The renowned filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan’s latest release Knock at the Cabin (2023), is a mystery thriller based on Paul Tremblay’s book, The Cabin at the End of the World. The movie is centered around a scary home invasion. The victims of the home invasion are a gay couple holidaying at a remote cabin with their adopted daughter.

Knock at the Cabin (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

Wen, an 8-year-old girl, is catching grasshoppers outside of a vacation cabin. She is fond of naming them and keeping track of their movements. A well-built man approaches her and asks if they can be friends. It’s Leonard (Dave Bautista). He asks why she calls her dad by their name, and she reveals that she has two daddies, Andrew and Eric.

Three people are seen coming toward Leonard and Wen a few minutes later. Leonard tells Wen to inform her dads that something wrong is going to happen and it’s better if they oblige and don’t resist. Wen runs back to the cabin. She explains to her parents that they have to run away.

Who knocks at the cabin?

Andrew, Eric, and Wen hear a knock at the cabin. It’s Leonard and his three accomplices. They ask them to open the door, but when Andrew and Eric see the weapons in their hands, they get scared and try to lock down all the windows and doors. The four of them break the doors and enter the cabin.

They get into a fight, and Eric falls down. One of the intruders is a nurse, and she says Eric has a concussion and he needs to be treated immediately. Leonard replies that they don’t have time for that. The movie starts like any other home invasion movie but soon becomes something else entirely.

Who are the four intruders?

The four armed intruders look like regular people with their button-down shirts and jeans, but they claim to be some sort of prophets who have seen the doomsday vision. Leonard, Sabrina, Adriane, and Edmond claim to be “chosen” and say that this family is also chosen for a sacrifice. It turns out the fate of earth now rests in this happy family’s hands.

Leonard reveals that they must give one of them up to see the human race survive. By giving up one of their family members, the self-proclaimed prophets mean that they will have to kill someone if they want humankind to persist.

What happens if they fail to make a choice?

All kinds of devastation will hit the planet earth if they fail to make a choice or refuse to cooperate with them: Tsunami, a deadly plague, a storm, and whatnot. Initially, Andrew and Eric think these are just homophobic people who are acting out of their deep-seated hatred.

Their theory is proven wrong when time runs out, and one intruder must make a sacrifice. The first one to go is Redmond. He wears a white mask over his head and utters, “A part of humanity has been judged.” The others struck him with their weapons. They turn on the TV and witness the start of an apocalypse.

Do they believe the intruders?

Andrew is adamant that they are faking this whole thing. However, Eric confesses that he saw a vision as well. However, he is not sure if the visions are because of a higher power or because of his concussion. The next to go in the line is the cook, Adriane. She says she has a son and wants to watch him grow up and see the world.

They still don’t choose who they are going to sacrifice. So, she has to be sacrificed. Leonard and the nurse kill her. They watch the news, and there’s a plague similar to Covid-19 causing havoc among the masses. Andrew argues that this plague is nothing new and that they have been studying this virus for weeks.

Knock at the Cabin Movie ending Explained (1)

Knock at the Cabin (2023) Movie Ending, Explained:

Andrew and Eric manage to free themselves with the help of Wen. Andrew runs to his car and gets his gun. The nurse follows him and pleads with him to head back to the cabin. He refuses to listen, and she stabs him. He still doesn’t budge and threatens to shoot her if she doesn’t back off. The nurse runs away into the woods.

Andrew points his gun at Leonard and asks him to leave them alone. He doesn’t listen. Meanwhile, the nurse is seen running toward Andrew. Andrew shoots her. In the ensuing altercation, Leonard grabs the gun from Andrew and tries to make them understand one last time. To his vain, they still don’t trust him.

Do they save the world?

Leonard has no choice but to sacrifice himself. He tells them they have very little time, and as soon as he kills himself, they will have to decide who dies in their family. He takes them to the backyard and sits in the rocking chair, where he slits his own throat. Andrew is relieved, and they embrace each other. The clouds are turning gray, and there is a thunderstorm approaching.

Eric has started to believe in their story. He tells Andrew they have to make a choice, and Eric offers himself to be sacrificed. He begs Andrew to kill him. Andrew finally pulls the trigger. They set the cabin on fire and drive away in Leonard’s car. They enter a restaurant and watch the news reports of all these terrible events miraculously fading away. This makes Andrew realize that Eric’s sacrifice has saved the world.

Knock at the Cabin (2023) Movie Themes Analyzed:

Grasshoppers, Leonard, and Wen:

The movie seems dumb at times, and at times, it is absolutely ridiculous. The actors seem disinterested in the movie and fail to convince the viewers with their acting. There is no reason and logic behind why this particular family is chosen for sacrifice. This is such an unambiguous movie by M. Night Shyamalan. It’s obvious that Leonard shares the same hobby as Wen.

They both love collecting grasshoppers. It’s a direct symbolism as to what’s going to happen in the movie. The way Wen traps the grasshoppers is how Leonard is going to trap Wen’s family. It’s also a metaphor for God’s way of putting all humans on earth and trapping them till their last breath.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse:

In the Book of Revelation, there are four horsemen of the apocalypse. Eric points out that these four could be a message from God because Leonard, a teacher, represents guidance. Sabrina, the nurse, could be the healer. Adriane, the mother, and cook, represents nurturing. And Redmond, who was a felon, represents malice.

These four horsemen’s death represents four massive destructions: Tsunamis, plague, and airplanes falling from the sky. Leonard’s death causes the final storm.

Blasphemy and the day of reckoning:

Is it a coincidence that the family chosen to make a sacrifice involves a gay couple? Probably not. This movie has hints of homophobia, considering how a gay couple is punished for being who they are. The ending is bittersweet, and it’s not for everyone.

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