Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (Season 1), Episode 6: In this episode, we see a lot more conclusions and fresh beginnings. We see the story reveal new things as it proceeds. We get to see Gabamaru not be invincible and Sagiri not a character who always needs to be protected. The mysteries of the island still need more lead. This episode is more action-oriented and has some good character arcs.

Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap:

Episode 6: Heart and Reason

The episode begins with Rokurouta recalling his childhood as he attacks Genji. While he was being attacked, Genji was trying to save Sagiri. Sagiri, being concerned for Genji, informs him that he is in desperate need of medical help to which he responds by saying that she needs to run as it is too late for him. Just as Rokurouta plans to attack Sagiri, Gobamaru kicks Rokurouta; Gobamaru confirms with Sagiri that he is a criminal, not a monster, and was assigned to Lord Eizen. Gabamaru analyses his enemy’s power before fighting him.

Gabimaru turned to Yuzuriha; his voice filled with urgency as he requested her aid in battle, urging her to employ her formidable ninjutsu skills by his side. Yuzuriha swiftly reminded him of her primary responsibility: gathering crucial intelligence. With a hint of playful mockery in her cheer, she reaffirmed that Gabimaru’s role was to engage in combat while she would fulfill her duty.

Simultaneously, Gabimaru relentlessly unleashed a series of diverse ninjutsu techniques upon Rokurouta, desperately attempting to land a single blow. Yet, his efforts proved fruitless, to his dismay, leaving Rokurouta seemingly unscathed.

Meanwhile, Sagiri attended to Genji’s grievous wounds, providing him with the necessary care and solace. In his final moments, a profound realization dawned upon Genji, granting him a deep understanding of Sagiri’s true nature. He entrusted his cherished sword to her with profound respect, acknowledging her as a samurai. In a solemn and resolute tone, he urged her not to flee but to wield the sword and defeat Rokurouta, knowing all too well that Eizen had already fallen victim to his relentless onslaught.

As Gabimaru struggled against his formidable opponent, he wished fervently for assistance. Suddenly, Sagiri emerged and skillfully severed Rokurouta’s fingers. She explained that the laws of execution applied even in this risky situation, and they decided to fight side by side.

Together, they devised a plan to split up and attack simultaneously, aiming to defeat Rokurouta with a decisive blow. However, Rokurouta proved to be a daunting enemy, testing the limits of Sagiri’s resolve as she fought against her natural hesitation to strike her sword. Likewise, Gabimaru strained his legs to evade Rokurouta’s relentless onslaught.

Due to his hunger, Rokurouta becomes emotional and lashes out by violently smashing Gabimaru’s face onto the ground, causing him to bleed profusely. Sagiri awakens to her true potential and defends against Rokurouta’s attacks. Meanwhile, Yuzuriha is informed that Sagiri holds the 12th rank among their group but that these rankings are not solely based on skill and that Sagiri’s level has been diminished due to her gender.

Genji realizes that Sagiri is a true warrior when her heart and mind are aligned, and her hesitancy fades away. Gabimaru’s perception of Sagiri is confirmed as a strong woman. Although Sagiri almost beheads Rokurouta, she misses by mere seconds. Gabimaru devises a plan to keep Rokurouta’s head bowed for an extended period.

Gabamaru unleashes his fire Ninjutsu, prompting Yuzuriha to flee with Senta when she realizes his true intention: to eliminate Rokurouta and engulf the entire area in flames. To survive the fire, Rokurouta is forced to bow his head, gasping for air to avoid suffocation. Amid this dire situation, Rokurouta attempts to attack Sagiri, who has resolved to end his life.

However, Gabimaru intervenes, saving Sagiri and acknowledging his inferiority to Rokurouta regarding strength. Seizing their final opportunity, Gabimaru implores Sagiri to behead him. As Sagiri prepares to deliver the fatal blow, Rokurouta’s memories of his insatiable childhood hunger flood his mind. Finally, Sagiri decapitates him, bidding him to rest in peace.

Gabimaru alerts Sagiri to the imminent appearance of monsters due to the chaos caused by their battle, prompting them to retreat swiftly. They observe from a distance as the monsters draw near the burning flames, puzzled by the abnormal behavior exhibited by these creatures. Gabimaru proposes that they track the path from which the monsters emerge, hoping to find answers. As they trace the trail left by the monsters, they stumble upon Senta and Yuzuriha, who are observing a nearby village. They contemplate whether it could be the fabled Shinsenkyo village, rumored to be inhabited by hermits.

The episode concludes with Choubei, having just slain some monsters, casually drinking their blood, remarking to Touma that these creatures’ blood is water in the mountains. Touma and Choubei engage in a conversation about the hermits residing on the island, with Touma enlightening Choubei that these hermits are believed to possess extraordinary abilities, distinguishing them from mere monsters.

As Touma humorously mentions the idea of killing them, he suddenly hears a sound. He instinctively heads toward its source, only to stumble upon a surprising sight—two individuals, completely naked, engaged in a passionate kiss. Both Touma and Choubei find themselves taken aback by this unexpected scene.

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (Season 1), Episode 6 Ending Explained:

The sixth episode concludes with an incredibly peculiar scene. Choubei and Touma find themselves in a mysterious forest, witnessing the intimate embrace of two completely naked individuals. The presence of these individuals raises questions about their significance within the show. Are they also some form of monstrous beings? Notably, during previous encounters, the monsters Choubei and Touma faced attempted to impart moral wisdom, but the brothers responded by mercilessly slaying them. Could this unexpected sighting of the naked couple be the island’s way of retribution, punishing the brothers for their dismissive attitude?

Furthermore, the discovery of the Shinsenkyo village adds another layer of intrigue. What actions will Gabimaru, Sagiri, Yuzuriha, and Senta take in response to this finding? Will they be compelled to confront each other for the elixir? These unresolved questions leave us eagerly anticipating the subsequent developments in the story.

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