Best Christmas Movies on Netflix: Ho ho ho, ’tis the Holiday season, and Christmas is nigh upon us. Also, high time that people stop talking like this. Christmas is most fondly defined with the usage of words like “tis” and “twas”, and talking about things like Santa and egg nog. Surely the world has moved past that? There are plenty of other ways to keep the old Christmas traditions alive. One of them is through cinema. The magic of moviemaking has always enthralled, and ever since It’s a Wonderful Life was released, people have religiously watched movies about Christmas with their families.

Anything around the subject catches your fancy; we have got you covered. Let us define your Christmas with this list of the best Christmas movies you can stream on everyone’s favorite OTT platform Disney Netflix. Happy reading!

1. Klaus (2019)

christmas movies on Netflix 02 Klaus

The Christmas spirit is most gleefully captured in Klaus’ plot, which is the textbook turn against the odds we all love. This animated feature brings a fresh perspective on the most important element of Christmas for children – Santa Klaus. Many young ones identify the holiday with the image of a bearded old and fat white man in a red suit. With an incredibly vibrant palette of colors defining its distinguished visual style, Klaus also features a voice cast that inspires warmth and trust. Some of the names on there are thoroughbreds when it comes to lending voices to animated characters and bringing smiles to children’s faces.

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Klaus is funny, charming, and unabashedly handsome when it comes to visualizing its cinematic universe. It becomes an instant seasonal favorite owing to the ditching of commonplace storylines of morals and whatnot and instead opting to adopt a tender approach for Christmas’ most relished protagonist’s origin story.

2. Operation Christmas Drop (2020)

christmas movies on Netflix 03 Operation Christmas Drop

Operation Christmas Drop’s plot and context of celebrating Christmas is its USP. The recontextualization of the holiday is merged with an unknown White House tradition that is surprisingly generous. How can romance in the uniform in a foreign land not be endearing to you? Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig make for an impressive duo at the center of the focus. The plot itself is inspired by a real humanitarian mission, although that does not get a lot of minutes from the screenplay. The emotional appeal comes from the preservation of tradition.

Ericas’ (Graham) investigation into the functionality of the base she inspects goes beyond a regulatory check as Andrew (Ludwig) discovers her softer side. The buildup in tension between the two is similar to what happens in what became one of Netflix’s most-watched originals, Purple Hearts. Ludwig carries himself really well in the uniform, bringing the typical mix of arrogance and soppy to his character. Kat Graham is probably the better performer of the two and does more of the heavy lifting. Her chemistry is the shining moment in the film that has very few in its long runtime.

3. The Noel Diary (2022)

christmas movies on Netflix 04 the noel diary

The recently released film on Netflix is an out-and-out romcom set alive in a festive mood. Jake’s homecoming coincides with a shocking truth about his past life that leads her to a woman that will change his life forever. The Christmasy vibes are almost felt throughout the runtime, giving you enough to enjoy the lights and traditions in full. The Noel Diary knows its limitations well and tries to stay within them. We have seen this story format being repeated many times, but it is the lead pair of Justin Hartley and Barrett Doss that brings an emotional attachment to the story.

You might not be readily invested in the things Jake feels coming back home if it weren’t for Hartleyu’s genuine performance. Even though the film ditches the goody-good arch that ends up spoiling any distinguishment, overall, The Noel Diary is elevated due to its efficient marriage of familiarity and nostalgia. A warmth defines how you end up feeling after watching it, and that is the real win for you as a viewer.

4. Falling for Christmas (2022)

christmas movies on Netflix 05 falling for christmas

Filmmakers today run ragged, perfectly sweet stories with modernist twists to gain the respect of their peers. It is okay for movies to have a mind of their own and reflect values that might be different than the social norms. Not everyone must be liked. Not everyone can. But Falling for Christmas “falls” for that illusion with its idealistic and conforming story. Lindsay Lohan tries her best, but maybe her character could have been written with a little more practical impact. Do not get me wrong: it is still a good time pass, but that is where perhaps the adjectives end. As bad a film as it is, the spirit of Christmas shines through, and that is why Falling for Christmas is on the list.

5. A Boy Called Christmas (2021)

christmas movies on Netflix 06 A boy called christmas

Beyond its Christmas theme and fantastical story, A Boy Called Christmas is a worthy watch for its 3D characters. It is not often you get to say for films in this blended genre. But Ol Parker and Gil Kenan have certainly hit the right marks. For an analogy, compare it with a film like Primal Fear (1996). The characterizations of Aaron, Marty, and Janet are what make it a timeless classic to revisit, not the story. A Boy Called Christmas predominantly features a young cast, but the child actors are no lesser than their adult peers. Henry Lawfull delivers a breakthrough performance as Nikolas, around whom the plot revolves. His innocent disposition is a ruse for the big plans he sets on to complete that require strength of character and decisiveness.

Other crowd favorites in the ensemble include Michiel Huisman, Kristen Wiig, and Maggie Smith. Despite being whimsical and borrowing conviction of the tried and tested methods, A Boy Called Christmas is able to surprise with jolts of originality pleasantly. But its true importance and likability flow from its immaculate preservation of the Christmasy spirit you can enjoy with your family.

6. Love Hard (2022)

christmas movies on netflix 07 love hard

With a talented cast and diverse characters, Love Hard rises above your stape Christmas special with a punchy story twist. For a change, we have an Asian touch in how the festivities unfold and the setting of the plot. Daren Barnet, who exploded with Never Have I Ever, brings his charm to the role of Tag and very much nails his comic timing. The lighthearted vein of laughter feels a bit jaded. Coupled with more sincere themes of catfishing and the dating culture, Love Hard settles with lofty ambitions.

A lack of courage prevents it from fully optimizing its resources. But maybe the intention here was to make the experience of watching the story a mindless one. It is not necessarily a bad thing (tell that to the other entrants on the list), but there was potential to be something different. Nina Dobrev and Jimmy Yang, too, chip in with decent performances that just about do the job.

7. Let it Snow (2019)

christmas movies on netflix 08 Let it snow

We always seek young, attractive-looking actors in a romcom setting during holidays to get away from the boxed-in realities of our lives. Let It Snow is a film that promises and delivers on those elements. Everything about it screams a call for young viewers to come and live out their fantasy that cinema often leaves you excited with. Let It Snow takes its bearings from a novel of the same name. The toughest part when adapting something already in existence into a film is the decision to leave out things. It is not about including stuff. And the manner in which you should selectively choose should have a narrative rhythm and preserve the overall appeal of the literary work.

Let It Snow is a bit hit-and-miss on that part – honestly, more of the latter. There are no conclusive fillers into the gaps the makers leave while taking the plot from the novel, giving you ample space as a viewer to experience it on your own terms. Let It Snow certainly has a differentiated storyline and not your typical “businesswoman from the city goes back to her small hometown and meets the farmer.” Sweet, simple, and effective is how ‘Let it Snow’ should be best described.

8. White Christmas (1954)

christmas movies on netflix 09 White Christmas

The only classic on the list (sadly, Netflix does not have many) is heartfelt transportation back into what many called the golden era for American values. Before modernity and gender studies completely inverted the complexity of social relations, the courageous men in White Christmas were the epitome of safety, honor, and the ideal man. It is for sure a sentimental watch, and most of that comes due to the setting of the Second World War. That backdrop is crucial in moving the story forward. Staple musical editions on stage and loud bombardments on the back of fighter airplanes are the highlights of this fine film.

White Christmas features a complete story and not just some nonsense compensatory roundabout to accommodate sentiments. Michael Curtiz, the mind behind classics like Casablanca and Mildred Pierce, makes sure that his film offers emotionally conflicted and three-dimensional characters who do not fit into the scheme of the film in a straightforward manner. The human interest of the story is well served due to Curtiz’s immensely fine-tuned cinematic sensibilities. Watch this one for a trip back to nostalgia and experience the real OGs at work!

9. Shaun the Sheep the Flight Before Christmas (2021)

This Christmas special from Shaun the Sheep is something you can bond with your kids on and even enjoy yourself. The animated character is a universal sweetheart, and this movie feels like the perfect encapsulation of what he represents for children. It contains some great artwork and clever lines of dialogue. The detailing in the plot and visuals is ingenious, making an effort even more commendable. At just 30 minutes long, Shaun the Sheep is paced to perfection. You’d think it was too little time for makers to get you emotional, but somehow they do.

There are so many easter eggs sprinkled throughout that you’d have to watch it again to find them all, like a side mission in a video game. Even if you have never seen the show before, this Christmas fiesta is a big reason to get behind the movement to bring Nickelodeon into mainstream focus.

10. Single All the Way (2021)

Single all the Way definitely has some of the same vibes as Holidate. The basic feeling the protagonist Peter (Michael Urie) fights and resists in the film is very similar. The constant nagging from his family has forced him to get a fake partner to show off, but the family has different plans for him. Unlike Holidate, we get a different perspective on the dating world here through the eyes of a homosexual lead. The essence remains the same – love and respect – but how the actual business is approached and handled is certainly different. Peter and Nick’s chemistry is something that must invite your attention as well. It is perhaps the only refreshing change in the conventional Chritasm setup we are so used to seeing. There is no beating the formulaic approach here when the story ends, but it is certainly an enjoyable ride until that part.

 11. A Bad Moms Christmas (2017)

No matter how bad a film is, with good-looking people, everything can be swept under the carpet. And when those people barely cover themselves during the holiday season, the combination becomes irresistible. After Bad Moms became a huge commercial success, the sequel followed suit. Apparently, a third film is also in the works, giving it a full franchise-like feel. The twist over the first film in this follow-up was the mothers having to deal with their mothers. Kunis, Hahn, and Bell all returned to their original roles and once again became the popular clique with no hiccups. While the story does not give them an opportunity to access the more emotional components of their characters, they nail the essential comic timing.

The wildness is dialed down considerably, though, playing somewhat of a spoilsport. It obviously goes over the top on many occasions but returns a decent viewing experience for a fun family night.

12. Holiday in the Wild (2019)

Holiday in the Wild (2019)

There are certain occasions in films that never quite feel real. No matter how hard writers and directors try, they cannot convince a thinking viewer to believe their splendor.  Holiday in the Wild imitates its title to the hilt, moving the celebrations of Christmas to the fields of Zambia. Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis highlight the film as a detached couple on the precipice of a separation. Although animals are not a common sight in such settings (unless they are dead and cooked on the table), Zambia’s natural habitat offers a unique opportunity to see them as they are.

An effort is made to integrate the pain and cruelty shown to elephants through the clever subplot about the animal-human bond. It is a known fact that elephants are conscious and self-aware beings. Holiday in the Wild makes the most of its leads’ inherent lovable qualities and the differentiated setting of a sanctuary to offer a different version of the holiday season.

13. A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

If one would make a self-indulgent holiday special about a Hollywood star unable to host a holiday special due to a snowstorm, take note, it should be Bill Murray. He is one artist who can never do a bad film and is universally loved in whatever role he takes on. Sofia Coppola, known for another iconic film with a star (Lost in Translation), takes a reprieve from serious filmmaking to do something fun with the holiday theme. There is music; there is dancing and a host of stars who adorn Coppola’s hour of dazzle. These ingredients go very well with the festive mood and vibes, promising anything but a dull night for the viewers.

Composition and choreography on the screen headline the film, and you will not find more hummable Christmas songs anywhere else. A Very Murray Christmas recreates old classics into newer versions with just enough respect and vibrancy to stand out. Forget all your worries and stream this snowball of laughs and fun with your family!

14. The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

The Christmas Chronicles (2018)


Kurt Russel might have just redefined how young kids now view Santa. His magical figure is a visual treat and a really refreshing iteration of the big man. If there is one pick on the list that defines the “Christmas spirit,” it is this one. Director Clay Kaytis spins a gleeful web of morals, values, and social messaging in The Christmas Chronicles, all the while providing requisite ammunition for the charismatic stars to weave their magic. There is definitely a conscious attempt on the part of the makers to debunk Christmas stereotypes and bring new energy to the execution. But it is not done just for the sake of doing it. Instead, the execution is such that the story benefits from the differentiated creative choices.

It is certainly a good candidate to become one of the new favorite Christmas classic movies for families looking to enjoy a film together during the holidays.  You will definitely be on the naughty list if you do not end up liking this one! Well done, Netflix.

15. Holidate (2020)

christmas movies on Netflix 01 Holidate

The “will they won’t they” trope is charmingly utilized as the core conceit in Holidate. The film features talented writers bringing the story of Sloane and Jackson to the screen. In a certain way, it encapsulates one of the most yearned fantasies of the modern single man and woman – a dating partner. If someone could put the service in the form of an app, it could be a unicorn in no time. Elon, are you reading this? For those who have pestering parents who cannot resist the urge to interfere with their single lives, Holidate is the ultimate dream.

Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey conjure up decent to-and-fro between their characters, although a more grounded treatment of the story perhaps could have yielded better results. The general quality of jokes is quite good, albeit with some inconsistencies. Christmas is once again an occasion for designers and producers to showcase eye-catching decorations and traditional tunes. Perhaps not your typical family film, but a very streamable weekend flick with your partner.

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