Ted Lasso (Season 3), Episode 1: The therapy dog equivalent of a TV show is back in our lives. Apple TV+’s “Ted Lasso,” which debuted right in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic back on August 2020, is now nothing short of a global sensation, rightfully for the most part, I would say, keeping aside my personal issues for the show. What started as a sort of skit many years ago when Jason Sudeikis played the now iconic character as a part of NBC’s coverage of the English Premier League has now become the “top dog” of comedy shows. It doesn’t really have much to prove anymore or many awards to win, as it has done it all.

Although, its sophomore season was a tad more underwhelming compared to the maiden one, which was genuinely delightful. The problem, I suppose, was adding the extra bit of sugar for every quick conflict resolution, which kind of dialed down the natural charm quotient of it. However, by no means that indicates Ted Lasso should not have another crack at winning your hearts, as well as the premier league. By the show’s standard, the latest season premiere did not go so well for Ted and all your beloved characters, and despite all the usual “optimism,” we did not reach a point where the wholesome sun could be clearly seen. But that is only a good sign and makes things more exciting, at least for me.

Ted Lasso (Season 3), Episode 1 Recap:

The new season is about to begin, and our favorite football club AFC Richmond is back again in the premier league. Unfortunately, though, all the pundits and media are predicting that the club is going to finish at the bottom of the table and will head to the second division, where they belong. To make matters worse, West Ham United is being touted as a team certain to finish in the top four. Why do we hate West Ham again?

Rupert and Nate

The show’s in-house arsehole, aka Rupert Mannion, Rebecca’s ex-husband, is the current owner of West Ham United. Fuelled by jealousy (and stupidity), Nathan “Nate” Shelly, the former support staff turned Coaching team member of Richmond, had gone to the dark side and joined West Ham as the new manager at the end of last season. The “Wunderkind,” as he likes to label himself contrary to “Wonder Kid,” has also turned on his freshly baked arsehole persona at his new club with Rupert by his side.

We do witness Nate getting flustered thanks to a flash of his good heart and wholesome time at Richmond during his first press conference. Still, he quickly recovers and ends up calling Ted a “shitty manager” and making a joke about Richmond finishing at 20th because there’s no 21st position. Nate soon gets a reward for his beautiful arsehollery from Rupert when the latter presents him with a fancy new car.

Rebecca and Ted

With her team being ridiculed all over the media and West Ham/Rupert in a relatively comfortable position, Rebecca is understandably in a spot of bother. She does have good-ol Higgins by her side, but that is not taking her worries away as Ted does not seem to be affected by all the chaos that is going around. A lunch with Keely Jones, now an even bigger influencer managing her own company, does soothe Rebecca a little, though, when Keely asks her to let Ted “be Ted” as that is the best possible way to handle things.

On the other hand, Ted is at a relatively better place compared to where he was at the end of the last season (remember the panic attacks?). He is sad to let his son Henry go back to America to his ex-wife Sarah, but he manages to bid goodbye at the Airport with a perfect blend of humor, optimism, and maturity. He probably has to thank Sports psychologist Dr. Sharon with whom he is still in contact, as we see the two having a phone call over “how Ted is feeling.” We also see Sharon with someone, although I am not sure if it’s a fling or something serious or even relevant in the context of the show.

Literally down in the gutter

Technically it is the London sewer system though, but gutter sounds more appropriate to me hence the sub-head.

With every media outlet and football expert writing them off even before the start of the new season, Roy wants to take a cautious 4-4-2 formation-based overall safe approach because he believes in solid over clever, which gets approved by both Ted and Coach Beard. But Ted has always brought up something unique on the table to give the team the necessary moral boost to deal with critical situations.

Naturally, you can’t expect him to just sit around in a time like this. So Ted takes the team to see the London sewer system, ruining the off-day of the lovable but crackhead bus driver. The idea is to make the players realize that all they need to do is put all the “toxic shit” in an internal sewer system instead of paying heed to it. This eventually works out as Jaime Tart reminds everyone not to take “Nate’s press conference” seriously, as their coach has suggested—another win for Coach Lasso. Well done.

Ted Lasso (Season 3), Episode 1 Ending, Explained:

There is bad news on the Roy and Keeley front. Despite their relationship looking pretty solid, the duo has broken up due to too many work commitments. That doesn’t seem like a good enough reason, and they will eventually be back, so at this point, this seems like the weakest arc to me.

Ted is so dumb, and we love it

Already frustrated and worried, Rebecca gets further anxious after learning about the team’s sewer system visit led by Ted. Not to mention, a fresh wave of being ridiculed by the media further agitated the “boss lady.” So she kind of orders Ted to give a fitting response to Nate and West Ham during Richmond’s press conference.

And he does exactly that. Just not in the way, Rebecca expected. When a journalist mentions Nate, all Ted has high praise for his former colleague/friend. Then he takes the cue from what Nate said about him and turns it into an “I am so dumb” bit where everybody eventually joins in, and the entire self-sarcastic approach only works in his favor. Coach Lasso is really on fire, it seems.

What is the actual reason behind Ted’s press conference?

The thing is, Ted Lasso is a man who doesn’t preach hatred. And he doesn’t hold grudges either. Despite whatever happened between them, Ted still genuinely admires Nate and believes in his genius. But Ted Lasso, the coach, has also become a tough nut to crack over the years. Perfectly knowing that he can’t win them over with football talk, Ted turns on the funny switch that naturally comes to him and secures a win for Richmond at the press conference. This only proves the man is more than he seems, after all.


  • Trent Crimm is missed in this episode as we meet a new correspondent from The Independent.
  • Ted referencing Twin Peaks while talking about his panic attacks was comedy gold.

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