Liaison (Season 1 Finale) Episode 6: Since its inception, ‘Liaison’ on Apple TV+ has depicted a conflict between opposing political views. The last episode showed how Alison and Gabriel started out with similar differences, which created a rift between them for over 20 years. Now that Gabriel’s secret is out (as shared at the end of Liaison Episode 5), Alison is not as remorseful as she was for years. But she is still guilty of mistakenly taking Nathalie’s life.

Alas, while trying to get over the grudge from their youth, these two lovers are still trying to save Samir and Myriam’s lives. After their deal with Sophie and Dumas, they return together to the UK and try to find Antropa’s mole in the British government.

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Liaison (Season 1 Finale) Episode 6 Recap:

Episode 6: An Eye for an Eye

After their argument about their past, Gabriel (Vincent Cassel) and Alison (Eva Green) finally reach a shore. They look for a way out so that they can rescue Samir (Azia Dyab) and Myriam (Lyna Dybarry). Gabriel questions Alison about Nathalie’s murder as they drive away in a van. She says that she did not want to kill Nathalie.

She threw a Molotov cocktail at Nathalie in anger without thinking clearly about what she was doing. However, she does mention that she was jealous of Nathalie and that she wanted to get closer to Gabriel instead. Then, Gabriel shares his guilt for playing the dirty game against them back then.

Meanwhile, since Sabine (Laëtitia Eido) refuses to cooperate with Didier Taraud’s requests (Stanislas Merhar), he decides to take a step against her. He kidnaps their son – Pierre, and lets one of his men join him and his nanny at the seaside. Then, he drives Sabine away to the Antropa office to get the EU passcodes from her in exchange for letting their son be safe and sound.

Alison returns home and shocks Albert (Daniel Francis) since she looks traumatized. After she enters, Samir and Myriam also come in from the backdoor with their baby, followed by Gabriel. Due to Alison’s request, Albert lets them stay there for the time being. While Alison and Albert try to make the couple feel comforted, Gabriel plays Massive Attack’s Teardrop on the record.

He realizes that Alison stole that record from his place due to the fond memories attached to it. Albert gets angry at their closeness and gets into a fight with Gabriel. Alison pushes Gabriel outside of their house in order to avoid a further argument at that moment.

Soon after, Richard (Peter Mullan) comes to meet her. He is surprised that she made it back even when his men were stationed at every beach in Kent. She shows him the USB key, which Samir can help them get access to.

She says that DGSE has made a copy of the same key. Richard does not like that she allowed the French to have access to that data. But she informs the reason for being a mole in the British government working for Antropa. Both get concerned about who this person is.

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Meanwhile, Sophie Saint-Roach (Irène Jacob) and Dumas (Gérard Lanvin) arrive in the UK. DCI Hobbs (Olivia Popica) reveals the current intel that Didier and Sabine are seen entering that Antropa HQ. She also identifies Bob Foret (Eriq Ebounaney) as the person who organized the meeting.

However, unlike the French, Hobbs does not want to make a move until the British mole enters the building. Dumas believes it would be too late, and so does Sophie, since it will give Didier a window to escape. So they send Gabriel, equipped, to get hold of Didier without Brits’ notice.

Richard gives Samir and Myriam a ride to get their security contract. While driving them away, Ronald Smith (Mark Killeen), one of Richard’s associates, texts some information to someone. Meanwhile, in the Antropa HQ, Bob learns that they will need to shut their doors and liquidate their assets since the Brits are not signing with them. The DGSE and the British government both have access to data that proves Antropa’s involvement in several attacks, counterattacks, and solutions they sold over the years.

The Antropa head advises Bob to evade prison time by taking early retirement. All their assets will be transferred to other accounts under a different company name. As a result, the Brits will sign a deal in the future without knowing it is Antropa.

During their discussion, Sabine is brought in for assistance due to her access to EU passwords so that Antropa can get its job done. But Didier is kept out of the loop by the head since he is considered to be compromised.

Sabine is brought in to enter the code to get Antropa access to the EU. While she tries to rush out right after entering it, Antropa officials learn that she activated an alert to the European Commission indicating that she is under duress. So, they decide to start the process afresh with a new device. Till then, Sabine is held captive. By that time, Gabriel manages to enter the basement of the Antropa HQ building.

Richard calls Alison to tell her that Hobbs is under surveillance. So, she decides to head to the office to get on top of this case. Alison soon realizes that Ronald is taking her to a different location and sees an alert on her phone. Seeing her getting distressed, Ronald stops the car and gets in the back seat.

He seizes her phone and throws it away. That’s when she sees Ronald to be Antropa’s mole. However, since she walks into the Antropa office with Ronald, the Brits consider her to be the mole.

Gabriel is still in the basement, on a call with Dumas. He suddenly notices Sabine being taken somewhere without Didier. Dumas does not think Sabine to be their matter of concern, but Alison, since he also considers her to be the mole.

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While Sabine tries to provide access to EU codes on another device, Gabriel gets caught by Antropa security personnel. Seeing that Sabine’s work is done, security takes her and Samir out.

Instead of getting them out of the premises, they take the two back to a room with Myriam, hoping to kill Samir. Samir fights back by stabbing a security person with a knife. But he gets attacked by their security dog. While he lies in a pool of blood, Myriam and Sabine try to run away.

Alison, meanwhile, is brought to the room with Antropa officers. The Antropa head states that the Brits consider her to be Antropa’s mole. They offer her a way out by changing her identity like them.

By then, the guards also bring Gabriel to the same room. Along with him, Alison manages to get hold of a gun and escape. The two try to leave the premises while being followed by security. Suddenly, they find Myriam also hiding from the security personnel.

Alison gets hold of Myriam’s baby and tells her to run away. While the two keep the baby safe, they soon get ambushed by the guards. Gabriel tells Alison to escape while he fights with them. So, she reluctantly leaves after sharing a passionate kiss with him.

Liaison (Season 1 Finale) Episode 6 Ending, Explained:

Who is Antropa’s mole in the British government?

Alison hears the gunshots and tries to get over the thought of losing Gabriel. She still escapes from a secret passageway and calls Richard from Ronald’s phone. She informs that the Antropa officials are trying to get away through a chopper. Richard tells her to press the hash key on Ronald’s phone to go to the encrypted line.

The moment she clicks on the key, the chopper explodes midway in the air. Then, Richard tells her to get rid of the phone to leave no evidence behind. That’s when Alison realizes that Richard is Antropa’s mole in the British Government.

Alison attempts to flee the situation, still shaken by the recent events. However, one of Richard’s men takes her back to Richard’s car. Richard says that he joined hands with Antropa not for money but for their country’s sake.

But in the end, Antropa pivoted to another side, and that’s why he eliminated them. He then asks whether she will join him in his mission. Since Richard says that she won’t be killed if she disagrees, she leaves his car without saying Yes.

What happens to Gabriel and Alison at the end of Liaison?

Alison walks out of the car and sees Myriam reunited with her son. She looks at all the bodies being taken away by the hospital staff. She also sees the authorities taking Sabine away with them. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Gabriel appears in front of her.

So it looks like he managed to save himself from the ambush. It is unclear whether Gabriel is heavily wounded or not. But at least these two lovers get a moment to spend together after all the chaos.

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