Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga (2023) Movie Ending, Explained: Why did Neha Orchestrate Such an Elaborate Revenge Plot?

Chor Nikal ke Bhaga

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga (2023) ‘Netflix’ Movie Ending Explained: Song lyrics becoming film names is nothing really new. Audiences have seen it with ‘My Name is Anthony Gonsalves,’ ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara,’ ‘Haseen Dillruba,’ ‘Monica O My Darling,’ and many more. But this may be the first instance a nursery rhyme line serves as the title of a film. Right? Not really, as there were Ten Little Indians, but what about Bollywood? This film may remind you of Akkad Bakkad Bombay bo, assi nabbe pure sau…. Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga.

It was quite a creative name, and it did fit with the story because that’s what happened.

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga (2023) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga, per the snippet, before one selects play, is about the perfect plan for an impossible heist 40,000 feet in the air. This crisp film commences with the arrival of all the key players at the airport. Flashbacks are peppered with the present-day tale as we understand the backstory of Ankit Sinha and Neha Grover and why they need to pull off a diamond heist aboard a Max Asia flight. Their plan gets scuppered when a plane hijack takes place, and Ankit tries his best to secure the diamonds with Neha’s help. However, midway through Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga, audiences understand the title and realize that it was all a ruse. The authorities understand that the hijack wasn’t a hijack but something else. What was it all done for, and why? There were more reasons for it than the diamond heist.

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga (2023) Ending Explained

The ending saw Parvez Sheikh interrogating the passengers at Kullu Airport. All the replies led him to one conclusion, i.e., the air hostess had orchestrated the entire plot. Just as the official was cornering his prey, a call came in ordering the on-ground officials to release the passengers as the investigation was a hijack that didn’t happen and for a robbery where they didn’t know the stolen commodity.

Audiences witnessed the planning stage via flashbacks in the bus, and everything came together. The good and the bad. It was a tale of revenge. By who? Neha Grover planned all of this to get back at Ankit Sinha.

Why did Neha Grover want to destroy Ankit Sinha?

Ankit Sinha only got together with Neha as he needed an inside person while he attempted a diamond heist on the plane. When the altercations between the ‘goons’ and Ankit took place, a pregnant Neha was kicked in the stomach and suffered a miscarriage. She looked keen to finish the heist to protect her husband. But when he left, she picked up her phone from the side table and heard a recording of a call. It was the one she made just as she left the car to protect Ankit from getting thrashed.

The audio revealed that the fight was staged, with Ankit admonishing the attacker for kicking Neha’s stomach. She learned it was a trap and followed Ankit without even bothering to get out of her hospital gown. Her world was shattered when she saw him with the goons, and then her fury rose when she saw him making out with another woman. Also, at the time, when she asked him where he was, he said he was talking to a doctor. Hence, she decided to destroy Ankit completely via a fake hijack to ruin him.

What was the secondary motive of the highjack?

Apart from getting back at Ankit, Neha, and Sudhanshu had another motive. It was like killing two birds with one stone. She used her plan to ruin Ankit and swipe the diamonds right under his nose.

Why did Neha decide to put her revenge plan into action on the flight?

A flight was where Ankit had trapped Neha, leading to there being a deep connection between them and the airplanes.

How did Neha orchestrate the fake highjack?

The plan saw Neha contact Sudhanshu and get on board with his close associates. They each had a part to play. Three would be hijackers, one man would hand her a specific drug to help neutralize the air marshal, one to replace the air marshal, and one would make fake guns on board. They had another member who pretended to get beaten up to instill fear among the passengers. Another part of the plan was to replace the real bullets in the real air marshal’s gun with blanks.

Chor Nikal ke Bhaga

Who took the diamonds from the plane?

Ankit kept trying to sneak into business class after the hijackers moved everyone into economy class. This was part of Neha’s plan; she wanted his face destroyed. When the highjackers spotted Ankit there, they broke his nose and then continued finding excuses to hit him for being a problematic passenger. He did manage to kill one hijacker but got overpowered by the other two. They took him to a restroom to deal with him before the fake marshall broke free. He sprinted to the front and eliminated the remaining hijackers. Afterward, the fake marshall, Sudhanshu, swiped the real diamonds and took them along with him.

How did the hijackers escape the plane?

After the chaos, police entered the plan to locate the corpses of the hijackers, but there was nothing on board. The bomb threat onboard caused panic, and everyone rushed to the exit. In the middle of this, the trio of hijackers also got into civilian clothes and blended in with the crowd.

Where was Sudhanshu?

As Sudhanshu had the diamonds, he had to get away quickly. Hence, he used the time the fake bomb provided to change into an army uniform and exit the airport with no questions asked. Only after he departed did the authorities learn that the hijack was a ruse and order the airport to be shut.

Who did Neha call before heading to the interrogation room?

Neha realized that she had to activate her escape plan and headed to the airport washroom. Once there, she anonymously dialed the Home Minister and threatened to leak the robbery information. When he promised to hunt her and her associates, she assured him it would not be a problem and sent him a message.

Why did Parvez suspect Neha?

A few passengers replied, and the one common element led Parvez to suspect Neha.

What was the crew’s escape plan for safe passage from the Kullu airport?

Neha’s call proved to be crucial as the Minister wanted his illicit smuggling activities to not be in the public spotlight. Hence, he questioned Parvez whether the passengers were detained for a hijack that never happened or the robbery that was suspected.

What was the story given to the media?

The official story handed out to the media was the same as the original one. The hijackers were killed, and the flight marshal was a national hero.

Did Neha stand tall over Ankit at the end of Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga?

Ankit was battered by a golf club by the minister’s henchmen and then hospitalized. As he lay on the bed, Neha visited him and reminded him of all he had said to her. She hadn’t found out the plan, but he slammed her head into the mirror at the Kullu airport when he was tense after learning that the diamonds he had swiped were fake. She used his exact words and left with her head held high. Furthermore, she told him something that left the audience with a question in their heads.

Was Neha a con woman?

Neha told Ankit that her father dealt with accounts for some questionable individuals. When something went wrong, she took a bullet and survived with a scar on her neck. Ultimately, she told Ankit that she didn’t want to return to this life, but he made her do so. Also, the sophistication of her plan may lead audiences to believe it wasn’t her first. Neha’s contacts and her ability to tell Sudhanshu that she would find someone else if he found the fake hijack a bit too daring showed that she was in the business.

It seems as though Neha seemingly left it and took the route of an honest living after taking a bullet.

Will Ankit get back at Neha?

Neha took a flight to an unnamed location and got a phone call from a discharged Ankit. It implies that he knows her number and could look to track her down. That could be the sequel.

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