The 2020 release – Extraction, was declared Netflix’s biggest blockbuster. After this directorial debut, Sam Hargrave geared up for its sequel. ‘Extraction 2’, which just dropped on the streaming giant, shows Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farahani, and Adam Bessa reprising their roles as Tyler Rake, Nik Khan & Yaz Khan, respectively.

Earlier, these mercenaries joined hands to save the son of an Indian crime lord from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Unfortunately, it did not end well for Tyler, who got severely injured by the end of that mission.

Now the new action thriller shows Tyler Rake getting back on his feet for his next mission. He heads to Georgia to extract a mother and her children from a dangerous spot. However, over the course, we realize that his motive is more than just money.

If you haven’t read out the review already, you can check out the review of Extraction 2 before heading into a spoiler-filled explainer article.

Spoilers ahead.

Extraction 2 (2023) ‘Netflix’ Movie Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis

What happens in Chris Hemsworth starrer Extraction 2?

Extraction 2 begins right where the first part ended. From the sepia-tinted cityscape of Bangladesh (because that’s what US filmmakers consider this country looks like), Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is rescued and brought to a hospital.

Instead of putting him back to work, Nik Khan (Golshifteh Farahani) expects him to take a rest and focus on getting better. She and Yaz (Adam Bessa) drop him off in a secluded house in Austria for recovery. While he does not need to fight life-and-death situations anymore, he is still haunted by memories of leaving his family behind.

Meanwhile, in Georgia, we meet the family of Radianis. Zurab (Tornike Gogrichiani) and his brother, David (Tornike Bziava), had built an army called the ‘Nagazi.’ They saw it as a way to fight against the injustice they faced in their early lives. Now, David is in Tkachiri prison with his wife and kids. Zurab learns that David’s prison sentence has been extended.

Even if it was due to David’s gigantic ego problem, Zurab wants the governor to help solve that matter and expedite his brother’s release. However, the governor considers it impossible. So, Zurab thinks it is right to kill the governor and his men moments after their dialogue.

While Zurab is terrifying, David is no less intimidating. In prison, he keeps torturing his wife, Ketevan (Tinatin Dalakishvili). She bears that stress for the sake of her children. Her son, Sandro (Andro Japraridze), notices that. He thinks he needs to rise up and step into the shoes of a Nagazi soldier for her.

What mission does Alcott assign Tyler Rake? 

Extraction 2 Ending Explained: Golshifteh Farahani & Chris Hemsworth
Golshifteh Farahani & Chris Hemsworth in Extraction 2

In Austria, Alcott (Idris Elba) shows up on Rake’s doorstep. He has already heard of stories of Rake’s bravery. Now, he wants Rake to go on a mission that would also help him regain his ex-wife, Mia’s (Olga Kurylenko) trust. Ketevan is Mia’s sister. Alcott wants Rake to infiltrate the prison she is in and get her and her kids safely rescued without anyone’s notice. He warns Rake of the possible threat of David and Nagazi soldiers.

Does Rake manage to rescue Ketevan from prison?

Nik learns about this rescue mission before Rake performs it. So, she heads to the prison with Yaz. By that time, Rake enters the prison, walks up to Ketevan’s prison cell, and gets her and the kids out. Unfortunately, her daughter drops her toy, which squeaks. The sound alerts the Nagazi soldier in the next cell. So, while Rake tries to bring them out, a barrage of prisoners tries to end their lives. Suddenly, Rake meets Yaz and Nik, who help him with the extraction mission.

What happens to Davit Radiani?

Right when the kids get out, David reaches there and starts attacking Rake. The two men engage in a brutal fight which ends with Rake killing David. While Rake tries to bring Ketevan out of prison, the prisoners break down the fence due to their anger against David’s murder. They start fighting with Rake not to let him or Ketevan get out. However, after a relentless fight with these reckless men, Rake manages to escape.

While Nik, Yaz, and Rake drive away with Ketevan and her kids, the Nagazi soldiers continue to follow them. During that time, Ketevan’s daughter suffers a terrible injury. So, after reaching a train, they try to heal her wounds. Be it Rake, Nik, or Yaz, they fight with those soldiers to keep the Radiani family members safe.

Once they get past the constant threat, Sandro confronts Rake for killing his father. Rake tries to settle the kid’s anger. He reveals that David was trying to kill Ketevan. But that does not make Sandro feel any better. He travels to a safe spot with them, boiling with rage about David’s murder.

How does Zurab learn where Rake and Ketevan are?

While they are on a plane, Sandro calls Zurab to make sense of what is happening. Zurab exploits the kid to know Rake and Ketevan’s current location. Sandro does not realize that he is getting manipulated by his uncle. He believes that he is destined to be a Nagazi like his father. On the other hand, Zurab makes him believe that Ketevan was behind David’s death.

When they reach a safe apartment, Nik learns the reason Rake wanted to take on this mission – he wanted to help his ex-wife’s sister. After their dialogue, Sandro questions Rake, once again, about killing his father. He believes David wanted to ensure his and his family’s safety by keeping them in prison.

Rake reveals that David wanted to control them. All Ketevan ever wanted was to protect Sandro and his sister. While David kept torturing her behind their back, she stayed there to ensure the kids’ safety. Eventually, Rake shares his regret for leaving his family behind. Sandro gets emotional and reveals that Nagazis are on their way to the apartment.

Why does Sandro decide to go with Zurab? 

Rake, Nik, and Yaz gear up to fight against this army of Nagazis. Ketevan tries to talk some sense into Sandro. But Sandro was utterly confused about which side to pick. On one side, he was concerned about his mother’s safety. But on the other, he wanted to take action against his father’s murder.

While Zurab attacks Nik’s car and flips it over, Sandro goes to Zurab’s side. Soon after, he realizes that they were going to kill his mother and regrets his decision. But now it was too late to take any action.

What happens to Yaz Khan in Extraction 2?

Back in the building, Zurab approaches for a fight with Rake, who murdered his brother. While he and Nik hang in a life-and-death situation, Ketevan gets approached by a Nagazi. Eventually, Nik and Rake manage to save themselves and part ways with Zurab. Nik saves Ketevan and her daughter. However, Yaz gets severely injured during the shootout. Unfortunately, when they get on a helicopter ride, Yaz takes his last breath.

Once they all reach a safe house, Mia arrives there to reconnect with her long-lost sister. Back in Zurab’s camp, Avtandil tries to talk some sense into Zurab. He wants Zurab to let go of his rage and be mindful of his next actions. But Zurab is too consumed by the pain of his brother’s loss that he can’t think straight. He ruthlessly kills Avtandil in front of Sandro.

Rake apologizes to Mia for leaving her and their son on their own. Suddenly, Zurab calls him since he cannot find peace until he kills his brother’s murderer. Since Sandro is with Zurab, Rake impulsively decides to save the confused kid. Nik tries to join him, but he leaves by himself.

Extraction 2 (2023) ‘Netflix’ Movie Ending Explained

Does Tyler Rake manage to rescue Sandro from Zurab’s capture?

Rake reaches Zurab’s camp to save Sandro. He destroys Zurab’s plane and car and starts shooting his men. Eventually, with blood dripping from his body, he finds Zurab and Sandro. Zurab orders Sandro to take Rake’s gun and shoot him. Sandro gets hold of the gun but cannot muster the courage to shoot Rake.

Zurab finds Sandro’s change of heart disappointing. While he is about to give another monologue about his bravery, Nik walks from the back with a gun. Zurab puts his own nephew at gunpoint. Eventually, Sandro distracts his uncle to get out. Then Zurab and Rake engage in a brutal fight. In the end, Rake manages to kill Zurab, whereas Nik fights for her life. The feds arrive there and arrest Rake and Nik.

What happens to Tyler Rake and Nik Khan at the end of Extraction 2? 

Nik keeps fighting for her life in a bed in Schwarzau prison. On the other hand, Rake gets jailed in Graz-Karlau prison. Mia comes to meet him there. She reveals that she helped Ketevan broker a deal for a safe future. She tries to unburden him from his guilt by saying that their son thinks of him as a brave man.

Eventually, Rake gets out to meet Alcott, who offers a chance to work for him with Nik. He says that they will be working for a gnarly individual. We’ll have to wait for the next edition of this action thriller to know who this person is.

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 R (Language|Strong/Bloody Violence)
Genre: Action, Mystery & thriller
Original Language: English
Director: Sam Hargrave
Writer: Joe Russo
Release Date (Theaters): Limited
Release Date (Streaming): Runtime: Distributor: Netflix
Production Co: AGBO, Netflix, T.G.I.M Films, Filmhaus Films
Sound Mix: Dolby Atmos

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