The White Lotus (Season 2): After countless Emmys win reassuring the undeniable brilliance of the first season, Mike White is back in the hotel murder business with the premiere of The White Lotus season 2 on HBO Max. The locale has changed from Hawaii to Sicily. The manager has changed from the obnoxious (and pretty dead by the end of the season) guy to Valentina, who seems a bit too chill about the hotel guests turning up dead.


The first episode jumps right into the mystery of it all with chirpy Daphne swimming right into a floating corpse, and we’re taken a week back to see this season’s filthy rich guests entering the murder hotel. Jennifer Coolidge reprising her role as last season’s unstable but sweet Tanya is comforting while also being the bringer of the bad omen for the new guests that are expecting a grand stay with absolutely no tragedies whatsoever. 

When is Testa di Moro introduced in The White Lotus (Season 2)?

With the clingy couple Daphne and Cameron and their invitees Ethan and Harper checking into their rooms at the hotel, the vibe is clearly off between the two couples that could not be more uncomfortable together. Ethan notices the strange head-like vase that sits atop a table in their room and asks hotel employee Rocco about it. Rocco makes the foursome even more uncomfortable by briefly telling them about Sicily’s unnerving cultural strings with the murderous legend of Testa di Moro. 

What is the legend of Testa di Moro?

It is believed that in the 11th century, a beautiful Sicilian girl that lived in the district of Palermo had an unfortunate brush with problematic romance.


The girl had spent most of her life indoors or on the balcony taking care of her plants when love came her way in the form of a young Moor passing by and instantly developing feelings for the pretty girl; the two doves into a passionate love affair that ended tragically. 

The girl had discovered that the moor had a wife and children that he wanted to go back to. Driven by the fear of losing her love, the girl decided to chop his head off if that was the only way he’ll be with her forever. She then planted basil in the chopped-off head, and the flourishing plants became the envy of the neighbors. The neighbors started making moor’s head-shaped vases for their plants, and centuries later, Sicilian balconies still flaunt the same.

 The connection between the old Sicilian legend and the possible victims of this season:

With the two couples’ nervous look at the moor’s head vase and the episode introducing several possible hints towards the upcoming infidelity mess, the deaths can quite possibly be crimes of passion connected to the central theme of betrayal in love. The White Lotus can definitely mess with our heads however it wants, and with so many characters already showing signs of the mysterious troubles their misjudgments might bring forth, we really can’t take our eyes off anyone for the time being.

Dominic Di Grasso- In Italy to reconnect with his father’s Sicilian heritage, Hollywood bigshot Dominic is all set with booking a local escort for his stay at the hotel. A frustrating call with his ex-wife and her aggressive reaction suggests that Dom hasn’t really been a decent husband. His son gives further hints about his questionable affection for young women at the dinner table, and it’s soon proven to be true when Lucia enters his room for a night he had paid for even before setting foot in the hotel.


Greg Hunt- All isn’t well between Tanya and his previously prince charming-like husband, Greg. With the honeymoon phase wearing off, he has even stopped answering her texts, and he brushes her off with a lame excuse when she arrives at the White Lotus. Being annoyed with Tanya’s little quirks may be his way of starting to show his true colors. A steamy afternoon of lovemaking between the two ends with a fight and leads to Greg body-shaming Tanya. Could he be looking outwards for companionship? The mysterious call that had him whispering behind the closed door might suggest that Tanya isn’t as lucky as she thought. 

Cameron Babcock- Daphne and Cameron seem to be absolute soulmates at first, thanks to the amount of shared obnoxiousness and ignorance about their privileges. Harper, however, is suspicious of the lovey-dovey couple’s reality. And we always (mostly) trust Aubrey Plaza without question! When the couples are hanging out, it isn’t too hard to pick up on the vibe shirtless Cameron is giving off. Even Daphne glances with a look of disapproval when Cameron follows Harper to the hotel room. And what do we know? He decides to strip down and get completely naked when he knows that Harper can see him. Not very “lovey-dovey husband” of you, Cameron. Stop before you lose your head!

Ethan Spiller- Seemingly submissive towards his wife so far; Ethan hasn’t done anything suspicious yet. But there are subtle looks, certain moments of his eyes wandering off, that may mean that he isn’t the little puppy that we think he is. While he keeps up the image of a husband whose actions are being controlled by his wife, he is also evidently pressing Harper to get along with his irritating friends, whom she clearly doesn’t like being around.

The White Lotus (Season 2)

Sure, marriage is about making efforts and sacrifices. But Harper’s question does echo in our heads. Why is he even friends with Cameron? There’s something strange about Ethan, whether you can put your finger on it right away or not. Let’s remember that he was the first to notice the moor’s head vase. And what about the way he looks at the vase at night after completely dismissing Harper’s discomfort about Cameron stripping down in the room?


Looking back at the first scene, the look on Daphne’s face and how happy she seems with her stay at the hotel do seem slightly fishy, considering the two couples weren’t getting along too well just a week back. Whether all the fan theories pan out or not, the second season of this deadly satire certainly nailed the mystery part, with the first episode throwing out all these baits for us to pick up on. 

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