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Fury [2014]: Review

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“Ideals are peaceful. History is violent.”

David Ayer’s last two films were at the extreme pole- Sabotage being a totally forgetfully bore action thriller while End of Watch being one of the best crime dramas. Heavily stylized & dramatized Fury falls just somewhere in middle of it. Fury depicts the horror of war quite well with the dash of some great action scenes & undercurrent of jingoism. The opening scene of Wardaddy(played by Brad Pitt) killing a German cavalry officer with a knife, then cutting his eye sets the tone of the film and later descends into the war film that clearly reminiscence of the war movies of the 1940s and ’50s.

David Ayer does not take much of the effort in fleshing out the characters that can be long remembered , rather he focuses  more on the dynamics of relationship between each individuals ,which makes Fury quite engaging for its entire running length.  We have Wardaddy leading M4 Sherman “Easy Eight” tank named Fury along with the gunner Boyd (Shia LaBeouf), a thoughtful sort who knows his Bible; loader Grady (Jon Bernthal), a ogling swagger badly in need of some dental work; and driver Trini (Michael Pena ). David Ayer smartly throws the new character of amateur typist in the battlefield that brings much needed vulnerability & humane aspect, and renders empathetic point of view to the War arena.  All the veterans find an scapegoat to have fun at the expense of Norman’s inclusion in the team, who is harassed bullied and passed obnoxious rude remarks.

In the film’s best scene that will linger on one’s mind for a long time, Don and Norman, having secured a German town, decamp in an apartment occupied by a Irma (Anamaria Marinca) and her teenage daughter Emma(Alicia von Rittberg). Irma makes lunch for Wardaddy, who sends Norman off to the bedroom with Emma which implies that they had sex. Then the other tank troopers barge in, and it creates undercurrent of menace and unrest that seemed to end up in feud.  The levels of fear and tension and desire in this scene are palpable.

Brad Pitt as a dauntless soldier carries the film with his hoarse charisma and  killer courage. Film could have stumble under the burden of its cliches, but magnificent tank battle sequences, Pitt’s brilliant performances,German town scene and the last battle makes this uneven film worth a watch.


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