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Best Movies To Watch to Improve Your Writing Skills

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Sometimes you may want to learn about writing but you are not sure of how you can do it in an informal setup. If you love watching movies, it is time to go a step further and select those that can help you to improve your writing.

Through movies, you can learn about grammar, including word choice, sentence construction, and punctuations. This post highlights some of the best movies you can watch to improve your writing skills.

Writing Skills

Start With “The Searchers”

Start With ”The Searchers” represents one of the best performances of John Wayne, featuring astonishingly beautiful shots. The Wayne character is a racist and so are the other characters. The question emerges whether the film is intended to dramatize the characters, endorse their attitudes or regret them.

This is one of the best movies you can watch to improve your grammar. Start with “the searched” is considered a ” teach with movies” that includes English Language Arts Classes.

The film can enable you to exercise your writing skills and to analyze literacy devices, including character development and the expository phase. The Start with ’the searches” is good in meeting curriculum standards and it can give you amazing educational experiences.

Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Shakespeare in love is all about re-imagining the life of William Shakespeare. It is an interesting love story that but not considered historically accurate. It ´plays” with Shakespeare’s themes, paradoxes, and language. It is an enjoyable romance that can leave you wanting to watch more of it.

One of the greatest lessons you can pick from this movie is that you should not fear to slow down to focus on something you love. If you wish to continue watching the movie and you have essays to write, look for essay writing help.

Other way to find the inspiration

If watching films is not your variant, here the other way to find the muza. As a student, finding essay writing help is a good idea for you because you can create time to watch your favorite movies as you continue with your education. One of the most credible free essay example sites you can refer to is Writingbros. The free essay samples will ensure that you get the best essays to help you write high-grade assignments. The topics related to movies, world cinema, the cultural impact of movies on our society, etc. are some of the best areas you can write in and this is exactly where the site will help you.

Dead Poets Society (1989)

It makes more sense to combine ’Shakespeare in Love” with ’Dead Poets Society.” The ’Dead Poets Society” can give you lots of ideas about specific phrases and how you can apply them. It can foster your search for writing styles that you can practice later. This movie or not just a writing story, but it also exposes the humanity in people.

As a student, sometimes you may encounter challenges when trying to balance between leisure and classwork. Academic essays are complex and time-consuming. However, you can continue doing what you love doing as you engage experts to write for your essays.

How to find more time on watching favorite films?

The best way to get more free time while you are a student is to look for help. Before hiring an essay writer, you need to understand the basics of writing, such as the structure, style, and use of grammar. A simple way to do this is by finding free samples from Samplius. Use their free essay resource to find sample essays and understand their writing structure and style. Samplius can help you customize your essays and write essays that meet your tutors’ specifications. More importantly, you will receive high-quality and plagiarism-free essays promptly whenever you have a referencing requirement.

Writing Skills


This movie features multiple stories about storytelling based on a non-storytelling book titled ‘The Orchid Thief”. The main issue is that there is a real scriptwriter named Kaufman Charlie, whose character is played by Cage Nicholas. The scriptwriter tries to adapt Orchid Thief into a movie. Kaufman later realizes that it lacks a Hollywood story, causing him to panic.

This movie can give you insights into narrative writing narrative essays and related storytelling assignments. If you find the “adaptation” movie interesting, then you will be able to pick an exciting personal narrative idea to build a good essay. You will also be able to write storyline elements as per the standards of English grammar.

Barton Fink (1991)

Barton Fink is a promising young writer. He gets a lifetime break to develop movie scripts. The main problem is that he cannot get started. Barton Fink is written by the Coen brothers and it is one of the most recommended movies related to writing.

One of the greatest lessons from this movie is that if you want to attain something, you cannot do it halfway. When you decide to write a particular piece, coming up with an idea or a topic is not enough, you have to get started.

Misery (1990)

In this movie, a popular novelist called Sheldon Paul gets into a wreck of a car and is spotted by one of his funs Annie Wilkes. The role of Sheldon is played by James Caan and that of Wilkes is played by Kathy Bates. Shortly, Sheldon realizes that his fame comes with a price.

Whenever Sheldon wanted to finish writing a novel, he would stay in a hotel. As a writer, you need to have a routine to get the desired outcome regularly. However, you can change the writing location once in a while as long as the environment is free from distractions. Getting the desired writing outcomes comes with a price.


As a student, you can watch movies for entertainment and improve your writing skills. What you need to do is to understand the theme of the movie and pick lessons as stories and events unfold. You can purpose to watch related movies and, if possible, rewind them several times. Keep watching movies and practice writing regularly. A time will come when you will no longer have to watch movies to write a good paper.

Guest Author: Robert Everett

Robert Everett works for a tech firm that develops AI tools and apps for professional writers and students. His previous experience ranges from working as an essay writer to an online media manager for some very good brands. He spends his free time watching animes, playing lawn tennis and reading autobiographies and motivational books.

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