Knights of the Zodiac (2023) Movie Ending Explained: Adapted from the manga and anime series Saint Seiya, Knights of the Zodiac is definitely not what it promises to be. Aside from the bad casting, the story itself doesn’t stand out as something exquisite. You can always predict the upcoming events of every single plot. Although it creates a stage for its sequel, the origin story of Athena seemed a bit off in this film. Even Seiya’s origin story fails to indicate the struggle that makes him a superior warrior, if not a gifted knight. Spoilers Ahead!

Knights of the Zodiac (2023) Plot Explained:

The film starts with the origin story of how Alman Kido finds Athena, the goddess of warfare and wisdom. In the days of Gods and Kings, Athena tried to protect the mortals from the wrath of the gods. In her mission to protect humankind, brave young knights came to join her across the globe. Eighteen years ago, a Knight fell from the sky holding a child in his arms.

Athena is reborn as a human child, and Alman Kido finds her. It is now his duty to protect the child from the ones who want her dead. His wife, Vander Guraad, takes responsibility for the child as well. Together, they name her Sienna, and raising her is one of the hardest things. One night, while Guraad is holding Sienna, she bursts out her Cosmo, the power of the stars, burning both of Guraad’s hands. Since then, Guraad convinces herself that Sienna’s powers must be destroyed to protect humanity.

What is Seiya’s story?

Meanwhile, in a distant place, we see a street fighter named Seiya, who remembers his sister, Patricia, every now and then. He doesn’t fight much in the ring because he doesn’t have to. But one day, when Cassios, the owner of the ring, almost beats him to death, he shows the signs of a Pegasus, one who holds the power to control the Cosmo. Alman Kido witnesses Seiya using Cosmo to defend himself against Cassios, and later they have a chat.

However, Guraad’s men have already arrived at the spot to get Seiya. But thanks to Mylock, who safely drove them away. Later, when Seiya gets into a conversation with Alman, he learns that Alman knows about his sister. Long ago, when Patricia and Seiya were kids, Seiya tapped into the cosmos. Patricia knew that someone would come to find Seiya, so she kept him in a closet. Seiya saw from the closet that a woman grabbed Patricia and took her along. It is only now that Seiya comes to know from Alman that Guraad took Patricia that night with her.

How does Seiya learn to use Cosmo?

Alman tells Seiya about his duty to protect Sienna, which he ignores anyway. Seiya just wants to find his sister, and then he will walk away from this situation. He doesn’t really believe Sienna has the potential to become a goddess in the future. However, while they are having their breakfast, Sienna suddenly exposes her Cosmo.

Alman tells Seiya that the house is well protected, so if Sienna fails to control her Cosmo, the house will automatically stop the signals from going outside. In other terms, Guraad will never find out where Sienna is. Witnessing such an enormous amount of power, Seiya now believes that Sienna has the potential to be the goddess Athena in the future. He now swears to protect her. Also, knowing that Sienna can never leave the house puts some sympathy in Seiya’s mind.

Knights of the Zodiac (2023) Explained
A still from fantasy action film ‘Knights of the Zodiac’ (2023)

Alman sends Seiya to Marin for training. In the beginning, Seiya fails to understand his true potential as his mind is very much distracted. On the one hand, he wants to find his sister, Patricia, but on the other hand, he wants to save Sienna from Guraad and her men. Marin suggests he focus on one thing, and then he embraces his guilt for being unable to save his sister. This helps him control his power of Cosmo as he moves a step closer to becoming one of the Knights of the Zodiac.

How does Guraad find out about Sienna’s location?

When one learns to master Cosmo, visions come and go quite often. One such incident happens to Seiya when he is trying to get his Cosmo under control. He sees that when Guraad takes Patricia with her, Alman stands at that moment, watching right at him in the closet. Seiya thinks that Alman is also involved in abducting his sister as he goes to confront him.

But before he can do that, Sienna grabs him by his hand and takes him on a bike ride. Mylock tries to stop her from getting outside the house, but he fails to do so. Sienna tells him that since Guraad lost her two hands because of her powers, she requires Cosmo to stay alive. So, Alman helps her find the children with Cosmo, and then they would drain the power from their bodies to keep Guraad alive.

But since Patricia does not have any Cosmo, Guraad lets her go. Patricia knows that there are men who are following her, so she never goes back to Seiya. Meanwhile, Guraad finds out about Sienna’s location, and they attack the house. Cassios is now working as one of the soldiers of Guraad, and he defeats Seiya in the battle. Sienna comes along with them as Alman probably dies while trying to protect Sienna.

Knights of the Zodiac (2023) Movie Ending Explanation:

 Can Seiya Save Sienna?

Guraad is currently extracting all of Sienna’s powers. Regardless of how much a better fighter Cassios has become, as Seiya has now fully transformed into the Pegasus Knight, he easily defeats Cassios. Right after that, he finds himself facing Guraad’s strongest man, Nero, who reveals himself as one of the Knights of the Zodiac, the Phoenix Knight. He is a much tougher fighter than Cassios, and Seiya finds it very challenging to defeat him.

Meanwhile, Guraad has a change of heart upon seeing Sienna in so much pain. No matter what, she used to be her mother. She wants to save humanity because she doesn’t want Sienna to become Athena and destroy the mortal world. However, seeing her in pain, the heart of a mother fails to articulate her objectives. She tries to stop the procedure, but it is already very late. Sienna transforms into Athena and begins to destroy everything.

Seiya comes to confront her and realizes that he is no match for the power of a goddess. Still, he attempts to make her remember that she, as Sienna, can control her Cosmo. By convincing her that she can, Sienna finally manages to confront her Cosmo and gain control over it. Athena eventually falls into slumber as Sienna regains her consciousness while Seiya holds her. Sienna then goes to Guraad, and she assists in healing her hands.

In the end, we see that Sienna tells Seiya that she needs to gather all the Knights of the Zodiac for the impending greatest battle. But before that, she mentions that their primary objective is to find Patricia. The chemistry between Sienna and Seiya starts to grow as Mylock and Guraad will be there to protect them at all costs.

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