Mark Savage’s 2024 action thriller “Kill Craft” throws us into the world of Marina Delon. Marina’s seemingly ordinary life shatters when her hitman father dies on a job. Faced with a desperate situation, Marina makes a shocking choice: to inherit her father’s deadly skills and continue his work while keeping the facade that her father is still alive. Now, she must navigate the cutthroat world of assassins while keeping her father’s death a secret. “Kill Craft” boasts a captivating premise, but some viewers may find the execution lacking. Despite its 98-minute runtime, the film occasionally stumbles, leaving some viewers disappointed.

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Kill Craft (2024) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

The film starts with Thomas Delon shooting at some men, and he kills his target. However, he is shot by another person from a distance. Thomas manages to kill that guy as well. Later, we are introduced to Marina and her friend Freya as they are digging graves for dolls, pets, and basically for everything Marina distances herself. It is a kind of ritual where they respect the dead by burying them properly regardless of their importance in their lives. Marina sees her father limping. Later, he lies to her, saying that he has twisted his ankle.

Anyway, Marina’s mother, Ruth, behaves very badly with Thomas as she spends all her day inside the house because she is paralyzed from her waist. We also see a guy named Poe who is called by a powerful businessman, Freeman, because Poe has made some mistake by hiring a hitman who has failed in his mission. Freeman gives Poe a new list of names whom he wants dead. Moreover, he asks Poe to find a better hitman, as this time, there should not be any mistake. Poe is a mentally distorted character. He hates his mother so much that he removes her grave just to destroy her remains.

How does Marina find out about Thomas’s Profession?

Since Poe now needs a new hitman, he leaves the target for Thomas in a coded message. Then, drop the piece of paper inside a bottle, leaving it under the sand. While coming back, Poe is seen by Marina and Freya inside the forest. Later, Marina and Freya see Thomas reading something from the bottle and then keeping it inside. Marina and Freya later go near the bottle, take the paper, and start studying on their own. Freya is more interested than Marina, and she soon decodes the message.

This leads Marina to believe that her father is involved in some kind of shady business. Freya suggests that Thomas could be an assassin. Meanwhile, Ruth suddenly asks Thomas to leave the house and start living somewhere nearby because she is unable to tolerate even the sight of him. Marina loves Thomas very much. Therefore, she is shattered to know that her father will soon leave them. Later that afternoon, Marina fails to find Thomas amidst the crowd where he is supposed to come and see her recital.

What happens to Thomas?

Thomas is going through a tough phase now since he now has to leave his daughter to Ruth which he does not want to since Ruth has been very irritating lately. Marina, too, does not want to see Thomas leave the house. Thomas promises to be there at her recital just to make her happy. Soon after, he goes to kill the target. During the gunfight, he is very badly injured due to a couple of bullet shots fired at him. Thomas is successful in finishing the mission. However, the bullet wounds are as bad as they seem.

Kill Craft (2024) Movie Ending Explained
A still from “Kill Craft” (2024)

As Marina’s recital begins, we see Thomas trying too hard to get into the program only to make his daughter happy, although he is losing too much blood. Thomas finally gives up as he fails to drive any longer. The following morning, Marina finds his body inside the car in the forest. Marina calls Freya for help. Together, they bury Thomas’s body. Later that night, Marina realizes that since Thomas is gone, she now has the responsibility of the household. Her father has already taught her how to operate a pistol. So, she finds a new career option as she never reveals to anyone about Thomas’s death.

Why does Poe want to Kill Marina?

Thomas has killed one of the men from Freeman’s list. Now, Poe does not know that he is dead. Poe continues to give out the coded description of the target, and Marina deciphers the code to get the names and kills the person. In this way, Marina continues paying for Ruth’s pills one night. Freya also wishes to join Marina in this, as she has been stalking her for some time. The following day, Marina goes to kill a woman named Carla, and she misses the shot.

Soon after, Marina is chased by Carla’s son, Kyle. He catches her red-handed and asks about her. Marina learns that Carla and Kyle are Freeman’s wife and son, and they find vivid similarities between their fathers. She has missed the target, as Kyle promises that he will not tell anyone about her if she does not come back again. Marina leaves, while Freeman, on the other hand, calls Poe to complain about the missed target.

Poe learns that Thomas is dead and some younger girl is taking the shots on his behalf. Freeman warns him for the last time as Poe sets a trap to catch Marina. He leaves another target and waits until he sees Marina opening the bottle. When Marina finally kills the target, Poe catches her right after that. Fortunately, Freya is there to help and she hits Poe from the back. Marina is able to get out from there. But Poe shoots at Freya, leaving her seriously injured.

Kill Craft (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Did Marina Kill Poe?

Marina goes to visit Freya in the hospital, making sure that she gets all the help she needs. Later that night, Poe pays a visit to Thomas’s house to put an end to Marina. Marina is already prepared for anything like this, as Ruth once revealed what she thinks of Thomas’s profession. Marina learned that since Thomas had made so many enemies, some tried to kill him at night when he and Ruth were asleep. However, unfortunately, Ruth’s life is completely destroyed since she got a bullet in her back, resulting in permanent paralysis from the waist down.

Anyway, when Poe finally enters the house, threatening to kill Ruth in front of Marina, all of a sudden, Ruth starts shooting. After a huge gunfight, Ruth, who acts as a savior, shoots at Poe’s men and kills them one after another. But, when finally Poe is about to shoot Ruth, Marina brings her gun and shoots him dead. At the end of the film, we see Marina and Ruth prepare the grave for Poe. They bury him, giving him the name “Big Rat.” Also, soon after, Marina goes to Freeman and shoots both of his knees, making sure that he does not come after her or her family any time soon.

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The Cast of Kill Craft (2024) Movie: Michael Paré, Sanae Loutsis, Bill Oberst Jr.
Kill Craft (2024) Movie Genre: Action/Mystery & Thriller | Runtime: 1h 39m

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