Matthew Vaughn’s latest venture, “Argylle,” leaves audiences grappling with a blurred line between fiction and reality as it intertwines the worlds of spy novelist Elly Conway and her creation, Aubrey Argylle. With its post-credits scene and ties to Vaughn’s Kingsman universe, speculation from audiences runs rampant about the future of the franchise and its potential connections. As viewers seek clarity amidst the narrative twists, the anticipation for “Argylle 2” looms large, promising further exploration into its currently all-over-the-place universe.

What does the post-credit scene in Argylle mean? 

As discussed briefly before, the post-credit scene in Argylle may hint at a possibility of a connection with Vaugh’s own Kingsmen universe. But before we get to the updates and speculation, let’s look at the post-credit scene in Argylle and what it means. 

In the mid-credits scene, set two decades earlier, a young man enters a pub named The King’s Man. He requests a “cosmopolitan with a twist,” but the bartender dismisses the idea. The young man then orders “just the twist” instead. 

This serves as both a playful jab at James Bond’s drink preference and a coded request. The bartender hands him a box containing a pistol and asks the young man his name. The young man says that his name is ‘Aubrey Argylle.’ The scene ends with text announcing, “Argylle: Book One — The Movie — Coming Soon.”

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Will there be an ‘Argylle 2’?

Elly Conway, portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard in “Argylle,” is an author who writes spy fiction about Aubrey Argylle. This scene could be an in-joke, a trailer for a movie within the fictional universe of “Argylle,” adapted from Elly’s fictional book. 

However, Elly Conway is also a real author who wrote a book called “Argylle,” supposedly inspiring the movie. This could be a trailer for a real movie adaptation of that book rather than the metafictional take in the current “Argylle” movie. 

Vaughn plans to make more “Argylle” movies pending approval from Apple and Universal. The plan is to start with “Book One,” then follow up with “Argylle 2,” continuing with the characters and meta craziness.

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