How I Met Your Father (Season 2) Episode 2: Recap & Ending Explained: Sophie passed on getting back together with Ian. She also saw the aftermath of her dumping Drew. That could be construed as rock bottom, but thanks to the ending of episode one, audiences know that isn’t the case. How I Met Your Father is building up to a Barney Stinson reveal, which got shown in Cool and Chill. However, as TV episodes go, the second one isn’t as cameo-filled and power-packed as the premier. They couldn’t show Barney again in episode 2 itself. He was present in the first one to tease audiences about keeping them hooked onto the show.

While the first episode felt more like the conclusion of Season 1, this one truly saw the characters move on to fresh adventures.

How I Met Your Father (Season 2) Episode 2- (Midwife Crisis) Recap

Sophie told her son that she was a dirty liar. Her son exasperatedly questioned her whether her endless story was a lie, but she revealed she stopped lying as she turned 40 last year. As audiences knew the future Sophie was in 2050, and she turned 30 in 2022, that was a complete lie.

Sophie claimed compulsive lying was her jam, particularly when she felt insecure. As the tale moved to the present day, audiences saw newly single roommates Sophie and Valentina walking back from yoga class. The former continually stared into her phone. It had been the case throughout the class as well.

They stopped at Pemberton, where Meredith and Jesse chatted with Charlie, Sid, and Ellen. While Valentina held a mirror, Sophie was worried about her look and frantically applied makeup. The individuals within the bar spotted it and gave Sophie a confused wave through the window. Sophie primarily stalled on entering as, besides her post-yoga class look, she knew she couldn’t beat Meredith’s music achievement. Hence, she lied about selling the photo from the gallery.

Later, Valentina and Sophie were at their apartment discussing the latter’s lying. Valentina branded her lies (such as faking her age to get a senior citizen discount for a ticket) as performances.

Ramona knocked on Sophie and Valentina’s flat. She informed Sophie that the midwife was running late and asked her to set up the birthing tub. Initially, Sophie was just hired to photograph the birth for Ramona. Why did this happen? Lying. Sophie sold herself as a veteran birth photographer with confidential clients. She also said she could pull off a delivery.

Why couldn’t Sophie tell Ramona the truth? She needed to do a good job in case she never sold her photo, and this was as good as it got. While setting the tub, a series of errors ensued. This involved not seeing a pump and manually inflating the tub, frozen shrimp, and Sophie falling in.

Ramona saw the shrimp in the tub and looked confused. Sophie tried to explain, but Valentina came clean. Finally, Sophie confessed, but Ramona didn’t care as her midwife was stuck. She had to rely on the two as the time between contractions reduced.

The two called the paramedics and relied on a 9-1-1 operator to coach them through the process. Unfortunately, Sophie dropped that phone into the tub. The story then showed that Ramona gave birth, and Sophie managed to click the perfect photo.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 2

On another tangent, Charlie and Ellen spent time at their flat. They came up with a plan to get Rachel to fall for Ellen. It involved boasting, keeping the door wide open, and giving Rachel a reason to get impressed. When Ellen and Charlie left the door open, Julian and Maury dropped in and started bragging. Eventually, more people dropped in, assuming it was a building party. Charlie saw it as a good thing as it would portray Ellen as popular.

A while later, Ellen was curious about Rachel’s absence and saw that the door had been shut. After she learned that Rachel had closed the door, she was furious. Ellen went across the hall to Rachel’s apartment and came clean. Rachel admitted she stalled as she googled a perfect reply and got sidetracked. She then felt bad as Ellen seemed to have a massive party to which she didn’t receive an invitation. Hence, Ellen asked Rachel out on the spot. An eavesdropping Charlie informed the entire party about the date.

Meanwhile, Meredith visited Sid and Jesse’s apartment. Sid had an issue with Meredith and refused to serve her grilled cheese sandwiches. Hence, Meredith proposed that they engage in a Stora Dela Med Sig session, i.e., they shared their grievances with each other.

Sid came with a bunch of cards, where he came clean about his issues with Meredith. These included her sneezing like a toddler, having a wind chime ringtone, and liking La La Land. Jesse branded them as petty and wanted to fast forward to something major. Hence, the burrito incident came up.

Meredith apologized to Sid for eating his specially prepared burritos. Meredith convinced him to hold his peace when Sid proceeded to another one on the same night. Sid agreed, and everyone except for Jesse believed his best friend and his ex had worked out their differences.

How I Met Your Father (Season 2) Episode 2- (Midwife Crisis) Ending Explained

The episode ended with Sophie and Valentina celebrating their success at being midwives. Also, Sid tore up a card with the words ‘She Doesn’t Love You.’ Audiences then got a glimpse a bit further into the burrito incident. It was revealed that Meredith faked an illness to avoid going to a kids’ recital, i.e., something that was extremely important to Jesse was just cast aside quite callously by his girlfriend.

Jesse and Meredith know this, but the show’s leanings show that he has feelings for Sophie and vice versa.

Finally, Sophie came clean about her painting and got a call where she learned that someone had actually purchased it. She ended the episode rubbing it in Meredith’s face.

Why did Jesse hold his silence?

In the game of solving grievances, Meredith knew exactly where Sid was going when he raised the Burrito incident. It was based on a lie that she ate the Burrito as she was extremely sick. Had Sid aired what he heard, it would have shattered the lie with which Jesse had formed an aura of happiness. Hence, for the greater good, Sid decided to hold his silence, temporarily at least.

Will Sid see sparks between Jesse and Sophie and break the truth to his roommate?

Sid only held his silence as Meredith implored him to do so for Jesse’s happiness. The key word there being ‘happy.’ Sid knows it is one-sided, with the other not being reciprocated as much. Once he observes Sophie’s dynamic with Jesse, he could realize that Jesse is doing more harm than good and that he deserves better. That, and his personal dislike of Meredith for turning Jesse into Proposal Reject Guy’, could see him do the right thing. It is imminent, but one can’t really see Sophie getting back with Jesse that quickly, as she believes he just got back with Meredith. Hence, the keen eagerness to one-up Meredith.

Why is it so important for Sophie to one-up Meredith?

Sophie sees Meredith as her competitor for Jesse’s attention. Looking unsuccessful in the eyes of someone uber-popular could be seen as intimidating. Hence, Sophie lies to Meredith and then rubs her success in Jesse’s girlfriend’s face. Will Sid pick up on this and help Jesse realize Sophie’s intentions? It will be interesting to see what happens next week in Episode 3: The Reset Button.

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