My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: This episode tried to solve the mystery a little bit, only to find a shocking twist at the end. In this episode, we saw Yoon Young and Hae Joon’s teamwork and chemistry. The last 15 minutes of the episode are action-filled and will keep you on edge, building your curiosity. This article contains spoilers.

My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 7 Recap:

“An Overlapped Path”

The episode begins with Hae Joon taking Yoon Young to the house and realizing that he was looking at the murder case all wrong, while Yoon Young sees the images of the suspect on his board. He is frustrated that he has no information about Yu Seop and asks Hae Joon what kind of a person her uncle is. Disappointed, Yoon Young tells him she thought she knew him, but after seeing him at the record store, Yoon Young felt like she did not know him anymore. She recalls when her uncle destroyed her books, and her father took his side. All of this information confuses Yoon Young about Yu Seop’s character. Hae Joon suggests that they should get to know Yu Seop now.

Soon, Hae Joon visits Hee Seop’s house at night only to catch Hee Seop hiding something. Hae Joon blackmails him into answering his questions. Moreover, Hae Joon asks Hee Seop whose cap he was wearing, and he says that he borrowed it from his brother Yu Seop. The next question he asks startles Hee Seop. Hae Joon asks him about the night of the murder and makes him change his direction to walk by the Inn, and Hee Seop caves in and tells him that his brother Yu Seop asked him to check if the light was in Ju Young’s room. Yoon Young is listening to this conversation from afar.

On their walk home, Yoon Young tries to solve the puzzle by declaring Yu Seop the murderer. Hae Joon tells her that if he is the murderer, they will see him the next day as he tries to murder the second victim and asks her if she can handle it. He tells her it’s natural not to be okay as he is family. Listening to this, Yoon Young walks away. At the gate to their house Yoon Young loudly tells Hae Joon that all she cares about is saving her mother and him.

In response, Hae Joon opens the gate and asks her to enter the house so the entire neighborhood does not become aware of their truth. Yoon Young tells Hae Joon she will share everything about Yu Seop with him going forward. Hae Joon asks her once again if she can handle things as she has no idea what will happen. Yoon Young responds by saying that she is ready for anything. She will face the truth no matter who does what, as that’s the only way to protect her mother.

 Hee Seop in the hospital throws his blue cap in the trash can. Mi Sook picks it up and hides the cap from her mother while lying that she dropped in to give her a change of clothes. Yoon Young asks Hae Joon what her next course of action should be. He tells her to find out who the next victim is. She is shocked that the next victim is her aunt Lee Kyung Ae (Hong Na Hyun). Yoon Young tells Hae Joon that she was told that her aunt had died young because she was weak and had no idea about the murder.

Yoon Young asks Hae Joon if he has been hiding anything else from her. To which Hae Joon says that he has shared everything with her. Yoon Young asks him what he has planned to save Kyung Ae, and he asks her if she thought their living across from Kyung Ae was a coincidence, making Yoon Young realize Hae Joon had everything planned. Hae Joon says that the day of Kyung Ae’s murder is the most difficult and trickiest day of all as she is extraordinary.

The next morning Soon Ae is busy with her mock tests in her room while Kyung Ae finds her father’s hidden money and dances saying she needs to save a little more money. Hae Joon and Yoon Young watch her from their house. Hae Joon explains that she should not try to understand Kyung Ae logically because she is wild. Yoon Young now understood why Hae Joon lived across Kyung Ae as she was unpredictable.

Yoon Young sees the police files and realizes they are unreliable as they have missed many details. She finds out that the last place she was seen before the murder was in Bong Bong Teahouse at 9 pm that night. In fact, it was the same path that Ju Young had taken. Hae Joon tells her that Kyung Ae must have run into the culprit while leaving the teahouse. Yoon Young reassures Hae Joon that they will be waiting at the teahouse and will surely catch the culprit. Yoon Young suddenly realizes that she needs to attend school as well. Hae Joon calls the principal and fakes Yoon Young’s fever; the principal advises them to go to the hospital and hangs up the phone. Dong Sik is at the principal’s office and offers to check on them at the hospital later.

Dong Sik and the principal discuss each other’s kids at the principal’s office. The principal advises him to enjoy these moments because once the kids grow older, they start to walk away and move on in life. At Soon Ae’s house Kyung Ae promises to buy presents for her family once she wins the Miss Korea title. The family is against her talking about the competition, and Kyung Ae is angry because nobody believes in her. As Kyung Ae’s mother is yelling at her, reminding her about how broke their family is, Soon Ae asks if she can have a math tutor.

She explains that she had saved some money but just needed a little help, but her family is quiet. When Soon Ae leaves, her father rushes to her and promises to get her a tutor once they make extra money. At the same time, her brother is asking their mother for money for books, and she gives him money while Soon Ae watches them in hiding.

As Kyung Ae leaves the house, Yoon Young and Hae Joon follow her while discussing not getting caught or leaving her from their sight, even for a moment. Yoon Young tells Hae Joon that she works in a hair salon and they should just go there. But Hae Joon informs her that according to the reports, Kyung Ae took an absence from work without notice, and nobody knows where she had been. Hence, the only way they can find out is if they follow her.

A still from My Perfect Stranger AKA Run Into You, Season 1, Episode 7.
A still from My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You, Season 1, Episode 7.

Soon Ae and Kyung Ae are conversing while Yoon Young and Hae Joon watch. Kyung Ae reveals to Soon Ae that her father does not intend to send her to college. He just wants her and Soon Ae to marry someone rich at a young age and live in luxury while he sends their brother to study further. She also accuses Soon Ae of looking down on her. Soon Ae gives Kyung Ae a book and tells her to use it to make a good living for herself. Furthermore, she informs her that she does not intend to live a life her father chooses for her. She also tells her that she never looks down on her. As Kyung Ae opens the book, she finds money in it. Yoon Young is upset listening to this conversation.

As they watch Kyung Ae talk using a pay phone. Yoon Young tells Hae Joon that for the first time, she resents her grandfather, as going to college was her mother’s lifelong dream. A van appears in front of the payphone, and Kyung Ae hands money to a man who claims to help young girls win Miss Korea competitions for $500. Hae Joon recalls his first day in 1987 and informs Yoon Young that he had noticed these scammers before. Subsequently, he realizes that Kyung Ae gets scammed that day.

Kyung Ae changes her mind thinking about Soon Ae’s education and tries to get her money back, but that man pushes her to the ground. Yoon Young is getting restless and wants to stop the scammer and save Kyung Ae, but Hae stops her. The scammer takes off with her money. However, Yoon Young comes in front of the van, making them stop.

While Kyung Ae and Yoon Young fight one scammer, Hae Joon fights one scammer, and Yu Seop comes to the rescue fighting the other. Between the fight, Hae Joon realizes the man in a blue cap who was eavesdropping on Ju Young and his conversation had the same body movements as Yu Seop’s.

At school, Hee Seop and Bum Ryung are being playful. Hee Seop comes clean to Bum Ryung that his crush is Soon Ae. As they were messing around with each other, Bum Ryung jokingly asked if he should let Hee Seop have Soon Ae taking Hee Seop by surprise.

Yu Seop checks on Hae Joon to see if he is doing fine after the fight. But both Hae Joon and Yoon Young are startled to see him so soon around Kyung Ae. Hae Joon is confused about the reasons for their encounter with Yu Seop. As Hae Joon thanks Yu Seop, he tells them he was just passing by and saw the scammers. Someone had called the police. Hearing this, Yu Seop’s expression gets tense. As Dong Sik arrives at the scene, Hae Joon explains what had happened. In this chaos, Yu Seop and Kyung Ae escaped from their sight. Hae Joon and Yoon Young go looking for them but to no avail.

A flashback to the time they were strategizing the plan to catch the culprit reveals that they did devise a plan when things did not go as expected. Yoon Young questions Hae Joon as to why he would take the trouble to save every victim as saving them won’t guarantee his safety, and there had to be an easier way. He responds by saying that the ground was too cold in 2022 during his death. Hae Joon explains that everyone dies, but his death is awful. His cold, brutal death made him realize how the other victims must have felt, so he decided to save them all.

Currently, both Hae Joon and Yoon Young plan to go different ways to find Yu Seop and Kyung Ae. Hae Joon had told her he did not want to find a dead body because if he did, it would be too late to save himself. As they meet in front of the general store, Yoon Young asks him if it is too late. He says it wasn’t, as they didn’t see any traces of a dead body. As they converse, Yoon Young asks Hae Joon the time. He says that it is 9:10 pm. Yoon Young tells Hae Joon that they need to go to the Bong Bong teahouse. As they reach the teahouse, they see Kyung Ae singing.

They walk further inside and see Min Soo sitting. Yoon Young quickly drags Hae Joon away to a corner seat so as not to be spotted by anyone. It was revealed to Yoon Young that Min Soo was the one who served time in jail for the murders, as Mi Sook came as a witness saying she saw him murder the victims. Hae Joon also tells her that one of the siblings was lying, and that night, they would get to find out who. Yoon Young leaves to meet Soon Ae while asking Hae Joon to take good care of Kyung Ae and later informs her about who was lying.

As Yoon Young follows Soon Ae, Hae Joon follows Kyung Ae and Min Soo. Yoon Young realizes that Bum Ryung brings Soon Ae to an ally next to the Inn Ju Young last stayed in. Min Soo follows Kyung Ae. Bum Ryung tries to force Soon Ae into sleeping with him by dragging her inside the Inn. But Yoon Young hits his head to save Soon Ae. Min Soo is seen asking Kyung Ae for another round of drinks. However, Kyung Ae tells him that she has no interest in hanging out with a piece of trash like him. He responds by squeezing her neck, trying to kill her.

Bum Ryung tells Yoon Young that she hit him first and was about to attack them, and Hee Seop then hits him and checks on Soon Ae and Yoon Young. He hits Bum Ryung and tells him he is no longer his friend. In self-defense, Kyung Ae pushes Min Soo, making him fall from the bridge and break his bones. Kyung Ae worries that he would have died, but Hae Joon assures her that he will be fine. He walks her home and tells her to be careful for several days.

Kyung Ae whines to Hae Joon that she wouldn’t know how to face her parents and her sister as she already didn’t know how to do anything. She is a victim of a scam that day. Hae Joon tells her that Miss Korea was a little farfetched dream but consoles her. She thought he was tricking her, but he reminded her that she had lost all the money. She started to cry and said that she would use that to pay for Soon Ae’s tuition. Hae Joon gives her the money and hopes she isn’t tricking him by saying that.

His gesture moves Kyung Ae and asks to give him a peck, and Hae Joon is shocked. Yoon Young comes forward and tells her to go home, and he cannot kiss Hae Joon. Kyung Ae sees Soon Ae and hugs her, and they both start crying.

Kyung Ae and Soon Ae bond while Yoon Young and Hae Joon watch. Yoon Young thanks Hae Joon for helping her family and saving Kyung Ae. Hae Joon tells her that he cannot get a glimpse of the culprit. As they talk, the phone in their house starts to ring.

The episode ends with a call from Bum Ryung informing Yoon Young that Ju Young is dead. Bum Ryung tells Yoon Young that it ended up happening, shocking Hae Joon.

My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 7 Ending, Explained:

The episode’s ending was the most shocking compared to the rest of the series so far. Ju Young death changes the story completely. The words Bum Ryung uses when he calls Yoon Young suggest one of two things: Bum Ryung was Hae Joon’s informant, or Bum Ryung already knew what Hae Joon’s plans and actions were. And his call saying that Ju Young died anyway can be an open threat to Hae Joon. If it is the latter, then this makes Bum Ryung the murderer.

In the previous episode, Min Soo was seen leaving the village for good. But he was back, and his proximity to the murder victims made him still a suspect in the murders. Hee Seop seems to be working alongside Mi Sook, probably not knowing that he is aiding the murders. Yu Seop starts being a lot more suspicious than before. His running away as the police arrive indicates that he is surely hiding something. Therefore, wants to be away from the eyes of the police. It is going to be interesting to see who killed Ju Young.

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