Hulu’s latest original, Jagged Mind, tells the story of Billie, who seems to be stuck in a warped time loop, revisiting the same events over and over again. Little does she know that what she describes as her genetic illness is the result of blood magic that her former girlfriend employs to remain tied to her.

The plot line is all muddled up, exactly as Billie experiences it, and the following article is only a step in simplifying it.

Jagged Mind (2023) Movie Synopsis & Plot Summary:

The film opens with Billie and Christine having sex. The next morning, Billie wakes up to violent images in her dreams, only to find Christine gone. Billie calls up her friend, Kim and confides in her about Christine’s inconsistency throughout the relationship. Kim is not convinced by Billie’s continued contact with Christine because she has hurt her before. Kim also asks Billie if she is regular with her memory exercises. Their conversation gives out that Billie is suffering from memory loss.

When Billie heads out for a run, she meets a strange man at a street corner who leaves her feeling dizzy. Quickly, the settings change, and perhaps, what also changes is the time. Billie is now at a dimly lit bar. In the bar, Billie meets Alex, who offers her a drink. After a small chat, Billie reveals to her about her recent blackouts. Billie believes her memory loss is genetic, as her mother had dementia. The two chat some more, but Billie leaves for work. At the art gallery, an exhibition is being held showcasing the artworks of Haitian artist Rose Porter. Christine hosts the event, and Billie curates the exhibition. But, there is something strange about the self-portrait of Porter that draws Billie in.

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At the after-party, when Christine draws close to Billie, she notices a little cut on her body, but Billie cannot remember how she got it. When they make out, Billie suffers from a blackout yet again. She wakes up at the bar again with the same occurrence of Alex offering her a drink, much to Billie’s confusion. Billie leaves for work this time too. Needless to say, what also repeats as a cycle are the events at the art gallery and after-party. This time, Billie spots Rose Porter during the after-party and proceeds to talk to her. Rose, who seems to be aware of Billie’s condition, takes her aside and tries to make her remember something. However, the process is cut short by Christine’s arrival. Billie and Christine go to the washroom to make out, but she suffers from a blackout again.

Billie wakes up at the bar for the third time. This time around, Billie offers Alex to join her for the exhibition. One of Billie’s colleagues informs Billie that Christine did not show up at the event, which confuses Billie. When Billie searches for Rose Porter to make Alex meet her, Alex stops her. Rose Porter, however, spots Billie with Alex. That night, Alex takes Billie to her apartment, and they have sex.

Soon, Billie makes her relationship with Alex official. Alex books a rooftop resto-bar and decorates it with their photographs to celebrate. However, it is here that the mask of Alex starts falling off. She shouts at the server for not serving her chilled champagne. Billie suffers from a blackout amidst the fiasco. However, she wakes up at the same place in an absolutely calm environment with no sign of any argument at all. Back home, in a drunken state, Billie spots Alex taking blood from her and storing it in a vial.

Billie and Alex complete six months of their relationship, and they celebrate it at a high-end restaurant. Alex seems disgruntled with Billie for spending time with Kim. The former starts insulting Kim, but Alex goes into a blackout again and wakes up to find a calm Alex as if nothing had happened.

Kim invites Billie and Alex to her son’s birthday party. Jake, Kim’s son, runs towards Billie but falls and hurts himself. While Billie is taking care of him, Alex manipulates Kim and feeds her with lies about Billie to break their friendship. Without realizing that she has been manipulated, Kim gets infuriated, and her behavior toward Billie changes. When Billie is confused, Alex starts manipulating her, too, with lies about Kim. Billie suffers from blackouts where she gets visions about Alex turning violent; she even sees Alex pushing Jake.

Jagged Mind (2023) Movie Ending, Explained
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Billie wakes up at a hospital. By this time, Billie has started doubting the real intentions of Alex. On the other hand, Alex pushes Billie to move in with her. While checking out of the hospital, Billie and Kim confront each other, and Kim reveals what Alex told her about Billie.

How is Rose Porter associated with Billie’s blackouts?

At the hospital, while skimming through her bag, Billie finds a postcard of the Rose Porter portrait with the word ‘Remember.’ This makes Alex uncomfortable, and she leaves hurriedly. Once reaching home, Billie tries to contact Christine, who has not been heard from since. However, Billie is left stunned when she gets an automated mail from Christine, who states that she has associated herself with a different art gallery and has no time to be in touch. All these ominous signs make Billie uncomfortable.

She reaches out for her bag and tries to find answers regarding the mystery postcard. She surfs through the internet and finds photos of Alex and Rose together. From the internet, Billie gets the address of Rose Porter’s studio. She arrives at the studio only to find Rose Porter dead in her bathtub, with her hand slit. Billie finds a wooden container at Rose’s place, which she brings back with her. This container has engraved designs that keep returning to her in her blackouts. Alex arrives at Billie’s place at the same moment. When Billie starts questioning Alex about her acquaintanceship with Rose, the latter first denies it and then accepts that Rose was her former partner. An agitated Billie finds inconsistency in Alex’s responses and asks her to leave.

After Alex leaves, Billie opens Rose’s container and finds some photographs of Christine being followed by Alex, a diary, and a pen drive, among other things. Rose has used the pen drive to record a secret conversation between Rose, Billie, and the mystery man who Billie spots at the corner of the street. In the video, Rose says that Billie’s weird dreams, blackouts, and flashes of memory that keep coming and going are not caused by any illness but are solely Alex’s doing. She keeps resetting the time and turns it back repeatedly.

Rose confesses that when Alex left her, she took the help of a magical crystal to reboot time. But when Alex got wind of it, she tried to kill Rose to possess the crystal. Now she requires Billie’s blood to fuel the crystal. After Alex stole the crystal from Rose, Rose took the help of Papa Juste (the man Billie keeps noticing) to stop Alex. Papa Juste tells them that anything that is kept in the wooden box is saved from the reversal of time. Rose wrote reminder notes for herself and hid them in the box so that she could get back to them when her memories are distorted.

Estimating that Billie would visit the video later, Rose instructs her in the video to write her notes down and keep them in the box, lest Alex resets the time again by the time she watches the video. Meanwhile, Alex has killed Rose, and when charged by Billie, she drives to her apartment to begin the process of time reversal. Rose asks Billie to wind back time and set it to before the time Rose met Alex. After completing this, Billie is supposed to hand over the crystal to Papa Juste.

Jagged Mind (2023) Movie Ending, Explained:

Does Billie get the crystal?

Alex takes Billie to her parents’ luxurious beach house. When Alex gets down in the pool, Billie notices the crystal left unattended. She asks Alex to fetch the wine so that she can seize the crystal. Once she seizes it, she begins the process of time reversal. Alex returns and finds Billie with the crystal, to which she is not surprised. Moreover, Alex tells Billie has done this before but failed to use that crystal.

Alex reveals Billie cheated on Alex with Christine, so she got rid of her by killing her. Billie gets to know that Alex had killed her before, too– and that too multiple times. Thus, she gets an explanation of those violent images she encounters in her dreams. Alex is obsessed with Billie, and she does not accept her rejection from her. To make Billie forever chained in the relationship, she reverses time over and over again. Alex takes the crystal from Billie by pacifying her. However, Billie attacks Alex with a pin (the same pin Alex uses to cut Billie and collect her blood). But Alex, too, injures Billie with the wine bottle. When Alex leans over Billie to talk to her, Billie finally stabs her with the broken wine bottle. Billie takes back the crystal and starts chanting to reverse time, exactly as Rose had told her.

Billie goes back to Papa Juste’s store and gives him the wooden box, which turns out to be empty. At the bar, Billie meets Alex, and the latter offers her a drink, but this time, Billie stops the cycle by rejecting her offer. Billie also calls off her relationship with Christine. Billie has kept the crystal for herself. In the end, Billie is seen looking over at the self-portrait of Rose Porter. The portrait, shot in black and white and foreboding in itself, now has a comparatively milder mood.

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