B-movie can have a cheap thrill of their own. Typically, films that take place in the nighttime allow for the passage of powerful action sequences carefully balanced with low-key comedic moments. In the same acc0rd, High Heat serves as a great one-time watch. With a substandard plot, it fits the bill for quick-to-serve consumption meant for the streaming platform.

With good laughs between the action sequences and intentionally pointing out that men are stupid and the woman always has to use her brain to resolve critical matters, the film begins with an entertaining tone. However, as it proceeds, it feels like it drains itself out of energy.

Directed by Zach Golden (The Escape of Prisoner 614) and written by James Pedersen, High Heat stars Quantum of Solace fame Olga Kurylenko and Don Johnson (Knives Out). The film centers on the life of an ex-KGB assassin and her husband as their life turns upside down when the local goons try to burn down their new restaurant. Trained in killing people, Ana makes sure nobody messes with her new life and dreams – taking the matter into her hand by swiftly handling the business in the darndest way possible.

In this article, I explain in detail what takes place throughout the film, with an added explanation of the movie’s ending. Spoiler Alert, please read at your discretion.

High Heat (2022) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

High Heat takes us to the busy kitchen of a restaurant and introduces us to the protagonist, Ana (played by Olga Kurylenko), and her husband, Ray (Don Johnson.) The husband and wife co-own the Etoile Rouge – a French restaurant where Ana is a chef, and Ray takes care of everything outside the kitchen.

It is the opening night, and everything is going according to their books. While Ana seems anxious to make everything perfect, Ray, on the other hand, got the first review of his wife’s hard work printed and framed for her. She is not too happy with his gesture and ignores it as she returns to handling her business inside the kitchen.

When the night ends with a successful opening, Ray notices familiar faces from his past. Sweats bead in as he approaches them with a big smile, hoping not to ruin the big night. However, Mickey (Ivan Martin) and his foremen have other plans, as their boss, Dom, has sent them to bring Ray to him.

Soon we get to know that Ray had taken a loan from his old friend, Dom (Diamond Dallas Page), and is now in massive debt. On the other hand, Ana receives a call in the kitchen from a Russian woman that worries her as if she knows who is on the other line. Things turn intense when Ray refuses to accompany Mickey in order to meet Dom. Mickey then threatens to burn the restaurant down if Ray doesn’t oblige.

After the restaurant owners call it a night, Mickey gives Ray time to reevaluate his options, and in the meantime, he leaves a message to Dom, who happens to be his father. Later, Ana gives a speech about having a splendid first night and shares with her friend (also a waitress) that, finally, having her place brings her joy even though the environment is very stressful.

High Heat (2022) Movie Ending Explained (2)

When everyone leaves the station, Ana finds Ray gambling with her staff and excuses them to go. She wants to be left alone in the kitchen to work on her new recipe, ‘Demiglace,’ for the next day. Ray kisses Ana goodbye and leaves with Eliza, who congratulates the chef for everything as the cash till looks promising for the night.

While walking towards their car, Mickey and his men stop Ray. When he resists, one of the men shoots Eliza in the head before she can understand the ordeal. Mickey sends his men to burn the restaurant as he keeps Ray hostage.

While listening to french music and preparing her signature dish, Ana senses that she is not alone in the kitchen. She quickly hides and notices two men bringing gasoline cans inside, splashing them everywhere to burn the place. It makes her angry, and before we know it, she kicks their butts, and soon both of them are dead. Ana disposes of the bodies inside the freezer and tries to understand her situation, which escalated in no time.

When Ana calls Ray on his phone, Mickey answers it confidently, assuming his men would have successfully fulfilled his orders. Ana warns him she is not the person he should be messing with and disconnects the call. In the meantime, Ray escapes from the hostage situation when Mickey is on the phone with his wife.

What does Ana hide from her husband?

Ray meets Ana at the restaurant and realizes two dead bodies are in the freezer, which freaks him out. The couple question one another about their past, and both learn new secrets that somehow get hold of them in this situation.

Ray shares that he has gambling issues and owes Dom $1.3 million. He is in a deep mess and keeps thinking he could pay him back once the restaurant succeeds. On the other hand, Ana is an ex-Russian KGB assassin who disappeared from the troop to lead a civilian life until her husband messed up everything by putting her name back on the map with the restaurant’s announcement in the New York Times.

Ray analyzes the situation and suggests he will talk to Dom and get things sorted. However, Ana disagrees with him as she is unhappy about people burning her dreams down. Unlike her spineless husband, she takes the matter into her hands and prepares to fight the people who provoked her. It looks like Ana is more than a Master Chef and a trained killer.

Why does Dom want to kill Ray?

Meanwhile, Mickey calls his father (there is a direct order not to disturb him when he gets a massage) and updates him about the situation. Dom is utterly disappointed by his son’s failure. After learning what his father thinks of him, Mickey is sad and frustrated when he realizes that he is not able to live up to his father’s expectations.

Dom sends more men this time; however, Ana effortlessly shoots and stabs the killers. At the same time, Ana realizes that she can’t take all of them by herself, so she reaches out to her old colleague, Mimi (Kaitlin Doubleday), who is still an undercover KGB assassin.

Mimi, along with her husband and twin daughters (a spoof of the twins from The Shining), reaches the happening place to take care of the business. However, Mimi has issues from the past that she would like to resolve before helping Ana.

High Heat (2022) Movie Ending Explained (1)

It turns out that Ana had unexpectedly left her friend back then and quietly disappeared from the KGB scene. Mimi had to take the blame for her and had a hard time overcoming her best friend’s betrayal.

Realizing that she is tough to kill, Dom hires contractual professionals to finish off the out-of-hand rogue assignment. Agreeing to pay double their shifts, Dom orders them to kill Ana. However, Ana is quick & intelligent and takes down the killers one at a time. When the troop leader notices that her men are not making it, she orders them to hit the restaurant from both sides. At the same time, Ana and her husband gear up for the showdown.

High Heat (2022) Movie Ending, Explained:

Is Ana able to resolve her conflict with Mimi after all this time? Is she able to save her restaurant?

The military troops enter the restaurant armed with rifles to kill Ana, but she entraps the men by electrocuting them. When the additional backup comes in full force to finish their job, Ana runs out of ammunition during the gunfire. However, her friend Mimi reaches her just in time, saving her from the armed forces.

When Ana thinks things are in her favor, Mimi brings a blast from the past, reminiscing how she went rogue on her. Like Ana, Mimi also dreamed of leaving KGB and leading a normal life as a civilian. The disappointment and disloyalty of her friend have turned Mimi’s love into hatred, and now she wants to kill Ana for backstabbing her.

The two old pals get into a heated argument where Ana tries to justify her actions and why she left her friend behind. However, Mimi doesn’t want any explanation and is determined to take revenge. She waited many years for this moment, and now she cannot think of anything but to kill her.

Right when she points the gun at Ana, Mimi notices that another firearm is pointed at her by Ray. She realizes Ana has a loving husband who will protect her at any cost. The two women bury their differences, putting an end to their conflict. Mimi soon leaves and resolves conflict with her husband, with whom she currently has a dicey relationship.

Soon after, Ray disguises himself as one of the mercenaries and kills Dom. When Mickey tries to run from the scene, Ana shoots him dead. After killing their enemies, Ana and Ray gleefully return to the restaurant; High Heat ends with the couple celebrating their victory over some drinks.

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