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Barry (Season 4) Episode 7: With every new coming episode, Bill Hader is taking big swings in terms of the creative direction of ‘Barry.’ In the recent few episodes, we started seeing an older version of Barry. He was trying to find the semblance of a normal family. He, Sally, and their son – John Jr, were living in a façade of a good Christian family until they learn about the movie plan about him and Gene.

As a result, the ex-marine decides to kill his acting teacher. But by the time Barry reaches Gene’s house in L.A. to do so, Jim Moss gets hold of him. On the other hand, Sally starts getting increasingly paranoid about their future.

The latest episode shows Gene getting an offer about the movie that he can’t refuse. Sally comes to L.A., hoping to sort out the issue. Hank tries to get revenge against Fuches for implying he killed Cristobal.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Barry (Season 4) Episode 7 Recap:

“A Nice Meal”

The previous episode ended with Barry (Bill Hader) right at Gene’s (Henry Winkler) front door, getting snatched away by Jim Moss (Robert Wisdom). While being held captive by Jim, Barry zones out – looking through a VR that Moss probably gave to torture the killer. He gasps and whimpers while imagining his life at the end of the road. He also recites his religious teachings, which Jim finds odd – considering his bloody past.

When did Barry offer $250,000 to Gene?

With the flashes of several instances, Barry reveals himself to Jim. He keeps expressing his love for John Jr. Suddenly, he finds himself at a dinner table adjacent to Gene’s. Barry apologizes to his former acting teacher. He shares how he tried to give $250,000 to Gene. This was back when he saved Cristobal and earned it by returning him to Hank. He showed up at Gene’s doorstep to fix things (correct his mistakes), only to be met with the brute police force.

On the other hand, Gene stays true to his words. He shares his views in an article for why the Warner Bros studio should not be allowed to exploit his ex, Janice’s death. He tells how he does not want to ‘rationalize a tragedy to elevate a murderer.’ He is resolute in trying to protect Janice’s memory. Tom Posorro (Fred Melamed) reads the comments and, only then, decides to join his friend on this honorable path.

What does Matt Iserson offer Gene?

Gene soon receives a call from Matt Iserson, an agent at UTA. He thinks Matt wants to help him get rid of the published article. Matt, however, shares a piece of enticing news. He states that Daniel Day-Lewis has agreed to play Gene’s role in the movie. The revered actor plans to get out of his retirement to play this part. Gene finds that offer impossible to refuse. So, he accepts to meet Matt at an under-the-radar place.

Why does Sally call Gene? Why does Sally come to L.A.?

Right after Matt’s call, Gene receives Sally’s (Sarah Goldberg). They both get shocked, knowing that the other person is alive. She calls from L.A. and asks Gene to pick her and her son up from the airport. Gene refuses due to the meeting and does not consider it feasible to postpone. However, he pities her and, perhaps, still holds a soft spot for what she had been through. So he tells her to go to his apartment and promises to meet right after his meeting.

Who agrees to play Barry Berkman in the movie?

Gene goes to meet Matt and sits on a bench with an open umbrella in his hand. Matt stands at a distance and shares how interested Daniel is in playing Gene’s complex character. However, he alone won’t make the studios give a green signal to the project. As a result, he found another star to get on board – Mark Wahlberg, to play Berkman.

What does Gene think of Walhberg playing Barry Berkman?

Gene sheds his mask of discrepancy the moment he hears that. He is clearly into this casting choice. But there’s one problem – Wahlberg does not want to play a villain. He is ready only if Barry is shown as a sympathizable soul. Considering the enormity of this plan, Gene steps in to convince how Barry is not that bad of a person.

He shares how Barry did everything so that Gene would accept him. He speaks about Barry finding a father figure in him. He also agrees to meet Walhberg in person to convince him to do the project.

Why does Hank want to get revenge on Fuches?

NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan) stays lost in thought about Cristobal while looking at his statue. As if his partner’s death wasn’t enough, the overbearing guilt keeps him in that zone for longer. Did he really kill Cristobal? Because of Fuches’ (Stephen Root) insinuation during their dinner, he can’t help contemplating that.

A still from Barry Season 4, Episode 7

Now Hank is determined to get rid of Fuches. He gets four musclemen on board to kill The Raven by the end of the day. He also wants Fuches to know that he ordered this hit. However, he soon finds the heads of these four hired hitmen sent in gift boxes lying on his table. While the blood drips from the bottom of these boxes, he opens them individually to look inside. Since Fuches has done a number on his men, he decides to take care of the matter by himself.

Hank arrives on a cliff next to Fuches’ house to demolish it from a distance. The rocket does not hit the house but ends up getting him to notice the attempt to attack. Hank tries to drive away with his associate. Fuches calls Hank to ask why he is shooting rockets. By the time Hank could answer, his car gets heavily ambushed by Fuches’ crew.

Back in Fuches’ place, he explains these gruesome murders to his new partner (the Starbucks barista) and her daughter – as if it’s a completely normal thing. He repeats some poetic justifications that fall flat. His crew offers to nullify the gory impact of future killings on them. They all pitch ideas to how the two women would not need to witness the bloodshed.

Barry (Season 4) Episode 7 Ending, Explained:

Does Sally get to meet Gene?

Barry finds himself alone in Jim’s apartment. He takes off the cufflinks and walks out of the kitchen. He notices chatter on the television about a basketball league match. Hank’s associate finds him in a house with the sign of damage being clear. He goes in the ‘Give Fuches whatever he wants’ phase, i.e., he wants to get hold of Barry. To do that, he decides to head straight to the acting teacher’s house.

Sally reaches Gene’s house around the same time. John Jr asks what they will do if Gene does not resolve the issues. ‘We’ll keep doing what we have been doing,’ she says. It makes her phase out – thinking if there will never be a way out for them.

Sally notices a police car and impulsively decides to repent. She walks up to the officer and asks to turn herself in. The man takes off his glasses, and blood drips from his right eye. That takes her aback. Right after, Hank’s men reach up to her, and the police car drives away.

What happens to Sally and John Jr in the end?

Hank holds Sally and her son hostage. He calls Barry from Sally’s phone. Barry picks up, thinking it’s Sally. Only this time, Hank begins the conversation and makes Barry listen to Sally’s voice. Hank asks Barry to come quickly in case he wants to see his family.

Does Gene meet Mark Wahlberg?

Meanwhile, Gene reaches Matt’s room in Four Seasons, excited to meet and speak with Mark Wahlberg. Instead, he gets to meet Jim, DA Buckner, and Leo, along with a police officer. Turns out, Matt was a paid actor (also Gene’s pupil in the past) who did a remarkable job of bringing Gene to the lion’s den. The officers accuse Gene of leading Barry for the murders and getting the drug money in exchange.

Why does Jim think Gene is the mastermind behind Barry?

Jim learns from Barry that he gave $250,000 to Gene before getting arrested. That’s why he meets the authorities and concocts a plan to bring Gene to the hotel room. Besides the money, Gene’s sudden sympathy for Barry makes Gene and the DA consider another theory. They believe Gene ordered Barry to kill Janice. That ‘drug money’ made them suspect the acting teacher had more to do with the murder. Why else would he have that money otherwise?

Why was blood dripping from the officer’s eye?

The dripping blood, in my opinion, is a surreal way for the writers to show the omnipresent fear in Sally’s mind. She thinks of the consequence of revealing the truth. Maybe his request to turn herself in was also in her head since the officer kept asking her what she wanted from him. The entire situation unfolds through her paranoid mind.

Through more than one instance, the writing is trying to show the characters beyond the grey shades of their personalities. After all, Gene does give in to the offer of Wahlberg and Day-Lewis getting on board for his acting project. Barry also keeps justifying his actions despite all that happened afterward.

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