Directed by Michelle Ouellet, “Dying in Plain Sight” is one of the most essential films that, as an audience, you ought to see. The recent craze of fitness can lead to permanent mental and physical damage. But we are too blind to see that. Instead, we force each and every one to follow a strict diet, leaving the food they love to eat. The film delivers some of the most crucial lines that one needs to hear. In some ways, it is a crime to force someone into a diet because you are taking away his or her freedom to live life the way they want. Showing concern for someone’s well-being is a completely different thing rather than forcing someone into something. This film brilliantly portrays that without any doubt. Spoilers Ahead!

Dying in Plain Sight (2024) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis

The film starts with Morgan Cruz, the protagonist of the story, crafting her diary, where she writes down her meals and BMI. She has a very high BMI, which can lead to severe health problems. So, the doctor suggests she lose weight and eat less. Morgan tries hard, but every time she checks her weight, it only increases. Morgan is a wonderful poet herself as in Ms. Norris’ class, she is a top student, and even Mr. Norris is inspired by her writing.

Morgan’s friend Emmy Harrison is on her way to becoming a social media star, and whenever she uploads a picture or video with Morgan, the netizens say something bad about her. Morgan does not feel bad about these things. Then we meet Gage Hill, who is Morgan’s classmate, and since Morgan is a top student, Gage’s parents want her to tutor him. But, Gage somehow manages to manipulate Morgan into missing the classes as he knows that somewhere between the lines, Morgan has a soft spot for him.

Why does Morgan’s Parents Split?

After her mother, Kim Cruz picks her up from school, they visit the doctor, who says that Morgan needs to put down her BMI. Later, Kim asks Morgan to put her dad’s wallet in his office as he left it at home. While doing so, Morgan sees some notifications popping up on her dad’s phone. Kim arrives by this time and finds out about those notifications. Morgan is asked to leave the room as her parents get into a fight because her father is clearly having an affair with a rather younger woman.

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Soon after, Kim decides to ask Nick, her husband, to leave the house. Morgan does not like the situation as she starts losing focus on everything. Kim follows the woman Nick has an affair with and feels that perhaps because she has gained weight with her age, Nick is looking for other options. This makes her indulge in exercises and diet, which she enforces upon Morgan as well. This is basically her escape from what is going on around her. But the way she forces it onto Morgan sucks the spirit out of the happy chubby girl everyone knows.

Why does Morgan’s Behavior Change with Time?

As time progresses, Morgan does not understand much of what she has been up to. Until now, her main focus has been on writing a poem as she is required to submit it for a very respectable competition, as Ms. Norris has suggested her name. But, right after her parents’ situation, everything starts falling apart. Kim is forcing her to go to the gym with a healthy diet so that she can reduce her weight. Unbeknownst to her, Morgan starts skipping her meals and this leads to lose her temper as well. She even tries to hit one of the students when he mocks her for being chubby.

Later, we see Morgan getting close to Gage as he introduces her to his gang. Soon, she starts enjoying the time with them, smoking weed and even starts doing drugs as well. She invites them to her house, and there, she makes out with Gage. But, right after that, Gage starts ignoring her. Meanwhile, Morgan has lost touch with her best friend, Emmy, as when she asks for Morgan’s help, she refuses to help her.

Dying in Plain Sight (2024) Movie Ending Explained
A still from “Dying in Plain Sight” (2024)

When Ms. Norris confronts Morgan about the poem she wrote and says that it is very disappointing to see her write such emotionless poetry, Morgan argues with her as well. Later, Emmy reveals that the whole college knows how Gage has used her to get what he wants. Morgan has literally nowhere to go but to submit to her long list of failures as a daughter; as a lover and of course as a friend.

But, in reality, none of the incidents were her mistake. She is provoked by her parents to take the steps that led to such a catastrophe. Anyway, Ms. Norris asks Morgan’s parents to come for a chat, and there she reveals about skipping meals. Ms. Norris notices Morgan dumping her tiffin on a regular basis. Hence, she urges her parents to look into the matter. She even shows the two diaries Morgan has been writing, and one of them is filled with fake meal routines.

Dying in Plain Sight (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Is Morgan Able to Start Living a Normal Life?

Kim and Nick return home and search Morgan’s room, only to find random pills and how she has been living in the dirt for a long time. They even learn that Morgan used to eat and then vomit it all out. This is one of the techniques she acquired from Gage’s friend. She even googled ‘how to lose weight’ multiple times and tried it all. Morgan tries to stop her parents from discovering all her secrets and suddenly she faints.

The doctor says that she has multiple health issues, such as severe electrolyte imbalance, low red blood cell count, and acute kidney failure. These are all signs of acute anorexia, which can be very damaging for a young woman like Morgan. Gradually, Morgan regains her consciousness. She then apologizes to everyone, especially to Emmy, for her behavior. Kim regrets her decision to force Morgan into a lifestyle that has led to such severe consequences.

Kim and Nick start their life anew as Morgan joins an Intensive Outpatient Program. Six months later, we see a new Morgan looking forward to taking up the challenges as her mother, Kim, takes her side. Only this time, she will be there as a protector; not as a strict instructor. Morgan admires the body she has in the tough times when everyone has left her to suffer alone. It’s the body that never let her go.

She promises to be more respectful toward it. But, in reality, as I have said earlier, it was never Morgan’s idea of being skinny, but society and her mother forced her to do so. She learns from her mother how she hates her chubby thighs, and from there, she too learns to hate herself for being fat. These are the little things that put a person into depression. There are very few that actually show you the way because all of them out there will only pick a flaw, no matter how perfect you are.

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