Little Women (Season 1) Episode 11 Recap and Ending, Explained: In the previous episodes, we see stories woven together by thick threads of each character’s history. It comes together as a slow climax in this episode. With every character learning to see past their dark history to stay in the present, events take an unprecedented turn to reveal something we did not even consider possible. While the creators dropped hints along the way, In-Joo remained oblivious to certain things that did happen. Wong-Sang-a’s treacherous ways seep into each character’s life tormenting them most harshly. Jae-Sang’s assistant Go-Sim finds new light standing next to Wong-Sang-A. But we know that anyone close to Wong-Sang-a is a victim and nothing else.

While the climax slowly grows, the season finale remains only one episode away. This episode breaks your heart. While we experience the serendipity of an ending, somewhere we long for it to continue. We long desperately for a second season because we want more for the three poor siblings. With In-Joo’s money suddenly disappearing after Park Jae-sang’s death and the ending of this episode, we suddenly see this whole season in a completely different light. Who was the real culprit? Was the money in In-Joo’s account always hers? Did Choi make a secret deal with someone knowing all the stakes involved? How did he always know what to do? While we sensed these questions along the way, an important piece of the puzzle comes to light and we enjoy another weekend of Little Women with a season finale with one episode making us bite our tongue for the next.

Little Women (Season 1) Episode 11 Recap:

In-joo goes to Prison while In-Kyung goes after Wong-Sang-a.

While we see the real story behind Jae-Sang’s drastic move, we learn that no one in Wong-Sang-a’s circle is ever allowed to find the limelight. Everyone is her puppet. No matter how much they try and break away from her grasp. Park Jae-Sang has won the election but his wife hands him a Blue Orchid with a plate of sliced apples. He is ready to leave this world and atone for his sins, the ‘sins’ that he committed while married to her. She feels a sense of heaviness but he was deeply in love with her. When he kills himself, In-Joo is arrested by the police who break in and take her away. All her money disappears and she thinks Choi did it. Meanwhile, Choi is driving his mother to safety and they are being tailed. He tries to lose them but ends up in an accident.

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The siblings have a new hurdle to come over. In-Joo goes to prison and In-Kyung visits her to understand what can they do next. In-joo admits to her guilt but feels there is more to the fight. When she learns Choi was in an accident, she understands that he may not be the thief. If Wong-Sang-a is behind all the attacks, both siblings wish to avenge themselves. In-Kyung and In-Joo decide to go after Wong-Sang-a and suddenly, things take a different turn. In-joo informs In-Kyung of the Closed Room and what happened in the room. In-Kyung tries to track down the fur coat used in killing Hwa-Young.

While in the previous episodes, we see an essence of Hwa-Young everywhere, In-joo truly believes that her best friend is still alive. We have had a glimpse of her previously but we wish not to acknowledge it. In this episode, we see something we cannot ignore. Wong-Sang-a tells Go-Sim to lay low while she tries to attack both siblings using the principal of the Wonryong School, Jang Gwag, a trained CIA operative.

Little Women Season 1 Episode 11

During the trial for In-Joo’s case, her lawyer seems lost. Somehow, everything turns on its head when Choi decides to testify for the prosecution. He testifies to certain half-truths that implicate In-Joo. However, when something else is revealed, everyone is caught by surprise. The embezzled 70 million won was withdrawn from In-Joo’s account (a paper company that Choi opened for In-Joo) and was transferred to a company account named HS Holdings, Director Wong Sang-a’s slush fund account. This occurred without her knowledge. He claims she is a low-level employee and such confidential transactions are not her concern. With evidence that he presents in court, he implicates himself and puts a target on Wong Sang-a’s back. While securing In-Joo’s integrity and self-worth in court, he is arrested after the hearing. This guarantees safety for his life and reduces her sentence from 20 years in prison to one year with probation after the second trial.

Little Women Episode 11 Ending, Explained:

Can Hwa-Young Come Back To Life?

In-Kyung works relentlessly to discover a means to imprison Wong Sang-a. She would have to search the website of the New York School of Art for information about the Closed Room. When she does, she retrieves a specific studio setup that was recognized and awarded to Wong-Sang-a. Jang-ho works closely with In-Kyung to help her find the fur coat – evidence as part of Hwa-Young’s murder. In-Kyung remembers seeing Hwa-Young somewhere and recollects that her story at a gathering for the Bombae Saving scheme group was the most impactful.

When Choi testifies against Wong Sang-a in court, her frantic attempt to control the siblings is undermined. She attempts damage control when she instructs principal Jang Gwang to use the training he has obtained to kill In-Kyung. When he kidnaps In-Kyung, her crush Jang-Ho is frantic and tries looking for her everywhere. In-Kyung wakes up in the school that she had visited with Jang-ho and she is tied up with masking tape. Jang Gwang threatens her and questions her.

Suddenly, something else happens. In-Kyung confesses that Wong-Sang-a has betrayed her father’s dream of a fair society and has killed many people for the sake of personal interest and gain. Jang Gwang is surprised to learn this and decides to set her free to keep the General’s dream alive. His memoir is a testament and a manifesto to correct course. Surprised to know this, In-Kyung takes him to the Broadcast station and reveals a new piece of evidence. The fur coat. The Closed Room. Everything comes out into the open. Another deadly blow to the Wong-Sang-a empire.

In-Joo is about to give her statement. As she does, she claims she of having gravely wronged the system, and her guilt weighs heavily on her. Experiencing so much money from bitter poverty was the most thrilling thing she has ever felt. While trying to confess her guilt, she truly believed that being alive is her priority and she would allow life to take its course, however, it chooses to unfold. While requesting the court to bring Wong Sang-a to justice for all the people that she has killed and taken money from unlawfully, we hear a pair of heels walking in as the court door opens. In-Joo turns around to see who it is. To everyone’s surprise, Jin Hwa-Young stands in the courtroom, ready for her day in court with a medical patch on her neck.

Final Thoughts:

For ten episodes, we felt Hwa-Young’s indirect presence. We caught a glimpse of her in In-Joo’s delusion when she had an accident in Singapore. Everyone missed the pair of shoes that In-Joo wore to go back to the apartment where Wong Sang-a tried to kill In-Joo. The same pair of shoes that we saw In-Joo exchange with Hwa-Young before they visited the expensive restaurant. What should irk us to explore in the last episode is whether we will see Hwa-Young confessing to creating an elaborate scheme to implicate both the Jae-Sang Foundation and the Wonryong Group to finally put Wong-Sang-a behind bars. While this ending seems tantalizing, the season finale will wrap up an incredible series and the best tale ever told, where no woman is as little as they seem.

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