While many people still haven’t moved on from Jonathan Glazer’s divisive Oscar speech, the filmmaker certainly has moved out of the controversy and is back to the place where he belongs. Glazer is once again behind the camera, capturing art, but this time, it isn’t any feature. Rather, it’s an ad that reunites him with a former ally. Oscar-winning filmmaker Jonathan Glazer and marvelous actress Scarlett Johansson have once again collaborated on an ad to promote Italian fashion house Prada‘s Galleria bag collection.

The actor-director duo previously worked together in the 2013 sci-fi film Under the Skin. The film was acclaimed for Johansson’s performance and Glazer’s direction. It also received numerous accolades and awards and was named the best film of the year by various critics and publications. 

Now, the duo has once again demonstrated their magic on screen with their latest ad.

What do Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Glazer’s reunion bring to the viewers?

Jonathan Glazer’s first project since his latest 2023 Holocaust film, The Zone of Interest, has been released, and the cherry on top of that is his collaboration with MCU fame actress Scarlett Johansson. The two industry veterans have collaborated on a 95-second ad for a luxury-design brand. The ad is an advertisement for the Italian fashion house Prada‘s Galleria bag collection. It features Johansson struggling to recite lines from Shakespeare, including famous passages from Anthony, Cleopatra, and Macbeth

The ad was filmed in New York with Italian creative director Ferdinando Verderi.

Glazer is a renowned filmmaker who has contributed to the cinematic world by delivering numerous incredible films. His work is often characterized by depictions of flawed and desperate characters, explorations of themes such as alienation and loneliness, a bold visual style that utilizes an omniscient perspective, and dramatic use of music. His most notable work includes  Sexy Beast (2000), Birth (2004), Under the Skin (2013), and The Zone of Interest (2023). He also earned an Academy Award for the latter.

Apart from being an incredible feature director, Glazer is also a somewhat prolific ad director and has helmed famous campaigns for Guinness, Sony, and Apple.

Watch the Prada Ad Below:

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