Haunted Harmony Mysteries: Murder in G Major is unlike most Hallmark thrillers as it delves into a heartwarming mystery. This movie can easily captivate the audience due to the chemistry between Risteard Cooper as Eamon McCarthy and the lead protagonist Tamera Mowry-Housley as Gethsemane Brown, which stands out in a beautiful way throughout. The film has elements of a thriller, but it primarily explores gentle human emotions in a small town.

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Haunted Harmony Mysteries: Murder in G Major (2023) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

The film starts with Gethsemane Brown traveling to a new place for her new job in Ireland. She is accompanied by Billy, who is responsible for Brown’s accommodation and hospitality. Brown has been called for the music teacher position at an Irish High School where the students have not been able to win anything in this particular domain. Brown carries a reputation as a wonderful violin player, and she finds this opportunity very exciting.

Billy welcomes her into the house, where Brown finds out that the house belongs to Billy’s uncle, Eamon McCarthy. Coincidentally, Brown has been listening to Eamon’s music, who was a great pianist in his time, and she even deeply influenced him in her music. She also learns about Orla O’Dell, a great lyricist of her time, who was also very close to Eamon.

However, Eamon and Orla both died on the same day, and the papers suggest that Eamon is responsible for Orla’s death. However, Billy tells Brown that this is not the truth. He also tells her that people in the town sometimes hear Eamon play his piano. Brown gets an eerie vibe but is too wrapped up in experiencing her new role as a music teacher.

Why can Eamon not leave the Town?

Eamon is a ghost who is happy and sad at the same time. Right after his death, he is unable to leave the town as he is still looking for answers to questions like who killed Orla? Also, who killed him in the first place? All he can remember is drinking from a glass that contained poison. But, who? That is the question that Eamon is still looking to find out.

Right after Brown enters the scene, Eamon senses that she can be very helpful in this matter. He confronts Brown, and luckily, Brown is the only person in the whole town who can see the ghost, Eamon. Another reason for Eamon to come in contact with Brown is that he learns Brown can play his music exactly the way it should be played on a piano. He admires Brown’s skillset in crafting music, and together, they start a new friendship.

Why does Brown agree to help Eamon?

At the beginning, Brown fears Eamon and runs away from him. She meets with Dr. Elizabeth, who used to be a local singer at a young age. Brown tells Elizabeth that her father used to have visions of non-existent things, and since she has recently moved to a new place, maybe the stress is causing her the same problem, too. Elizabeth tells her to rest for a while, and soon she will be cured.

Later, Eamon explains to her that on the night of Orla’s murder, he had an event where he needed to play the piano. Orla was supposed to be there at the event, but she was unable to reach there. So, when the event was over, Eamon took a different route rather than the regular one as there was a storm that night. A tree blocked the regular route.

The different route is longer, and there is no chance that Eamon could reach home and kill Orla at the exact time that is mentioned in the papers. When Eamon reached home, Orla was not even there. He could only find a note from Orla and a glass filled with whiskey. He drank that whiskey, and now he exists without even existing. Brown cross-checks this and understands that Eamon is telling the truth.

She also understands that his ghost cannot escape the town until Eamon meets with Orla one final time. This feels bad to Brown, and she decides to help him no matter what. Brown has already become a crush of two gentlemen. One is Inspector O’Riley, and the other is her colleague, the sports teacher Griff. Since she is already well-protected in the town, she starts questioning around about the events of the night when Eamon and Orla died.

A still from Haunted Harmony Mysteries- Murder in G Major (2023).
A still from Haunted Harmony Mysteries- Murder in G Major (2023).

Why is there more than one Suspect?

We meet with three suspects who may have had the possibility of involvement in the events that took place on the night Eamon and Orla died. Among them, the most interesting was Deirdre. She opened a website for Orla as a fan community and was blocked from it. The reason is that she forged Orla’s signature because she desperately needed money.

The second person was Deirdre’s uncle, police officer Declan. One day, when Brown asks Inspector O’Riley to look into the Eamon case again, O’Riley asks Declan for the file. Eamon follows Declan as no one except Brown can see him; he sees that he is tampering with the files and tells O’Riley that the files are missing.

The third suspect is Billy’s childhood friend Seamus. He has a history of burglary, and even when Brown saw him earlier, he was looking into the house through the window. He does local delivery and is definitely not a sober person by all means. His actions point toward suspicion. Brown even suspects Billy, but Eamon tells her that Billy will never kill Orla.

What exactly happened that night?

As people start noticing that Brown is asking around about the events of the night, things start to fall apart. Deirdre calls Brown, saying that someone is trying to break into her house. Before Brown can do anything, the person kills Deirdre and disappears. Right after that, Brown learns that Declan is Deirdre’s uncle, and she warns Inspector O’Riley about him.

O’Riley confronts Declan and admits that he has gotten rid of the case files to save Deirdre from the mess. That night, when Declan finds Orla’s body, he sees a strangle mark on her throat. That mark points out to a belt that Deirdre owns. So, to save her from trouble, Declan gets rid of the evidence that can lead to his niece.

However, right before her death, Deirdre confirms that Orla has given her the belt as a gift. But she thought she didn’t deserve such a wonderful gift and returned it to Orla. There, she saw Orla talking to someone inside the house. However, before exposing the name, she was attacked by the intruder and died.

Brown finds out that someone has entered her house, and Eamon suspects it must be Seamus. She also finds a gold coin hidden in a secret closet. Eamon tells her their ancestors must have put them there for security. Seamus later confesses to O’Riley that Billy helped him enter the house that night to steal the gold coins. However, they have nothing to do with the murder. Soon, we find out it is Elizabeth who is always in love with Eamon. Now, let’s look into what exactly happened that night.

Right before the events of that night, Eamon proposes to Orla, but she declines. She later decides to marry Eamon. Before going to Eamon’s event that night, Elizabeth comes to the house to accompany her. Orla shows Elizabeth the ring, and Elizabeth finds envy in seeing the happiness that rests on Orla’s face.

At that time, two things simultaneously take place. Seamus enters the house with the help of Billy, and Deirdre comes to return the belt. Elizabeth mixes poison into her drink when Orla is busy talking to Deirdre at the door. Orla drinks a little, which is sufficient for her to be unconscious. Elizabeth then throws her off the cliff. Later that night, Eamon comes home, finds a note from Orla, and drinks the rest of the whiskey from Orla’s glass, which also results in his death.

Haunted Harmony Mysteries: Murder in G Major (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

Does Eamon finally meet with Orla?

Knowing that Brown is very close to the truth, Elizabeth confronts her with a gun. Brown calls up O’Riley; meanwhile, Eamon plays his trick as a ghost. He starts playing the piano to give Brown time to think about how to get out of the situation. Elizabeth sits beside Eamon without knowing his existence. She cries and regrets the decisions she made. All she ever wanted was for Eamon to love her.

But Eamon, on the other hand, is completely devoted to Orla. He never sees Elizabeth in the way she sees him. He doesn’t even have a clue whatsoever. If Elizabeth had told him how she felt about him, things would have been different. No one needs to die, and things would have gone normally. But luck has something else planned for this love triangle.

O’Riley comes to the house and arrests Elizabeth. The following day, Eamon is finally able to see Orla once again. Orla finally wears the wedding ring that Eamon brings for her. Together, they walk the path of eternity. Eamon once promised Brown that he would convey her message to her father in the afterlife.

When Brown’s students finally win the prize in music, Eamon once again visits her. He tells her that he and her father have seen the music, and Brown’s father is very proud of her. Eamon, too, is very proud as he has been a father to her throughout the journey. Unbeknownst to her, Brown has a ghost to fill the void of her dead father.

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