How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 8: The previous episode saw the group narrate stories of their worst valentine’s days in order to cheer Ellen, who had to be alone. It saw some weird tales come forth, the funniest being Charlie’s. Crucially, last week’s episode saw Jessie and Sophie talk things out and make some serious progress. It was quite a special moment that led to the misunderstanding, even though the initial shock and parts of last week’s episode hinted otherwise.

Here’s what went down in the eighth episode of Season 2 of How I Met Your Father- Rewardishment.

How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 8 Recap:

The audience learned that future Sophie couldn’t whistle, and her attempts to prove her son wrong made him beg her to continue the story. Sophie obliged and proceeded with the tale of how she met the father.

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In the present day, she went to a kid’s birthday party and had to take a lot of different trains and an uber, where a creepy driver prompted her to jump out. The audience then learned that she couldn’t drive. This saw Charlie decide to mock “adults who can’t drive,” prompting Ellen to mock him for being unable to shave. Charlie then brought up Rhonda, who Ellen was too scared to confront. Sid’s aversion to chugging beer, despite being a bar owner, came to the fore. This saw Sid and Jesse bring up a technique to succeed.

Sid and Jesse combined reward and punishment as people react to these two things. They called it Rewardishment. The audiences then saw younger versions of the duos take a reward and punishment.

They then decided to have a Rewardishment among them. If one fails, they all face the punishment. The reward would be to have a sleepover and create a giant bed, the punishment, take one shot from the drinking mat, i.e., the drippings of all the drinks on the bar table. To ensure that the punishment didn’t happen, here’s what the group had to do successfully:-

  • Charlie- shave
  • Ellen- confront Rhonda
  • Valentina- drive
  • Sophie- drive
  • Jesse- hula hoop trick (vertical lasso catch and release)
  • Sid- chug

The guys tried their challenges in Jesse’s apartment. They all failed in their dares. Ellen rehearsed her line to Rhonda’s empty chair at the Goliath offices. However, she choked when Rhonda bought an office snake and urged Jesse to tell her how to express her anger.

Sophie and Valentina went to driving school and balked at the price but then understood that avoiding the drinking mat shots was necessary. She cleared the sight test, and Valentina failed.

Sophie suggested she wear glasses and contacts. The first was a no, as she wasn’t a liberal arts professor, and the second was something that she admitted was daring. Hence, she changed her dare, and Sid allowed it.

Charlie, whose hand shook as he tried to shave his face, elected to practice on his legs, i.e., a place where none would see if he cut himself. He opened up a huge cut on his legs. Charlie tried to tell the medic about a kidnapping story. She, however, told him that she knew he got cut from shaving his legs.

Jesse role-played Rhonda to help Ellen prepare for her confrontation. As Ellen felt it was not the right setting, she took Jesse to her office and had him dress up as Rhonda. When Rhonda arrived, she saw that sonna plane (the snake’s name) was missing. It bit Jesse and prompted Ellen to lash out at her colleague to complete her dare. She then took Jesse to the hospital

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Charlie practiced shaving on a hospital patient and then completed his dare. While celebrating, he got Sid to chug. How? He mixed peppers into Sid’s champagne and hid the water. This forced Sid to chug the beer to deal with the burning sensation in his mouth. Buoyed by his success, Sid tried to help Valentina with her contacts. Unfortunately, he accidentally touched her eyes with pepper-coated fingers. Meanwhile, Sophie’s instructor had a heart attack and was ordered to be driven to the hospital.

This saw the gang reunite at the hospital, where two students revealed that Sophie was unable to make the left turn that she needed to. Back at Pemberton, Valentina successfully wore contacts and completed her dare.

Jesse and Sophie were the only ones yet to complete their dares. They decided to be each other’s mentors to complete the dare.

Jesse used a soothing voice to teach Sophie to drive, and then he backed out of his challenge as if it was a mental block.

When Sophie insisted that he show it to her, he presented her with a video. It was quite a task that required insane coordination.

How I Met Your Father (Season 2), Episode 8 Ending Explained:

The end of the episode saw Jesse and Sophie return to the bar and give an update on their dares. Jesse asked for his collapsable hoop and attempted the specific hula hoop technique.

How did Sophie react?

When Sophie saw the hopping video on Jesse’s phone, she saw that he had found an online dating match. He said it had been a while. She replied that it was great, and it just startled her a bit as she didn’t know about it earlier.

Did Jesse complete his dare?

Jesse successfully completed his dare on the first attempt when he caught the hoop with his leg after sending it into the air.

Did the group have to drink the drippings?

The group had to drink the drink drippings even though Jesse completed his dare. This was because he finished his task ten minutes after the deadline.

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