The Resort (Season 1), Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: The penultimate episode of The Resort Season 1 is another example of how great Cristin Milioti is as an actor. The comedic has an incredible range when it comes to more dramatic turns in an otherwise straightforward story.

The latest episode, though predictably, slowly settles into the show’s more pertinent themes of trauma, detachment, and a squeaky, broken set of mid-life crises. The mystery was of course a distraction from the problems that have been rotting the center of Emma and Noah’s married life, and when it is finally time to unplug it, it results in a swash back of sorts.

The Resort (Season 1), Episode 7 “La Pubertad del Matrimonio” Recap:

The episode picks up with Noah waking up after a terrible hangover with Emma nowhere to be found. He asks about her to Luna but ends up not being able to trace her, coming back to the room to find Emma’s tablet on the bed. He opens it and is able to figure out that Emma must have traced the location of Pasaje and has gone there alone.

Baltasar, wakes up, hungover in a Frias golf course, and suddenly remembers that the book that Emma, who has Ibarra’s book, might have what he needs to follow through. However, he and Luna get into an argument where Luna tries her best to coerce him into submission; telling him to accept that he is up to loose ends and that Violet and Sam are possibly long dead.

Their argument in Emma and Noah’s suite is cut shot by Murray (Violet’s father played by Nick Offerman). He tells them that he received a whole bunch of voicemails from Emma, who was completely out of her senses when she narrates her finding out about Pasaje. The voicemails, play as voiceovers while we see Noah trying to figure out the location of Pasaje, in order to find his wife.

These voiceovers carefully tell us how Emma is pursuing this case of Sam and Violet’s disappearance because they represent young love. For someone like her who has hit extreme lows in life, finding out about their story and their whereabouts was a sort of distraction from her boring one. She analogizes a vacation with a marriage where you are happy for the first few days, but then annoyed and always wishing to go home next.

Meanwhile, in the 2007 timeline, we see Sam and Violet getting into the jungle before camping out in the exact spot that Emma finds in the present timeline. In the present, Noah tries to trace Emma’s trail (she has lost her way midway) as both of them spot a helicopter together and rush towards one another. The helicopter has Baltsar, Luna, Murray, and the gay couple of Ted and Ted, whom we met in the first episode.

The Resort Season 1 Episode 7 Recap Ending Explained

Noah and Emma have a huge fight as the two of them argue over Emma’s rash decision of coming into the jungle alone, and Noah’s overindulgence in all of Emma’s decisions, including him, treating her like a child who needs to be cared for at every step of the way. The argument turns into annoyance as the two of them start questioning their marriage as the main problem of this angst between them. Now that they are in a group, Murray looks around and follows the pink fungi; as the gang decides to set up camp at the exact same spot as Sam and Violet did back in 2007.

Around the campfire, they discuss various things, as the question comes up about going back or forward in time. Noah says that he will go into the future to see what happens between him and Emma because her behavior as of late has made him question the unpredictability of it all. As everyone else goes to sleep, only Emma and Murray are left around the fire. The two of them talk about their griefs.

Murray tells her how his life transformed from being a husband to a caregiver when his wife had cancer. He also tells her how he is haunted by the sight of his last interaction with Violet and how it is slowly fading away too. In return, Emma tells him how she lost her daughter during childbirth. She tells him that she chose to not see her face because she wanted to be strong so that people don’t define her by her loss. She adds by saying that if the underground room is real, she would want to see her daughter’s face, and hopes the same for Murray. Murray isn’t pleased with Emma giving him false hope and the two of them also retire for the night.

The Resort (Season 1), Episode 7 “La Pubertad del Matrimonio” Ending, Explained:

The episode’s ending finds Noah waking up next to Emma. When he tries to strike up an apologetic conversation with her, he notices that Emma’s face has swollen tenfolds due to the toothache. When he tells her that, she freaks out and rushes out of the tent. When everyone else gathers, Emma tells them to do something because there is no reception there. So Luna basically runs away to try and find one. Meanwhile, the other three notice that the infection can be contagious and if it’s not attended to right away, it might infect her brain.

So, Emma decides that she can’t wait for Luna to get help and hands the pliers that Murray has to Noah, asking him to take her tooth out. Noah reluctantly does it and is able to successfully take it out; though he faints soon after. The ending of Episode 7 of The Resort leads us to Murray discovering some more pink fungi that lead him to the underground room. He has finally found it, so he whistles to the rest of the group.

What will happen next? Will the underground room help them travel through time? Will they find Sam and Violet there? The finale must answer those questions for us.


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