Little Women (Season 1) Episodes 9 & 10 Recap and Ending, Explained: As we near the end, the series picks up steam and progresses forward from each character’s eerie background and history because no doubt remains about their past coming back to haunt them. The worlds of each character overlap, and we can salivate over the possibilities of good triumphing over evil and paying safe homage to a happy conclusion. This weekend, we follow a linear story in which the characters resolve matters. As the season finale draws closer, we see how the siblings gradually come to terms with a win and equal but dissimilar defeats. While the scales of justice are in balance, both episodes end on a cliffhanger of the most peculiar kind.

We experience thrills as the tale of three poor siblings advances quickly. Each one attempts to break free of the spider web and avoid becoming prey in this weekend’s episodes. The dangerous spider web of conspiracy, the potential loss of everything dear to them, death, betrayal, and worst of all, a fall from grace. Some people are relieved when someone falls from grace, while some are not.

The Jae-Sang family remains stuck in the web they have been weaving and the curtains close on their grand act. This leads to a surprising turn of events that forces us to reconsider the identity of the mastermind. One could only question who is the puppeteer if the puppets have executed their roles. With no delay, let us understand how events unfurl and discover how the three siblings raze a wealthy family’s grand empire to the ground.


Episode 9:

Two Siblings Change the Jae-Sang Family’s fate and The Third Meets an Uncertain Fate

In-joo is currently under the heavy influence of the Blue Orchid’s poisonous effects and can hardly function properly. When she asks Wong-Sang-a to see the money for the last time, Wong-Sang-a discovers that the suitcase is full of bricks. In-Joo has a gun to Wong-Sang-a’s head. With the fake Hwa-Young caught red-handed, Choi bursts into the room in time to save In-Joo who is about to be thrown off the balcony. He defends her honor and has his boss on the phone. Park Jae-Sang tells his wife to stand down and leave her be. At the same moment, In-Kyung sits next to Park Jae Sang, hoping to broker a deal. Her sister for the ledgers. Her last bargaining chip.

Accepting her offer, he would need to leave in-Joo alive. For the time being. Everything moves quickly when Park Jae-Sang burns the ledgers by dealing a big blow to In-Kyung’s leverage over him. Armed with a certain truth, he tells her there is a reason she remains alive today. Her boss is from the Jeongren Society. This slow-burn fact turns In-Kyung red with anger to confront her boss, who stares her down and remains faithful to the foundation. With no leverage over the Jae-Sang family, In-Kyung uses her last lethal weapon. Choi’s father, Choi Hee-Jae.

While Wong-Sang-a has faced a humiliating defeat with In-Joo, she struggles to gain control of the other two siblings to secure the 70 million won. This makes her desperate and she orders her husband to kill In-Kyung while she plots to kidnap In-Hye and lock her in The Closed Room, a real studio set of a room with no windows or doors (or one that only can open from the outside). In-Kyung goes missing just in time to save herself from Park Jae-sang’s assassins who raid her house. She makes her way to the hospital where Park Jae-sang’s brother-in-law, Won Sang-Woo (Wong-Sang-a’s older brother) is held, hostage.

Little Women Season 1 Episodes 9 10 Recap Ending Explained (2)

When In-Hye is taken by Hyo-Rin’s mother, Hyo-Rin collapses and lies to her mother that In-Hye has left for Japan. Deep down, she knows her mother has taken In-Hye. Meanwhile, In-Kyung is in conversation with Won Sang-Woo. With In-Kyung missing, In-Joo returns to Korea to search for her. While this is happening, In-Kyung is talking to the brother-in-law when Go-Sim finds out he may have a guest. In-joo and Ha Jong-Ho, In-Kyung’s crush, find out that she is at the hospital and has checked in on In-Joo’s name. When In-Joo and Jong-ho spot Go-Sim entering the hospital with many guards, In-Joo realizes that In-Kyung is in real danger.

After setting off the fire alarm, In-Joo and Jong-ho trap Go-Sim on the rooftop where In-Kyung avenges the beating that Go-Sim had given her. This results in herself and Jang-Ho being caught and trapped in the building’s basement. While the alarm went off, it allowed Won Sang-Woo to escape with In-Kyung. Choi Hee-Jae had given In-Kyung the plans of the building and this allowed for them to escape intact.

He collects them at a certain point and tells Choi to rescue In-Joo and Jang-ho from the hospital. Choi returns on his father’s orders and rescues In-Joo, telling her he had no plan and hence returned while not revealing the truth. Towards the end, we see Wong Sang-Woo having one last face-off with Park Jae-sang. By telling Park Jae-sang the wrong location for where he would like to meet, Wong Sang-Woo sneaks up on Jae-Sang’s location near the meeting point and has a gun to Park Jae-sang’s head.

Episode 10:

Park Jae-Sang and his brother-in-law Wong Sang-Woo are still at gunpoint. Events turn swiftly when Jae-Sang has the upper hand and begins brutally beating Sang-Woo with a stone killing him. When Jae-Sang returns home and feels exhausted, Wong-Sang-a hides her true emotions of panic and worry. Knowing that her husband is dead, she is playing the long game. In a panic, she storms the staircase. In the house’s silence, Hyo-Rin tells In-Kyung and Choi, who have snuck into the house to rescue In-Hye from the Jae-sang family’s grasp, that she might have taken In-Hye somewhere.

By following where she goes and closing at her heel without her knowing, Wong-Sang-a visits In-Hye in the closed room. In-Hye discovers it was Wong-Sang-a’s mother who was stuck in the room for a whole of 2992 days. Markings are left in the cupboard of the countdown of days spanning over weeks with markings in blood saying ‘Run Away’. Wong-Sang-a demands a painting from In-Hye of her brother, herself, and Jae-Sang from when they were children to be made. (a hint of what is coming).

While Hyo-rin and In-Hye leave the country and go on their holiday to escape the madness, Jae-Sang finds Choi came back to rescue In-Joo. Hard to believe that he would care so much for a woman. Jae-Sang targets Choi using his mother, who has stage three stomach cancer. While the children have taken off, In-Joo meets Hyo-Rin’s mother and informs her they both are safe. While Hyo-Rin wrote a heartfelt letter, Wong-Sang-woo calms down and calls a truce after reading the letter. While she realized it was difficult for In-Joo to sit before her, she warns In-Joo not to trust Choi. This puts her in a serious dilemma after everything that has happened. What happens next is a double-whammy for both sides. And one person wins.


Can Choi and In-Kyung take down the Jae-Sang Empire?

With both sides fighting a nasty war, the curtain is about to close and many will fall from grace. A disgusting empire killing and murdering people will end. With Choi as a target, Jae-Sang uses his mother as bait. After we presumably believe they torture her into biting her tongue and bleeding out profusely, Choi loses all tact and somewhere has kept something away from In-Joo. Jae-Sang uses this secret as a weapon and holds Choi true to his allegiance to himself and his family. His true family. His loyalty to the Blue Orchid Family. The Blue Orchid Society had adopted him as a young boy.

Little Women Season 1 Episodes 9 10 Recap Ending Explained (3)

With his mother’s health at risk, he makes a deal with Jae-Sang to give up all of his father Choi Hee-Jae’s plans to kill him by telling him where the snipers are located. But, all of Jae-Sang’s money, including the 70 million won, should be safe. Bear with me as I bring this full circle for you. With everything happening in hours, Choi makes In-Joo sign a disclaimer where the power of attorney moves over to him under special circumstances. When Jang-Ho and In-Kyung read his document since In-Joo cannot understand English, they learn something new and dangerous. In-Joo signs the document. We see a red-light beeping underneath Choi’s watch. Possibly showing he is being tracked.

With a veteran who is will serve at the will of any Veteran in need, In-Joo goes to an old colleague of Choi Sr’s selling his truck of old army ammunition and guns. But they have rigged the truck with explosives. When Choi Sr lands up at the drop location to drop the truck, the truck blows up and this puts both the Old Army Veteran and In-Joo in complete shock struggling to rescue Choi’s father who is rolling in flames of fire on the ground. Struck by these sudden events, In-joo remains in shock, thinking Choi Sr will die from possibly first-degree burns.

When they get to the hospital, Jae-Sang is getting ready to hold his rally and address his fans and followers to win the election as the City’s Mayor. As he passes the broadcast room, he sees In-Kyung’s name on the door and he goes straight into the broadcast room and sees In-Kyung deliver a shocking live telecast that reveals Choi’s mother is sitting next to her. In-Kyung reveals that Choi’s mother was unjustly accused of killing a man, the development Project Manager that would give various permits to Jae-Sang’s property developments. While the murder weapon was kept hidden by Choi’s father, In-Kyung reveals that the DNA analysis of the hammer (used to kill the manager) is a match to the DNA of Park Il-Bok, Park Jae-Sang’s father. The first blow to Jae-Sang.

While Park Jae-Sang tries to stomach this, Choi must move fast and secure his father’s life before anyone comes for either of his parents. After securing his mother who is broadcasting live on the television, he goes to find his father, who wakes up from burnt ‘limbo’ and is eagerly watching the live telecast his wife is giving silently. Startled by him being alive, In-Joo demands an explanation when Choi suddenly turns up to collect his father. When they leave the hospital, Choi confesses he needed to think fast two save two lives and use In-Joo as the ‘Little Blind Mouse’ (a famous con-man move where one person is not involved in the con but displays genuine emotion allowing for the con to carry forward hiding any flaw in the plan). Choi remains a con-man, and this is something to remember.

Both sides (Choi’s family and the siblings) do not want Jae-Sang to become mayor, therefore Choi still has one more trick up his sleeve. It is at this point that In-Kyung’s career reaches its pinnacle as she joins forces with Choi and his father to deliver their final blow against the Jae-Sang family. Choi Hee-jae’s son strikes the final blow when he is detained following a tip-off. The address to the crowd takes place on time. Park Jae-Sang steps up to the podium and starts speaking. Choi hacks into the network and uploads a video to the big screen, abruptly interrupting him. He appears to be killing Wong Sang-Woo, his wife’s brother, in the footage.

Suddenly, things take a different turn, but with a far more sinister undercurrent. With such news coming to slight, Park Jae-Sang wins the election. But within a couple of minutes, while In-Kyung is still live on television, they release video footage to the press where we see Park Jae-Sang falls from the top floor of the hospital to the ground. Dead from the fall, we see a Blue Orchid in his hand when his wife says her final goodbye. All the money from In-Joo’s account disappears. The Authorities are banging at her door. She is about to be arrested. Did Choi take care of her or do the opposite?

Final Thoughts:

With a heavy heart, we see an unfortunate turn of events that only pushes our patience to the threshold. Who is the real mastermind? Did Choi complete a different con? Was using In-Joo as his blind mouse the whole idea of the con in the first place? Is there a bigger plan? If Wong-Sang-woo is the sole survivor, what was the initial deal that he made? The last two episodes, which are the season finale will bring everything full circle and now answer all our questions. This piece of cinema shall continue to be a masterpiece and possibly the best rendition of Louisa May Alcott’s fictional re-telling of Little Women.


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