of the franchise. This installment comes following Ash vs. the Evil Dead, a TV series that brought Bruce Campbell back to the series, and was greenlit after failed attempts to make a follow-up that would have tied together the stories of 1992’s Army of Darkness and the 2013 remake of Evil Dead.

Warner Bros. Pictures’ official plot reads – In the fifth Evil Dead film, a road-weary Beth pays an overdue visit to her older sister Ellie, who is raising three kids on her own in a cramped L.A. apartment. The sisters’ reunion is cut short by the discovery of a mysterious book deep in the bowels of Ellie’s building, giving rise to flesh-possessing demons, and thrusting Beth into a primal battle for survival as she is faced with the most nightmarish version of motherhood imaginable.

You can see the first look at a new Deadite below.

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