Section 8 (2022) Ending, Explained – Going as old school as an action movie can, Section 8 does not aim high with character complexities but does what it sets out to do and does it well. Christian Sesma has proven that we can trust him to satisfy the genre fans. With a limited budget and resources, Sesma plays smart, doesn’t take too much on his plate, and delivers what he promises with this revenge film. While keeping everything as simple and straightforward as possible, Section 8 is often a wild ride of one twist after another. And even though the twists are not particularly unpredictable, they seem to possess a nail-biter quality, as each twist can go one of two ways.


Everything about section 8 is entirely generic. The plot plays safe with a protagonist most people would find easy to sympathize with, gives him a tragedy that would justify his course of actions, and does not let him stray for a second. Nothing new or groundbreaking is offered in the plots or for the characters. But it would still be a pretty entertaining watch of about one and half hours of action-packed, clandestine operations if that’s your thing. 

Section 8: Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis

Section 8 (2022)

Five years ago, in Mosul, Afghanistan, a group of soldiers ran into an ambush as they were trying to eliminate a Taliban base. Just as our protagonist, special forces soldier Jake (Ryan Kwanten), is about to diffuse a bomb, they’re attacked by terrorists with guns ablaze. While most of the group loses the battle against the enemies, Jake’s life is saved by Colonel Tom Mason (Dolph Lundgren).


The story returns to the present day, and Jake is seen living a peaceful life after his honorary discharge from the military. The former soldier now works at his uncle Earl’s (Mickey Rourke) garage and barely makes enough money. Drowning in due bills and worried for his wife and son, Jake goes to work with a lot on his mind and runs into a group of thugs and their leader, Fresh (Robert LaSardo), who wants money from his uncle. Jake gets into a fight with the group and beats them up while getting away without a single scratch on him.

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What seemed to be a relatively harmless encounter for someone as skilled in combat as Jake turned out to be the worst thing that ever happened to him. Jake returns home to find his wife and son murdered in cold blood. He is too full of unabashed rage to even talk to the detectives and leaves the crime scene. He shoots all of the gang members, including Fresh, and gets his revenge.

As he serves a life sentence for the murders, Jake’s life now consists of a painful reminiscence of his family’s memories and living his days away hopelessly in prison. When Mason visits him in prison, he’s only met with grieving Jake’s hostility and the brazen declaration of his lack of regrets. Just as soon as Mason leaves, Jake receives another visitor, a stranger named Ramsey (Dermot Mulroney), who offers him freedom in exchange for his service as a soldier in his covert special ops group. Jake, however, rejects the offer and, to his shock, gets abducted by Ramsey’s people.

Ramsey fills him up on what their organization’s vision is. Jake is now aware that a secret government organization exists and takes care of threats against the country by extremely severe means. Ramsey takes him to the office of Section 8, a group made of ex-special forces soldiers. Jake is made to join the group, and he’s assigned a sort of handler, Mueller (Tracy Perez).


Jake, who is already suspicious of Ramsey and the entire Section 8, faces an extreme moral dilemma when he’s asked to kill without giving it a second thought; after hesitating to murder a state senator, Jake is hunted by the group, and he reaches out to Mason for help. Ramsey sets off his ruthless insurance killer Locke (Scott Adkins) on Jake’s trail. During his hideout, Jake discovers information about his family’s death. As he is now aware of Section 8’s possible involvement in the brutal killings of his wife and son, Jake’s vengeance is once again riled up, and he is now on a mission to take down Ramsey. 

Section 8 Movie Ending, Explained: 

Who was behind Jake’s family’s murder?

The absolute rollercoaster of twists begins when Ramsey’s people find Jake. To his surprise, Mueller betrays Ramsey and saves Jake’s life. However, nothing is as it seems in Jake’s wild ride of revenge. Just as he starts to trust Mueller, she gives him up to Ramsey. Locked up and guarded at Ramsey’s place, Jake now wishes for his life to end. He, however, has a lot more left to take in as the next scene reveals that Colonel Mason has been working with Ramsey to cause Jake’s life to go upside down. Learning that the person he trusted and respected the most is a part of his family’s murder hits Jake like a train.

The twists aren’t even close to being over as Mason turns out to be playing his own game, trying to take Ramsey down. In a fiery fight with Ramsey, Mason ends up losing his life. Jake is now confident that Ramsey has played him like a fiddle for a long time. He was the one who paid Fresh to murder his family. He destroyed Jake’s life to manipulate him into joining Section 8 and being his pawn.


What is the truth behind Section 8?

Upon killing Ramsey and taking his ultimate revenge, all Jake is left with now is his own life, which is again threatened when Locke catches up to him. Jake eliminates that threat, and just as he’s about to move on with his life, he meets the United States Attorney General, who discloses the reality of Section 8 to him. It is revealed that saving the country is just a front they used to lure Jake in when they sold classified information to the country’s enemies. Jake is once again asked to join their operation, but he has nothing motivating him to fight anymore. However, he changes his mind once he sees a mother with her young baby on the bus. He is likely reminded of his family, and he finds his drive.

At the same time, it’s also possible that the sight of the mother and son made him realize that protecting the innocent people of his country is something his family would’ve wanted him to do. As the last scene rolls, we hear a conversation between the Attorney General and Jake, hinting at the possibility of a sequel with Jake being welcomed into Section 9. 

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