Jailer (2023) Movie Ending Explained: Is there any way Super Star Rajni will ever stop mesmerizing us? Do we want that to happen? The simplest of answers will be ‘NO!’ and after Nelson’s Jailer, we are more sure than ever. Nelson’s mastery of storytelling has already proved to be one of the best in Doctor and Kolamavu Kokila. In Jailer (2023), Nelson doesn’t hold back and goes all rogue with Rajni as his anchor. Also, Anirudh’s theme songs for each character are one of the things that must be talked about whenever there is a discussion on Jailer’s success. Now, let’s dive into the plot. Spoilers Ahead!

Jailer (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis

The film starts with a scene where the police are trying to cover up a crime scene where an idol of god is stolen from a temple. Later, we are introduced to ‘Tiger’ Muthuvel Pandian, aka Jailer, a retired police officer and an ex-jailer who lives a rather simple life. He lives with his wife, son Arjun, a police officer, his daughter-in-law, and grandson. He helps his grandson shoot his YouTube videos. Arjun investigates the idol-stealing gang and comes across Seenu. He is one of the gang’s small players, headed by the vicious Varman, the story’s antagonist.

Seenu tells Arjun that if he tries to stop their work, his father, Muthuvel Pandian, is going to face problems. However, when Arjun asks him to call his men, the father picks up the phone, and we see all the men who came to kidnap him are seriously injured. Soon after, Arjun puts Seenu behind bars, and right after Seenu’s release, Arjun goes missing. Jailer goes to Seenu requesting him to release his son if he has kidnapped him. Seenu underestimates him, and a couple of days later, one of Arjun’s colleagues tells Jailer that there is no chance his son is still alive. The jailer doesn’t know what to do or how to answer the questions his daughter-in-law or Arjun’s mother is seeking. An enraged Muthuvel Pandian kills Seenu and disposes of his body.

How does Jailer deal with Varman’s threat to Kill his family?

Knowing one of his men is brutally killed, Varman sends a man to attack his grandson. Jailer somehow manages to save him, and later that night, Varman calls Jailer. He threatens him to destroy his family completely as he has killed one of his men. Later, understanding the magnitude of the threat, Jailer calls him back and requests him to put an end to this. However, Varman mocks the appeal, and he makes sure that he will go to any extent to destroy Jailer’s family completely.

The jailer feels threatened and goes to a bar. There, he finds out about the man who tries to kill his grandson. He walks away, but the man follows him into the dark alley with another person. Suddenly, Jailer brings a weapon and finishes them off one by one. The jailer knows that the bloodbath will not stop, so he talks to his wife. He tells her that right after Arjun’s death, he cannot sleep. They go to a doctor, and the Jailer manages to keep his family for a few days by blackmailing the doctor.

Later, we see him going to Karnataka to seek help from his old friend, Narasimha. Narasimha lends him a team of affluent killers whose main job is to protect Jailer and his family by all means. Right after that, Jailer seizes one of the trucks filled with idols that are destined to reach Varman. Varman, by this time, finds out where Jailer has kept his family. He goes there, and right before he can do any harm to them, he calls Jailer to be a witness to his family’s fate. Surprisingly, Varman ends up as a loser in the situation as Jailer shows him the idol he has captured and makes sure that no idol can ever reach him if he does anything to his family.

Varman now understands Jailer’s influence and how he can completely destroy his business. He leaves his family, meets with him, and Jailer gives him the idols back. But soon, Varman again tries to attack Jailer’s family the very next day. However, Jailer is fully prepared for anything, but he knows that he cannot protect his family if he needs to lie about what is going on.

In a unique action sequence, where Varman’s men enter Jailer’s house and are killed rapidly by the snipers who swore to protect Jailer’s family, Muthuvel sits with his family. Amidst the bloodbath, he explains that he will not stop until everyone related to his son’s death is killed. Muthuvel, aka Jailer, once again wears a long-forgotten killer attire. The family now fears him more than anything, yet there is no denying that Jailer is their guardian angel.

Why is no one willing to stand against Jailer?

The men who went to kill Jailer that night were Kamdev’s men. Knowing that everyone is killed, Kamdev tells Varman that if he knew beforehand that he was sending men to kill Jailer, he would not have sent them in the first place. Varman doesn’t have a clue about who Jailer is. Kamdev tells him about an incident from the past.

At that time, Kamdev used to be a prisoner, and there were many vicious criminals living under the same roof. However, they all feared Tiger Muthuvel Pandian because of his unpredictable methods of controlling crimes. Once, a ganglord named Sikander Singh protested against Jailer and ended up with one ear. The other one? Well, Jailer cut it with a sharp blow of a knife. The influence he had on the criminals was extraordinary.

Jailer (2023) Movie Ending Explained
A still from Jailer (2023)

With that being said, Varman has already asked for men from Sikander Singh, and Kamdev tells him that those men aren’t there to kill Jailer, but they will do anything that Jailer asks them to. When Jailer arrives to talk to Varman, all the Sikandar Singh’s men are ready to do whatever Jailer tells them. Varman knows the fight is lost when he shows the last trick he has. As it turned out, he saves himself by showing it.

What deal does Varman make with Jailer?

Just before Jailer lands his final blow to end Varman’s life, he shows him a video where we see Arjun is alive and he is a captive now. The jailer stops, and Varman offers him a deal. He tells him to steal the Crown from an ancient temple in Andhra. Once Jailer brings him the crown, he will let Arjun go without a scratch. The jailer tells him that he needs some time to think.

Later, Jailer inquires about the temple and learns that the Crown is kept in a very secure place. Even to see a glimpse of it, one needs permission from the PM or the trustees of the temple. The trustees are all very big personalities, including Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar, but there is a name that intrigues Jailer. Blast Mohan, one of the temple’s trustees, opens a path for the Jailer to steal the crown. He calls Varman, and Varman sends two of his men to oversee what Jailer is planning.

How does Jailer steal the Crown?

Jailer makes a solid plan and talks to the director, who is directing a recent Blast Mohan film. Blackmailing the director is very easy as he is in love with the heroine whom Blast Mohan also loves. Blast Mohan doesn’t know about their relationship, and the director is fooling him from the beginning. The jailer tells him Blast Mohan will know the truth if he doesn’t do what he wants. Jailer plots a shooting scene where Blast Mohan will steal the Crown from the temple. They design the set exactly as it is and also make a fake Crown for the shoot.

Blast Mohan steals the crown, and Jailer puts that clip into the CCTV footage of the temple. CBI comes to inquire about this to Blast Mohan. He doesn’t have a clue about what is going on. CBI then sends the temple’s Crown to verify whether it is original or not. Right at this moment, Jailer, along with his crew, attacks a military crew. At first glance, we see that it is perhaps the temple’s Crown that CBI is sending. Jailer steals the Crown and sends it to Varman. Now, four rapid plot twists are about to take place.

‘Jailer’ (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

How did Jailer put an end to Varman’s story?

The first big twist is that the attacking-squad thing is a facade. Everyone is working under the Jailer’s command. Mathew, one of Jailer’s old friends, delivers all the weapons, just like Narasimha. They are all fake, and even the blood is fake. No one knows the reason behind it until the next twists take place. The second big revelation is that Arjun is not an honest officer like his father. His plan is to comprehend the intricacies of the idol-stealing chain and then make a deal. Arjun simply desires for better and sophisticated life, unlike his father. He even wants Varman to kill his father if his father stumbles upon the truth.

Now, the third. Well, the crown Jailer sent to Varman contains a camera inside. Through this, Jailer hears and watches every word that Arjun has said. The father is heartbroken and shocked. He now knows that there is no going back from this. He has to put an end to everything, even if it is required to kill his own son.

The fourth twist is very much predicted that the crown Varman has is fake. Jailer plots a brilliant act just to make sure the two men Varman sent know that Jailer really stole Crown from the grasp of the CBI. Little do they know that the whole thing is a facade to make them look like fools. The original Crown never leaves the temple throughout the events.

Meanwhile, Arjun goes to meet with Jailer. Jailer asks him again and again whether he has something to tell him. He denies it and goes to meet with Varman. Varman tells him about the fake crown and the hidden camera inside. They both know that Jailer already knows Arjun’s real intentions. On his arrival, Varman tells Jailer that he has sent his men to kill Jailer’s family. However, Narsimha’s men are already there to protect his family. Jailer has also put Mathew in charge so that all the stolen idols are recovered.

By now, Varman knows there is nothing left to do, and Jailer finally kills him by pouring Sulphuric acid upon him. This method is Varman’s own, though. In the end, Jailer gives a chance to Arjun so that he can surrender to the police department. Arjun denies the opportunity of salvation offered by his father and points a gun at him. The jailer signals, and a shot is fired from a distance. Muthuvel Pandian, aka Tiger, aka Jailer, walks away from his son, while Arjun Pandian is reaching one step closer to death with every shot fired at him. Jailer doesn’t look back as Anirudh’s masterful score puts an end to the magnificent ride of action, comedy, and despair.

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