The chemistry between some pairs is such that every time they come together, they create magic on the screen. One such duo from the Hollywood industry is Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, whom we can never get enough of. Now, the super duo is once again back to bless the screen and be a treat for the eyes of their fans, as the two have teamed up this time for a crime thriller, RIP.

What bread is to butter, what a key is to a lock, is the same bond Affleck shares with Damon. Apart from their great on-screen chemistry, their off-screen bond is well-known. Now that the two are back together, it will be interesting to see what new elements they add to their legacy of great films.

What are Ben Affleck and Matt Damon up to?

The iconic duo of Hollywood, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck will soon grace the screen with their upcoming movie, RIP. The movie is helmed by acclaimed filmmaker Joe Carnahan, who will also serve as the writer. Carnahan’s notable directorial credits include Smokin’ Aces, The A-Team, and The Grey. He also wrote and directed several episodes for the NBC television series The Blacklist.

Given his previous works, the director is no stranger to the crime thriller genre. With his upcoming directorial project RIP, audiences can expect similar fireworks on this project, given the talent already involved.

The film will be produced by Affleck and Damon’s company, Artists Equity, and is planned to be shot this fall. Other than being described as a crime thriller, plot details are being kept under wraps. The project is expected to find a distributor soon, as interest has been drawn from theatrical and streaming buyers.

Since launching Artists Equity in November 2022, Damon and Affleck have released their first film, Air, in spring 2023 to glowing reviews and a solid box office performance. Since then, the studio has produced the documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told for Amazon MGM Studios and Small Things Like These, which opened this year’s Berlin Film Festival.

As for RIP, the project came together pretty quickly in the past few weeks. Affleck and Damon were looking for a new project under the company banner as Affleck was finishing up production on his sequel to The Accountant. Earlier this year, they tried to work on another crime thriller titled Animals, but they had to pause it because of the schedule for The Accountant 2.

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