Great Expectations Episode 3: In the previous episodes of Great Expectations, we witnessed the budding affair between Pip and Estella and Miss Havisham’s manipulation of their relationship. However, in the latest episode, we see a shift in the narrative as Mr. Jaggers, Miss Havisham’s lawyer, enters the picture with a hidden agenda for Pip in London. As Pip delves deeper into the cutthroat world of high society, he realizes that it takes much more than just ambition to become a gentleman.

The question remains: will Pip be able to navigate the complexities of his new life and do what it takes to achieve his goals? The upcoming episodes promise to be thrilling as we watch Pip’s character development and the challenges he faces along the way.

Great Expectations Episode 3 Recap:

The scene opens with Estella looking for Pip, who is passed out at the local bar. At the same time, Mr. Jaggers splashes a bucket of cold water all over Pip, causing him to jump up in shock. As Pip recovers from the shock, he questions Mr. Jaggers’ intentions and even pulls a knife on him. However, Mr. Jaggers quickly gains the upper hand and offers Pip an irresistible deal.

Mr. Jaggers promises Pip a whopping five thousand pounds, a position in his thriving practice, and even the heart of the woman he loves. However, there is a catch! Pip must agree to come with him at that very moment, or he must return the check and lose everything.

After much consideration, Pip finally agrees to go with Mr. Jaggers. However, just as they are about to embark on their journey, Pip discovers a note signed by E (Estella) on his horse that warns him not to go with Mr. Jaggers. Despite the warning, Pip decides to join the man on their journey, and as they ride along, Mr. Jaggers begins to give Pip some valuable insights into the world he is about to enter.

As Pip and Mr. Jaggers journey through London, it becomes increasingly clear that Jaggers is a man of immense power. Pip watches Mr. Jaggers easily navigate the city, effortlessly weaving his way through the crowds and issuing commands as he sees fit. As they continue their journey, Pip can’t help but wonder what kind of world he is entering and what role Mr. Jaggers will play in shaping his future.

As Mr. Jaggers and Pip stride into the imposing chamber of the chief justice, we see a disturbing sight: the chief justice’s body hanging lifelessly from the ceiling. Mr. Jaggers looks around for documents that he needs the Chief Justice’s signature to help his clients. However, with the man dead, he resorts to forging his signature. He asks Pip to act as a witness to the signing, who understands the legal risks involved here. However, Mr. Jaggers manages to manipulate him into signing the document anyway.

Later as the two men approach the chamber, a group of poor men surrounds Mr. Jaggers and Pip, pleading for help. Pip sympathizes with the underprivileged and appeals to Mr. Jaggers to give them money from the amount he signed for him. However, Mr. Jaggers is heartless and immediately begins cutting up the check he had given to Pip. He then explains that in the world, things work differently.

Mr. Wemmick takes it upon himself to ensure that Pip settles into his new living quarters. As they explore the place together, Pip receives some shocking news: Estella, the woman he ‘loved,’ is set to marry a wealthy man who made his fortune selling nutmeg. This realization hits Pip hard, but he tries to push his feelings aside as he enters his new home.

Unfortunately, Pip’s first impression of the place is not good. The quarter is filthy and infested with worms. However, Pip receives a warm welcome from Herbert, the boy he once fought with over Estella. Herbert has prepared breakfast for him and even saved the best bed for his new friend.

Despite Herbert’s kindness, Pip can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the sudden changes in his life. He’s gone from living in a safe house with Biddy and Joe to navigating the treacherous waters of high society, where people constantly shift and change to suit their desires. As Pip retires to his room, he breaks down in tears when he reads a note from Estella.

On the other hand, we see Compeyson traveling with two men when suddenly a masked man appears and demands them to stop. However, Compeyson quickly recognizes the voice and realizes that the man behind the mask is none other than Magwitch.

When Magwitch reveals himself to Compeyson, he clarifies that he’s there for one reason: vengeance. The two engage in a fierce battle, with Magwitch quickly gaining the upper hand. However, just when we think Magwitch will lose to his enemy, one of the other passengers on the carriage takes matters into their own hands and shoots at Magwitch. The gunshot startles Magwitch, causing him to flee from the scene. As Compeyson catches his breath, he realizes how close he came to losing his life, this time at his enemy’s hands.

What does Pip’s letter reveal to Estella?

In the next scene, Biddy is seen reading a letter sent by Pip. He describes London as bigger, wilder, madder, and more beautiful than either of them had ever imagined it to be. Joe and Sarah also receive a letter from Pip, in which the boy tells them about his work in the counting houses of London, where Mr. Jaggers has put him to work. On the other hand, Estella reads the letters that Pip had sent to both her and Miss Havisham, which describe the various tasks he has been working on in London.

As she reads through Pip’s letter, Estella discovers that Pip knows about her marriage to a wealthy man. Unfortunately, to her surprise, she was unaware of it as Miss Havisham only mentioned it to her during the letter reading as she was expecting to get things confirmed. This deeply wounds Estella, and she raises her voice to Miss. Havisham- who is very clear with her agenda about Estella and her marriage.

Who is the man Estella is set to marry?

In the following scene, we see Mr. Jaggers discussing the possibility of loaning Pip to Drummle. After Pip arrives, the three men discuss Pip’s recent trip to the ships and the information he learned from the captain.

However, as Pip looks at Drummle, he suddenly realizes that the man in front of him is the man Estella is planning to marry. This realization shocks and unsettles him, making him wonder how much more his life will change as he gets deeper into the world of high society and its complicated web of relationships and coalitions.

As the meeting ends, Pip is left reeling from the revelation that Mr. Jaggers had deliberately arranged for him to meet Drummle, knowing full well that he is set to marry Estella. It leaves Pip in disbelief and confusion, and he questions Mr. Jaggers’ intentions and motivations.

Why is Mr. Jaggers playing such complicated and manipulative political games, and what is his end goal?

Great Expectations Episode 3 Ending Explained:

After the shocking revelation that Drummle is set to marry Estella, Mr. Jaggers takes Pip to a bar to celebrate their new business venture in Drummle’s marine insurance business. Over drinks, Mr. Jaggers explains the world’s harsh realities and how to become a successful gentleman. One must start by becoming a rat, then a snake, and finally an eagle that preys on anyone who stands in their way.

Pip is left feeling conflicted and uneasy as he grapples with the dark side of ambition and success. He begins to see the corrupting influence of wealth and power and the sacrifices that must be made to achieve them. Mr. Jaggers’ words linger in his mind as he starts questioning the price of his dreams and aspirations.

Mr. Jaggers elaborates that if Pip agrees to the partnership, it would not only be advantageous to both of them, but it would also provide an opportunity to freeing Estella from marrying Drummle. Pip is overwhelmed by Mr. Jaggers’ strategies and excuses himself to go home to think. Upon returning to his quarters, Herbert shows him a letter from Miss Havisham stating that Estella is coming to London.

The ending of episode 3 of Great Expectations leaves us with the question of which of these men Estella is coming to London to marry. Is it Pip, Drummle, or Herbert?

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