The Wrath of Becky (2023) Movie Ending, Explained – Does Becky defeat both Darryls?

This year has brought us an unexpected lineup of sequels that we never knew we needed, especially considering how the pandemic shut the world down in March 2020. But amidst these challenges, directors Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion managed to surprise everyone pleasantly. They gifted a nation of shut-ins with the original thriller Becky. Now, Becky returns in The Wrath of Becky (2023), skillfully directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote. It’s a sequel to the first Becky film released in 2020, picking up where it left off. We see Becky’s new life, which remains deadly. Notably, it answers lingering questions from the first film, and this sequel hints at what’s to come, possibly a third film.

One cannot overlook the remarkable performance of Seann William Scott. It wouldn’t be a Becky movie without her going head-to-head against a comedic actor in an antagonistic role. In his performance as Darryl, the strong and apathetic leader of the Noble Men, you can sense the fear and authority he gets across. The killings are depicted more realistically, yet it doesn’t shy away from graphic violence.

Due to its controversial political content, the film had a very restricted showing in theaters. While we catch glimpses of its potential for over-the-top violence, it hints at the possibility of a truly thrilling experience that could have been. Overall, The Wrath of Becky is still a must-watch for brisk, brutal, and bellicose thrillers enthusiasts. Spoilers ahead.

The Wrath of Becky (2023) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis :

Three years have passed since the first film was released, where we saw Becky as a 13-year-old girl amid a few personal issues, and she lost her mother to illness. She holds onto her mother’s memory as best she can. But her father, Jeff, is her primary source of support. Now, Becky is 16. She has been in three foster homes and didn’t stay at any of them for long. We see Becky and her dog, Diego, being sent to the house of a religious and loving couple.

Becky pretends to play along with the couple and lets them hear what they want to hear. But when the couple falls asleep, she decides to run away. She is also sent to two other foster families but doesn’t stay with either of them. Just before the film starts, Becky runs into a woman while trying to thumb a ride. The woman she runs to turns out to be Elena. She warmly welcomes Becky into her house. When the film starts, Becky lives together with Elena and works at the local diner.

Her peaceful life is disrupted when the Noble Men come to town with a mysterious plan that becomes clear later. It seems like the group intends to start a rebellion, and they have chosen this town as its central point. They strongly abhor Senator Hernandez, a liberal politician, and her policies above all else, and they have organized rallies to protest against her. Because they think those methods are not working, some members have opted for a more violent approach.

When Sean arrives in town together with DJ and Anthony, he believes it’s just another rally. It’s only later he discovers the real situation. Becky wants to figure out what kind of people these three are. Therefore, she lets her contentious side become evident as she ‘accidentally’ drops a cup of hot coffee on Anthony’s lap. But little did she know, the three men realized that she did it intentionally, and that made them follow her all the way through Elena’s house. 

Anthony initially attacks Becky, prompting her to call Diego and ask for help. But before Diego can reach them, DJ hits him with a baseball bat. When Elena attempts to meddle, Anthony immediately shoots her. Becky becomes enraged and attempts to assault one of the men, but she falls unconscious. When she wakes up the next morning, she finds Elena already dead while Diego is missing.

She tries to calm herself and refrain from panicking. Becky buries Elena before seeking her revenge. When she hears that the men are in town to meet someone named Darryl, Becky decides it’s a good starting point for her. There are two people named Darryl in the town. The first is an older woman who is a heavy smoker using an oxygen cylinder. Since one Darryl seems irrelevant to Becky’s search, she shifts her attention to the other one.

While they are at the other Darryl’s house, Anthony warns his friends that if they reveal what happened the night before, they will face grave consequences. But their actions soon make Darryl curious, and later on, he figures out the truth behind the three younger men. Becky is outside at the exact moment without them knowing and is preparing to attack.

When the film reveals that Anthony and DJ are in town because they intend to actually attack Senator Hernandez, who has a scheduled speech at the town hall, Sean has no idea of their plans and just holds prejudiced beliefs. He hasn’t been pushed to the extreme point where he would commit violence against the US government. On the other hand, when Becky reviews the situation, she discovers that Darryl is a former Army Ranger with multiple Iraq tours under his belt.

Darryl straightforwardly shares a story from his past with Sean, almost as if it’s routine, to make sure Sean understands the consequences they impose on traitors. Until that moment in the story, we had been unsure about the kind of person he was and whether he might pose a greater threat than the others. But his brief backstory clarifies some things in the situation for now.

A still from The Wrath of Becky (2023).
A still from The Wrath of Becky (2023).

The Wrath of Becky (2023) Movie Ending, Explained:

Does Becky succeed in getting revenge?

Darryl tells Anthony to negotiate with Becky about returning her dog. But Anthony has no plans to do that and has even attempted to kill Becky. Anthony eventually falls into a trap that Becky has set up earlier and ends up at the front door of Darryl’s house. When Darryl opens the door, Anthony’s head is violently destroyed. Darryl also takes action and kills Sean when he attempts to leave while insulting the Noble Men. On the other hand, Becky fires a crossbow bolt through the mouth of one of the Noble Men’s members, which is Twig, before being put to sleep by a tranquilizer shot.

What is the truth behind Darryl’s identity and their leader?

It later reveals that Darryl also has his own plan when he doesn’t immediately kill Becky, and that’s because she has the list of all the members of the Noble Men across the country. He is fully aware that it would be a tragedy if the authorities get hold of the list. So, he opts to spare Becky’s life to get the information from her to prevent this from happening. Even though the leader of the NobleMen arrives, the problem still remains. And it seems like Becky isn’t the only one who knows how to trick. We discover that the head of the Noble Men is a woman. It turns out to be the other Darryl in the town, who was initially described as a heavy smoker. She’s not just the leader of the Noble Men but also the mother of Darryl Jr. and named him after herself.

Does Becky defeat both Darryls?

When Darryl Jr. captures Becky, Darryl Sr. arrives to interrogate her. She uses Diego to pressure her to reveal where the thumb drive is located. Becky uses her Girl Scouts’ expertise to escape her restraints. Then, she releases gas from a canister to temporarily compel Darryl Jr. to exit the room. Becky manages to kill Darryl by tricking him into the trap she had set earlier. In his final moments, he praises Becky for her brilliance. She immediately, with precision, hurls a knife at Darryl Sr. She comes back to save Diego yet discovers that Darryl Sr. is still alive despite being hit by a knife. She tries to shoot Becky, but with a knife lodged in her brain, the shot goes off-target. Because of what she did earlier, Becky commands Diego to fatally attack and eat Darryl Sr..

What does the key hold as its secret?

It’s never been clear what secret the key holds, and there was no last-minute unexpected turn revealing its purpose in the first film. It was also the reason why the neo-Nazis came to seek and kill her father. Becky realizes that the key can be unlocked, and she finds coordinates inside it, all because of Darryl Jr.’s unintended help. Near the end of the episode, 24 hours later, a CIA agent named Kate Montana asks two questions, with the condition that if she answers “yes” to the first question, she will be asked a second one. 

Agent Montana offers to recruit Becky to be the youngest recruit in the history of the CIA, and she accepts. The second question involves the secret of the key, asking Becky if she is ready to know the secret it holds. But at that moment, Becky already knows the truth, which will potentially be explored in a potential third film. “The Wrath of Becky” ends with DJ attempting to return to the road when his truck malfunctions. Becky drives up all the way to DJ while wearing a black suit, and then she kills him with a rocket launcher.

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