When nostalgia and love set in, our hearts often drift back to the sweet memories of our first loves, leaving us to ponder their whereabouts. Television romantic comedies craft whimsical tales that seamlessly weave together the threads of fate, orchestrating chance encounters that only the enchantment of Hollywood could conceive. UPtv’s latest holiday film, “Yuletide the Knot,” unfolds a heartwarming narrative set in a quaint town, where a seasoned wedding planner embarks on a journey to rediscover the enchantment of Christmas through a serendipitous reunion with her long-lost first love.

Yuletide the Knot Cast & Characters Explained:

Here is a sneak peek at the cast of Yuletide the Knot:

Mary Antonini as Rachel

Mary Antonini, adorned with the magic of the holiday season, has graced the screens in a myriad of festive films, captivating audiences in beloved titles such as “A Christmas Mission” and “Holiday Heart.” Prior to her enchanting roles in these heartwarming tales, Antonini’s artistic journey unfolded on the illustrious stages of Broadway, where she dedicated several years to the world of theater, leaving an indelible mark in numerous musical productions. 

She stars as Rachel in Yuletide the Knot.

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté

Peter Porte as Logan

Peter Porte has graced the screens in numerous heartwarming films for both Hallmark Channel and Lifetime, leaving audiences enchanted in productions such as “Christmas Harmony,” “A Gift to Remember,” and “Rome in Love.” His most recent captivating performance can be witnessed in “Notes of Autumn,” where he shares the spotlight with the talented Luke Macfarlane and Ashley Williams on the Hallmark Channel.

He stars as Logan in Yuletide the Knot.

The cast of Yuletide the Knot also includes Kelley Jakle, Kelsey Scott, and Melissa Peterman.

What is the plot of Yuletide the Knot about?

In the backdrop of a cozy small town, Rachel (Mary Antonini), a dedicated wedding planner, finds herself thrust into the grandeur of her most significant Christmas wedding assignment yet. The spotlight intensifies as she’s tasked with orchestrating the nuptials for an influential couple from out of town.

However, Rachel’s professional world takes an unexpected turn when she discovers that the bride’s manager is none other than Logan (portrayed by Peter Porte) – her high school sweetheart. As they navigate the intricate details of the lavish celebration, Logan becomes a catalyst for Rachel’s journey of self-discovery.

Where to Watch Yuletide the Knot?

Yuletide the Knot will debut on UPtv at 7 p.m. ET on Sunday, December 3rd.

Watch the trailer here

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