A whole lot of people, including director James Cameron himself, have been waiting eagerly for the release of Avatar: The Way Of Water. However, it might not be possible for the filmmaker to attend any further screenings of his own film for a while. Slated to have its grand premiere in Los Angeles on December 13, it’s likely that James Cameron will skip the LA Premiere of Avatar: The Way Of Water because, apparently, he has tested positive for COVID-19.

James Cameron Will be Skipping the LA Premiere of Avatar: The Way Of Water

The buzz surrounding James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of the Water is massive, to say the least. Ever since it was announced that Cameron would be following up his 2009 magnum opus Avatar with not one but multiple sequels, fans of the original have been reeling. And why wouldn’t they? When the first film was released, it created a new world with special effects that felt as real as it could. It wasn’t just a technical marvel but a Hollywood Blockbuster that made sure that every penny spent on it was earned back.

All eyes are now on the sequel, which is set to premiere in Los Angeles on December 13th. Sadly, director James Cameron will not attend the premiere because he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Talking to Deadline, Cameron said, “I am in LA, just back from Tokyo, and I managed to pick up Covid on the plane, so I’m isolated and can’t go to my own premiere tonight the number of people I’ve told over the years, ‘ah, we’ll catch up, and I’ll see you at the premiere. Well, I guess not. Man proposes, and God disposes.”

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Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, one of the representatives from Disney said that James Cameron is feeling alright and there’s nothing to worry about. He also added that the director would be completing the rest of his promotional schedule via video calls, but attending the premiere wouldn’t be possible.

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