True Lies (Season 1 Finale), Episodes 12 & 13: CBS’ True Lies ends its maiden season with a two-part finale. The show was never truly able to catch on to modern-day television standards and remained a derivative and unnecessary, and wholly frivolous remake. It is arguably one of the worst shows on television right now, and we have more information about its season 2 status here. Below we have recapped and explained the entire 80-minute-long finale for True Lies season 1.

True Lies (Season 1 Finale), Episodes 12 & 13 Recap:

Episode 12, Lying Truths

The episode begins as Omega Sector transports an Omega tech data vault to their base. However, their van is intercepted by a helicopter, resulting in the theft of a crucial component of the vault. Meanwhile, at the Tasker residence, Dana expresses her dissatisfaction with Harry and Helen about their frequent absence from home, causing Helen to discuss their job with Harry. Shortly after, they receive a notification for a mission briefing scheduled for the following morning.

Gib briefs the team regarding the van hijacking incident. He informs them that Krypsys has stolen the data, and they can become a potential threat with the information in their hands. Although the computer tower is encrypted, they have contacted hackers to decrypt the information. Gib introduces the team to Max, who was previously involved with Omega on one of their missions. However, the team shows their lack of enthusiasm towards the idea and requests Gib to reconsider it.

Gib reminds them he is the only connection to the underground hackers in D.C., and they start working on the mission. Gib further explains that Max is currently attending high school, and a false prescription has been made, indicating that he is afflicted with mononucleosis. This ruse was orchestrated to allow Max to take a leave from school and participate in the mission.

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Luther and Maria are in the engineering division, and Luther is dissatisfied with Maria bringing Kevlar along with them. They meet Quinn, who introduces them to spectacles with a hidden video recorder and transmitter, and some miniature cameras disguised as watch batteries. Maria mentions Kevlar and says that Luther should spend more time with him.

Why are Harry and Helen shocked to see Max as Dana’s boyfriend?

At their residence, Harry and Helen learn that Dana is dating Max as she tells them her boyfriend is bailing out on her due to mononucleosis. Harry and Helen are taken aback and harbor disapproval upon discovering that Dana is dating Max. They express their concerns about it to Gib at Omega headquarters, who tells them he is already aware of the situation. This prompts Harry and Helen to realize they should have an open and honest dialogue with Dana.

Does Helen succeed in breaking up Dana and Max?

The team reaches Washington, D.C.,  where they set up their base at an abandoned restaurant named Shaking Crawfish. The restaurant is located across from a warehouse where a hacker collective is based. Krypsys have contacted the hacker collective to break into the Omega computer tower. Max’s expertise in dealing with computer crime and spiking drinks scares Helen as she tells Harry that they should try and break off Dana and Max. Helen calls Dana and misinforms her about Max’s disease, which gets Dana to think Max is lying to her.

The mission starts, and Max and Gib meet the hackers with Gib disguised as Gibinator, a hacker. They meet LegND, the head of the collective, not before bugging the warehouse premises with miniature cameras. Max approaches him and shares that he has heard about a client who requires access to government computers. He asks him to recommend Gib for the task, highlighting Gib’s expertise in this area. LegND falls unconscious because of the spiked drink as Harry steals intel from his computer.

Why is Gib seen doing fieldwork?

At their base, the team finds out that Krypsys has been using LegND to get information about Omega operatives. They have intel on the whole team except Gib. LegND has connected Krypsys with a hacker called Eightball, who will assist them in infiltrating the Omega computer system. As they discuss further, Max blames Harry and Helen for convincing Dana to break up with him. He becomes melodramatic and disagrees with cooperating in the mission. On insistence from Gib, in order to save the operation, Helen calls up Dana and asks her to make up with Max.

Luther and Maria take down Eightball as he arrives outside the airport. During the interception, Kevlar is present with them. Subsequently, Luther enquires with Maria about Kevlar and why she keeps bringing him to their missions. She mentions that she has been offered another job and will leave the team soon. As a result, she has brought Kevlar along as her replacement.

Dana makes up with Max on a video call, where he tells her that he has a doctor’s appointment. She takes a screenshot of Max and observes the restaurant’s name. Furthermore, she doubts him and decides to visit the place. Max also makes a truce with Harry and Helen as they continue their mission. Gib receives the meeting invite from LegND for the hacking job, and they prepare for the confrontation.

At the warehouse, LegND briefs Gib about the meeting as Harry and Helen watch them on the planted cameras. Later, a woman representing Krypsys arrives in a helicopter. LegND greets her and introduces her to Gib. Obviously, Gib is wired in with a microphone, and Max helps him talk about his past hacking jobs. As Gib starts the task, the Krypsys head sets up a jammer, and her men kill everyone present there except Gib. Due to the presence of the jammer, Gib loses contact with his team, and his team gets worried.

Just as the team prepares to storm the building, Dana unexpectedly arrives at the base. Harry and Helen meet Dana and disclose their identity as spies to her. Helen explains everything to her as Harry and others enter the warehouse attacking the enemies. Subsequently, a gunfight ensues.

Amidst the chaos of the gunfight, Luther pleads with Maria not to leave the team. The Krypsys head tries to escape with the computer, but Harry intercepts her and destroys the computer. As he is restraining her, she injects him with a sedative and kidnaps him.

True Lies (Season 1 Finale), Episodes 12 & 13: Recap & Ending, Explained
Still from True Lies (Season 1 Finale)

As Luther, Maria, and Gib helplessly watch, the assailant escapes in a helicopter, leaving the scene unresolved. The episode concludes abruptly, leaving viewers with a cliffhanger ending.

Episode 13, Waking Dreams

Why was Krypsys formed?

In the year 1994, in Switzerland, two guards stationed at the entrance of a building greet arriving guests. One of the guards takes a moment to call his daughter and ask if she has finished her homework. During the conversation, she shares that she has recently learned about crypsis, a phenomenon in which creatures camouflage themselves as something else. Unexpectedly, the tranquility is shattered as the building comes under attack. The guard loses his life while his daughter listens helplessly to the horrifying events unfolding in the background.

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Apparently, the head of Krypsys is that little girl from the past. Harry is brought into an unknown location and confined in a space. Gib, along with Helen, Max, and Dana, leave their temporary base in D.C. Dana continues to process the startling revelation that her parents are spies as they journey.

Upon reaching their residence, Gib leaves them and instructs them to meet him at the headquarters, along with Jake. Helen makes the revelation to Jake. Dana recounts the snow globes that Harry gave her after his every “sales trip”  as they pack to leave for Omega HQ.

Everyone at the Omega headquarters is looking hard to find the trace of the helicopter that took Harry. Helen arrives with Dana and Jake. The helicopter is tracked, and Helen and other operatives move out as Dana and Jake join Max.

Why is Harry being brainwashed?

At the unknown location, the Krypsys head tells Harry that an Omega Sector agent had killed her father just for guarding a gate, and she has been working for the last twenty years to bring Omega Sector down. Harry is injected with a serum and subjected to an attempt at brainwashing.

His perception is manipulated to believe that his family has aligned with Krypsys and turned against him. Moreover, he undergoes brainwashing with equipment attached to his head while an individual provides instructions through a microphone. In fact, it is revealed that the serum is a combination of drugs and hypnotic suggestions made to break spies.

Harry is brainwashed, now believing that even his team members have turned against him. The individual handling the process reveals to the Krypsys head that Harry’s vital signs are elevated, and they should halt the procedure to which she declines. Obviously, Gib, Helen, Luther, and Maria find the helicopter abandoned in a parking lot.

While searching the premises, they discover vehicle tracks, identified as those of either an Escalade or a Navigator. Gib sends over the intel to the headquarters. Max, along with Dana and Jake, are also looking for the vehicle, and they identify an Escalade following a mysterious path.

True Lies (Season 1 Finale), Episode 13 Ending, Explained:

They track the vehicle to Nyxis Pharmaceuticals, where Krypsys is operating under disguise. Harry is still being brainwashed inside the lab, and they succeed in breaking beyond his psychological barriers. As Helen, Luther, and Maria break into the building, Harry is freed from restraint and let go.

Is Harry in control of his senses?

The team finds Harry, who unexpectedly starts firing at them. They fail to make him understand they are real and his friends. The Krypsys leave the building setting an alarm to blow it off. As Gib informs Omega headquarters about Harry’s condition, Trilby orders him to kill Harry as he could potentially threaten the organization.

After a few attempts, Helen goes out unarmed toward Harry and tries bringing him back to his senses. As Harry realizes it is reality and the team is like his family, Maria also decides not to leave the group. Subsequently, they all escape from the building as it self-destructs.

At Omega headquarters, Gib informs the team that Harry has recuperated and that with the threat posed by Krypsys, some changes will occur. Helen takes Harry home, where they invite their team for dinner. As the episode ends, the Krypsys head is outside their residence and instructs somebody over the phone to begin phase three.

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