Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Covenant’ is one of the director’s most well-received movies in years. Starring Jake Gyllenhall and Dar Salim, the movie, which was theatrically released in the US on April 21st, 2023; is leading the charts for the most-watched home video title in May. The following articles doesn’t deep dive into the film’s narrative turns and real-life inspiration (you can head here for that) but will be more about the technical aspects of the film. 

What is the movie about? 

The story revolves around John Kinley (Jake Gyllenhall), a former U.S. Army special operations sergeant and a veteran of the Afghanistan War, bearing the emotional and physical scars of his past. Haunted by memories of his time on the battlefield, John finds himself caught in a web of danger and redemption when news reaches him that the interpreter who once saved his life from the clutches of the ruthless Taliban is now in grave peril. 

Driven by loyalty and an unwavering sense of duty, John embarks on a mission back to the war-torn country he once fought in, fueled by a singular purpose: to rescue the person who had risked everything to safeguard his life.

As John delves deeper into the treacherous Afghan landscape, he faces a host of challenges that push his skills and resilience to the limit. His journey is fraught with cunning adversaries, shifting loyalties, and intricate layers of deception, all of which add to the gripping suspense and unpredictability of the plot. Along the way, John’s unwavering determination is tested as he confronts his inner demons and the harsh realities of war-torn Afghanistan. 

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Where was Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Covenant’ shot?: Filming Locations 

In what could be a surprising creative choice by the production team, the rugged landscapes of Afghanistan are ingeniously recreated in the stunning locales of Spain. Ritchie chose to set up camp in Alicante and Zaragoza, two picturesque cities that provided the perfect backdrop for the grim nature of the film. 

Principal photography for “The Covenant” commenced in January 2022, and over the course of two intense months, the crew did their best to craft a meticulous immersive experience. 

The municipality of Alicante, Spain, became a crucial hub for filming, with various locations chosen for their resemblance to Afghan settings. Notably, the municipality of Sax in the Alto Vinalopó comarca and Vinalopó Mitjà played pivotal roles as shooting spots, providing the rugged and arid landscapes reminiscent of war-torn regions.

In addition to Sax, the picturesque coastal town of Villajoyosa, also known as La Vila Joiosa, became an integral part of “The Covenant.” The crew capitalized on the town’s captivating charm and utilized its surroundings to create compelling visuals. The Amadorio swamp and the Amadorio reservoir dam, both located in Villajoyosa, added a unique layer of authenticity and depth to the film’s narrative. 

During the later stages of production, the crew headed to Zaragoza, the capital city of the eponymous province in Spain. Situated alongside the picturesque Ebro River and its tributaries, Zaragoza is where most of the film’s pivotal scenes are filmed. 

The production team strategically chose to film most of the action sequences in and around the Zaragoza Air Base, located on Carr. del Aeropuerto, s/n, in Zaragoza. Look out for the iconic Zaragoza City Hall, the majestic Cathedral of San Salvador, the historic Aljafería Palace, and the enchanting San Pablo Church, all of which make appearances in The Covenant. 

Why is the film titled ‘Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant’? 

Originally named “The Interpreter,” during the initial stages of production, the action film underwent a title change in December 2022. Guy Ritchie revealed that the film will now be called The Covenant, which was officially changed to ‘Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant’ in order to distinguish it from the 2006 film of the same name. 

Is ‘Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Covenant’ available to stream on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime Video? 

Currently, Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant is unavailable to stream on any of these platforms. However, after the  $8.5 billion acquisition of MGM by Amazon Studios, we can assume that it will eventually lead to Prime Video. Since there has been no update about the same, it’s hard to say when it will be available to stream for Prime Video subscribers. 

For those of you who want to watch the movie from the comfort of your homes, it is now available to Rent/Buy on various VOD services like Amazon, iTunes, VUDU, etc. 

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