Hijack Episode 6: The fifth episode of ‘Hijack’ on Apple TV+ was incredibly eventful. Sam tried to convince the hijackers to land the plane in Hungary. We learned that Lewis is Stuart’s brother, who unfortunately died to save his family. While the flight did not land in Budapest, the hijackers made a list of demands to the British government. It took the London officials closer to finding the hijackers’ identity. Meanwhile, Daniel showed up at Lewis’s mother’s house to interrogate her. But she rescued herself by manipulating him.

Now the penultimate episode of Hijack shows the second-last hour of flight KA29’s journey to London. The passengers finally prepare themselves for a fight against the hijackers.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Hijack Episode 6 “Comply Slowly” Recap:

Do the criminals find Kai in Sam’s London residence?

The fifth episode of Hijack ended on a cliffhanger note. Two men in cleaners’ uniform walked into Sam’s (Idris Elba) house in London. Kai (Judge Cudjoe) had arrived there moments ago in the hopes of surprising his father. Since the criminals heard a sound from the next floor, one of them – Joe, walked toward it. Luckily, Kai managed to hide inside a cabinet. So Joe could not find him. Later on, Kai gets out of hiding to see that Joe is trying to log into Sam’s computer. While the other cleaner, Maz, concludes that Sam lives alone, Joe notes what he was told – ‘Sam is the one causing all the trouble.’ They decide to stay back as per their order – to put a gun to the family’s head.

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The Prisoners’ Release

As per the hijackers’ demands, Edgar Janssen (Simon McBurney) and John Bailey-Brown (Ian Burfield) are let go from prison. Zahra (Archie Panjabi) and other officials trace their journey. Local feds are also made aware of their release. One of the London officials points out that they need to comply slowly with the hijackers’ demands to avert any possible danger. Louise (Hattie Marahan) worries that the hijackers may not comply even if they do. Meanwhile, Daniel (Max Beesley) and Erica (Live Spencer) tail the released prisoners and try not to get noticed. But the criminals soon notice the officers. Edgar stops the car, walks up to Daniel’s, and keeps a silver mobile phone on his truck. Since that was the phone the feds gave him, Edgar calls him back. He threatens to get additional passengers shot if the authorities keep tracking their movement.

A Call for Action

Lewis’s (Jack McMullen) death creates a dreadful environment inside the flight. Terry (Jasper Britton) drags his associate’s body and keeps it away from everyone’s eyes. Stuart (Neil Maskell) silently tries to process the trauma of his brother’s passing. Soon after, they get a message from their superiors. As per those orders, Jamie (Aimée Kelly) tells Stuart that they need to shoot a passenger. Just when they are about to shoot Deevia (Zora Bishop) dead, Sam daringly shows up in the cockpit and saves her. He says that if the hijackers need to send a dead body’s photo, they already have one shot in the plane. Stuart accepts Sam’s proposal and releases Deevia. Then, Jamie walks Sam back to the washroom to get him to click a photo. Since Sam’s hands are tied, Jamie asks Colette (Kate Phillips) to click Sheena’s photo with a flight ticket next to her.

Edgar’s Threat

Back on the ground, the officials try to decipher Edgar and John’s next move. The foreign secretary leaves the responsibility to the counter-terrorism unit. Meanwhile, Edgar realizes that Daniel’s car is in motion (he tracks the silver phone), meaning he knows Daniel is following them. He sends Sheena’s photo to that silver phone, which informs the officials about a confirmed dead passenger. They soon find details about this Australian woman, who was going to start a job in the coming week. Louise and Home Secretary Neil (Neil Stuke) do not fully agree with the best course of action in this case. Louisa does not want another passenger to get killed. Meanwhile, Neil worries about the implications of two dangerous criminals being out in public.

Hijack Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained
Idris Elba in “Hijack,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Edgar gets caught in a roadblock and thinks that Daniel made it happen to delay their journey. To avert this conflict, he soon starts driving to another side, possibly toward an airfield. The UK counter-terrorism unit tracks this target vehicle moving Northwest. Meanwhile, the flight control team tries to ensure the safety of innocent civilians in ways they can think of.

Casualty vs. Fight

On the flight, Sam and Hugo (Harry Michell) discuss the possibility of an ask for another dead body. Robin (Ben Miles) feels they should fight the hijackers in case such a situation comes up. While Hugo tries to cut the ribbon around Sam’s hands, Stuart shows up next to them and stops the progress. Luckily, Hugo manages to cut a part of it. Soon after, Sam highlights a portion of a drink’s carton that says ‘Get Ready to Shake Things Up.’ He manages to get the messages sent across the flight to inform every passenger about their plan to fight the hijackers. The word goes back to economy class, where the passengers start getting ready with whatever they have next to them. However, when Kate tries to send the carton across, a lady refuses to take it. Jaden (Mohamed Elsandel) notices their dialogue and walks up to them.

By that time, Stuart gets an order to kill another passenger. Jamie tells him about a message being shared among the passengers, which riles him up. Since he had earlier seen Hugo with a pen, he blames Hugo and plans to kill him. But, the very next moment, Sam stands up, takes the blame for circling the message, and tells Stuart to shoot him instead.

The Scoop

Journalist Felix Staton (Rufus Jones) gets a call from Devlin to share an important story. He rides his bicycle to meet this man in a dingy bar. Devlin provides a scoop about the collapse of Kingdom Airlines and their insurance company Macmillan Doyle. He also informs Felix about KA29’s hijack. Devlin shares his knowledge about Felix’s past attempt at insider trading. In exchange for not exposing his scam, Devlin asks Felix to make the news public. Once Felix leaves, Devlin calls someone and notes that his ‘job is done.’ Meanwhile, Kai gets worried hearing what the cleaners say. In the bedroom, he notices a box and decides to use it to communicate a message to the outside world. He manages to call and get the police to come to Sam’s house. Right after, he hears about KA29’s possible hijack on television.

Hijack Episode 6 “Comply Slowly” Ending Explained:

Did any other passenger get killed on the KA29 flight?

The threat of additional passengers getting killed frustrates Louise. Since Neil refuses to take quick action, she takes out her anger on him. Eventually, their teams think they got hold of released criminals on an airfield. However, they soon realize that the two men are not Edgar and John and are probably decoys. Meanwhile, Edgar and John escape through another vehicle. Before driving away, Edgar sends a text saying ‘Now’ – meaning he wants the hijackers to kill another passenger right away to show that they mean business.

Since Stuart plans to shoot Sam, Deevia interrupts to save him. She tells Stuart how Sam helped his brother’s life to sway his mind. As a result, Stuart decides to kill someone else, i.e., any passenger that makes a noise. Since he hears a passenger’s whimper, he walks in that direction. Instead, another passenger volunteers to save her. Sam notices that and walks back to save the daring woman. While he gets in a fight with Stuart, chaos ensues in the flight. The released prisoner on the plane wraps Terry’s head with a bag to choke him. Meanwhile, a woman suddenly stands up, goes to the washroom, takes out a gun from her purse, and walks out. On her way to the cockpit, she suddenly shoots the captain. It surprises not just the passengers but the hijackers as well. Right after the shooting, she closes the door to the cockpit.

With this plot twist, the show provides another moment of thrill to its suspenseful narrative and makes us question their identities and intentions even further. Why did this woman suddenly walk up to the cockpit? Why did she shoot the captain? What is her motive, and is she related to the hijackers or not? Until then, she seemed like an innocent passenger like others, just as terrified of the hijackers. So the mystery persists. Let’s wait for the miniseries finale to know the fate of the passengers of the KA29 flight.

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